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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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November 22, 2007



haha I agree scoops he does. He wasn even excited for Aquino's goal but he sure wasn't when Reynolds scored! go K's, lets get the win now. tied 2-2.


Chase is sick, lost his voice. The radio feed is courtsey of Flint. Flint finally has a radio play by play. SO that would explain his non excitment


Aquinos was a powerplay and Reynolds was a shorthanded.


Reynolds and Aquino shootout goals to win the game!


3-2 komets win in the shootout

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI.

Sorry ms teen, I was raised in Fort Wayne and remember the old IHL. Laird, Dumba, Dougy, Leef, they would skate circles around these guys. My displeasure with the Franke's has nothing to do with my personality and everything to do with how the Komets continue to drop to lower leagues. I had planned to go to Flint tonight but after what I saw last night I decided not to waste my money. My beef is with the ownership for not moving to a better league. I am amazed at how Fort Wayne has grown yet the hockey has diminished. I do think the Komets are one of the best teams in the IHL, but that's like saying the orange turd in better than the green turd. Maybe you fans don't notice the change because it's been gradual, I don't know. What I do know is that I used to really enjoy Komet hockey games but this product is not worth my time and money. I can see about the same level of play at the local pick up game and it does not cost a dime. War AHL putting a team in Fort Wayne!

komet warrior

Hey Charlie! You got no right bashing the Komets MAN! Stay up in Michingan. Got it MAN!

Jerad Shaw

This is said with the most respect as possible, but if the Komets aren't worth your "time and money," then why are you posting on a Komets message board. I love the product. I pay money and enjoy the entertainment they bring. If you don't like it, there is no one forcing you to check it out. You are more the welcome to stay up in Michigan and find something better up there. I just don't want you to waste your "time" on this KOMETS message board bashing the product that you just admitting to "thinking about going to Flint" to see. I guess you Red Wings fans can't really handle the Blackhawks owning you this year.


charlie, the thing you dont realize is that the old ihl was great triple a hockey and it killed itself thinking it could compete with the nhl instead of just being the best feeder league. the komets saw the writing on the wall and left the league and went to double a while the idiots in the ihl threw their money down the crapper. now the komets with the help of their partners in kazoo and flint and elsewhere are slowly trying to rebuild the ihl and once again become a triple a league. it will take some time but we fans are betting our money on it. the ahl game is not much better than what weve got and we are much cheaper to go to and enjoy. the ahl are puppets of their nhl parents and after the first three or four prospects, the rest of the teams players are on a par with ours. so if you dont understand what we are trying to do, then dont blog. we dont want to be in the ahl and we will never be in the ahl unless the ihl doesnt succeed in its plans. ive gone to games now for almost 50 years and ive seen the ihl in many levels of talent and this reincarnation is no different than some of the years in the old ihl. it wasnt until the mid seventies and eighties that the ihl had its most talented players and fed directly to the show, so weve sseen it all and we are now trying to get big timt again. if you dont believe in the goal then stay the hell off the blogs and certinly dont waste your big time dollars by going to a game.


Well said guys.

Great win tonight. I hope the game was as exciting to watch as it was to listen to.


well said Chuckitt...

Komets looked alot better tonight...the resilency(sp) showed tonight..

I'm impressed more and more with Matt Reynolds..

Jerad Shaw

Wow Chuckitt, I disagree with you on a normal basis, but I couldn't agree with your last post more. You toke the nail, and hit it right on the head. Great post. GREAT post!!!


Aquino is our best player right now and he is essentially an AHL player...

My parents lived in Rochester Hills for years and they didn't inherit any money...

I'll watch the Komets no matter what league they're playing in.


anyone thinking Bruce Ramsay may be in trouble?

Jerad Shaw

Bruce has been there for a minute, he will be fine. Unless he runs acrossed any more ruthless away fans like yours truly. Then he could find himself into a bit of trouble.


For those of you questioning Reiter...did his recent string of luck come back to haunt him Thurs. or was the D just that bad? I would say a combination of both. I do think every team has a bad game and Thursday was the Komets....example-Colts-Chargers....and even better Jets over the Steelers...what? You get the point...the Komets will be fine...glad to see they finally played the IHL's "best" team the Flint Generals...and ah...don't worry Port Huron will be back again next Friday...lol. Gotta love the scheduling...and for you Flint lovers in the month of March and April we play them 6 or 7 times including 3 the last week of the season....should be fun. See you Sat. night...Komets 5 Wings 3.


Tom, it was not Reiter's fault on Thursday. (And I am sure anyone would tell you I am not a Reiter fan, so far this year.) The whole team stopped playing, we only had two shots in the second!!!


Nice job, chuckitt. Thanks for getting that out there!

I'm happy to keep supporting the Komets in whichever league they play. I'd love to see the IHL regain its place in glory, as it were, but if it doesn't, I'll still don my orange and black fireball and cheer for our guys!

Glad to see them come back in the third tonight after watching the off-night they had last night. Lets see another win pulled outta the ol' hat against K-zoo tomorrow! Woo!


Charlie, I think much of us here remeber those Komets of old, but that's what they are, Komets of old. These new Komets have to make for themselves.

And your argument is an old one. The Frankes are selling a product and it's one of the best selling in minor league hockey, why would they need to change?


Well let's see tonight if Hansen can stand by the quote of "to be continued"..Will see if the IHL is the league of pay backs for what happen a little over 7 days ago could be an eventful night


Get your nose dirty tonight Hansen! Hopefully the K's set the tone early. GO KOMETS!!!


Any one know how the Woods fight we nt last night? Good win in Flint.


Wasnt much of a fight from what i heard


he fought a good fighter too. Plus he hd 50 pounds and 5 inches on him. It was Mallette.


My dad watched the game last night and told me that mallette just had woods in a headlock the whole time

komet warrior

Hey MAN! Hansen got his bell rung last year. One of our best defense dont need to be fighting and get hurt. Got it MAN?


oh goodness toto, here we go again.MAN!


Ks down 2-0 already but will someone please tell Irons that the Komet goalie is NOT BOUCHARD?

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