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November 24, 2007



But they came back, Ben. You have to be impressed with the last two games... Going down early and coming back to take two points in each. THESE Komets will not be pushed around. Can you imagine the level of awesomeness when Henley returns?

Colin Chaulk didn't put points on the board tonight, but he whipped the snot out of Mike Bickley. Well done, Colin.

That kid in the # 94 jersey is pretty darn good. How bout that shorthanded goal? BEAUTIFUL!!!!


great team game for the komets!! just dont have tough and hansen in the same sentence. he didnt back up his mouth and that ticks me off. his teammates have to be applauded for doing the job for him! way to go ks, two big comeback wins and ole time komet hockey!!! pc looked great and our two extra forwards didnt look too out of place on the few shifts they got! welcome back to ist place!!!


Tonight was "old" TIme hockey at its best. Whatever Brickley said to Chaulk pissed him off and he beat him down. Henley was doing color commentary for the game on Comcast and all he could do was smile during all the fights. So that should be an interesting broadcast on Wed. Nice comeback but the K's have to get the PP going it just looks so disorganized. It now has become a mental issue. It is nice to have PC's rocket shot back again.


All I can say is WOW!!! That was indeed an awesome comeback. Thanks to the Komets for a GREAT game.


I agree with you Chuckitt on Hansen kind of notice that out of him last year a little bit.


Marchant needs to come off the powerplay.

I've defended Pence all week, but tonight he looked bad.

That leaves 17-18 guys that played their butts off.

Good Game!


beginning to see what ive noticed all year on pence. i do like him as a forward tho. go ks keep up the old time hockey. are shaf and kukula really hurt or is it just a roster move for tonight?


Next in line for a thumpin is port huron, i hope we exact some measure of revenge on them for the little let down we had this week.....then the buffalo chips return, i love this 6 team league.

instead of chuck a puck we need to chuck some buffalo chips.

and i am really impressed the ice scrapers didn't make it onto the ice the other night!


Good comments only


getting into this century to keep on eye on the kiddos.

Jerad Shaw

That was one of the best hockey games I have seen in a long long time. Physical hockey from the opening face off on. These 2 teams are going to have some battles through the season. I have a couple points and then I will step back and let you guys bash me!!!!

1. I loved that Chaulk stood up for himself, after being held and physically manhandled (legally), but he isn't the person you want to see fight. We can't have him sittin in the box for an extended period of time. He is to valuable to the team. Also, he was throwing some haymakers, and I was hoping he didn't break his hand. That boy can throw if needed though.

2. Kevin Bertram played great tonight. It was the best I have seen him play this season. He made a couple plays with his stick that I didn't think he could make. I was very impressed with play tonight in the defensive end.

3. Great to see Durdin get one. That kid has a great shot. He had a very rough 1st period, but came back to have a very very solid game.

4. Legualt was hitting anything and everything in his way. He had one shift where he tried to get a fight going, then proceded to have 4 very nice checks. The people that thought he would be a good dump when Henley returned might want to think about that a little bit.

5. Marchant looks 2 or 3 steps slower then everyone on the ice. I have been a Marchant apoligist for the last 2 years, but I think his lack of speed is hurting him with the amount of speed we have out there with him.

6. If any of you are single game ticket buyers like myself, do yourself a favor and don't sit in 220. I have never seen a pair of people be so ignorant and so negative during a game in my life. They had no clue about hockey and continued to scream and yell at Komet players the entire game. I know you guys can be pretty rough on the K's, but to yell and say the stuff these people did for 3 periods was ridculous. I will never sit in that section again.

Overall, just a great fun hockey game. I think these 2 teams just don't like each other. This is going to be a nasty rivalry all year. I can't wait to make some trips to KZOO. Its my favorite away game to attend and sit with their fans. Always alot of fun that way!


Komets played the best dang hockey I have ever seen. Not to good first half of the first period but boy did they turn it around. I have never seen a team fight back so hard to get a win. Especially at the start of the season. Everyone looked good in my book rather then Pence was of like always and Durdin had a bad first period but he reclaimed himself. This game is what every game should be and what hockey should be. That was the most intense fun clinch fisting game. GO KOMETS!


Jerad Shaw I agree with alot what you said, but I believe Marchant gave us alot of scoring chances tonight. He set up the break away pass to Legault in the end of the first period. Saidachev got the goal of the bounce but Marchant caused that. I love watching Legault he just needs to get those legs a working. He is very slow. Pence is very slow to for his size. Him and Durdin need to be separated on D though. They both don't look good together. Droiun and Marchant did a fine job on D also. I liked How they played Drouin, Marchant, Reynolds, Chaulk and Aquino all together on powerplay. Fun game though. Can not wait till Friday


Bickley is a turtle.


Best game of the season so far. Its disappointing though that we feel its mandatory to point out the negatives. The TEAM fought their asses off and deserve better.

You got what you wanted didn't you David? How about a thank you instead of riding the on coat tails of another post and dashing off into the night?

The thing that disappoints me more than anything is the jab at Hansen. Kevin Hansen has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone in the building, let alone someone in a $40 seat. Nothing. As an alternate captain speaking for the team in a postgame interview, Kevin Hansen is speaking for the team, not himself. Kevin Hansen doesn't need anyone to stand up on his behalf, and I can think of 3-4 guys I would like to see drop mits to serve a pupose before I would even get to Kevin Hansen's name. If you want to play the game of "he said it, he should back it up himself", fine. You win. But to say Hansen is not a tough hockey player because he was not part of the first period exchanges is disgusting.

komet warrior

hey MAN! Hansen has head injury! do you want him to get hurt in a FIGHT and not be able to PLAY HOCKEY? get a clue MAN!

Jerad Shaw

Hanson's comments about to be contunied was not a slap in the face of KZOO. He didn't need to prove anything tonight in the way of fighting.

I'm not going to bash on Marchant, because I like him, and I like the way he plays around the net. The thing is, he seems slower then any other forward we have blue line to blue line. I think it will be tough to keep him around in the long run is all.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkyR9TAYgjk. In keeping with the Fight Night theme tonight, I found this browsing on You Tube.

Jerad Shaw

Says malformed video ID What did you use to search it???


Go to You Tube and Type in Halifax Wolverines Brawl. There is a 3 minute clip of it. Why it says malformed video ID, I don't know.

Jerad Shaw

Awesome, Thanks!!!


I agree scoops, he has a leadership role and he was there in the game making it. He isn't a fighter but isn't afraid to run his mouth if he has too. Sometimes he just does it to the wrong people. haha. Durdin seems the same way though.


How did I ride on the coat tails of anyone, I have made that point before just check your facts their Scoops. And if you read any you would have seen I did give a "kudos" for the game and the play. You just don't like me do you Scoops?


So this is waaayy off topic...

Larry, does your computer have internet during the games? If it does, you should look into getting an account with www.Last.fm so that all of us can see the info of all the songs you play.

Just an idea. I don't know about everybody else, but there are a lot of times I'm like, "Oh thats a nice sounding song - I wonder who sings it." But then after the game I can never remember any of the lyrics from it. (Mostly this applies to the warmups.)

Oh, also, the more you play songs, Last.fm will make recommendations of other good bands/songs based on what it detects that you like... so maybe that'd be another way to find good songs to add to your collection.

Just a thought!

On a more on-topic note:
Great job tonight, K's! I was texting my non-Komet-fanatic-friends about how there were three fights in the first period, but then quickly had to correct that to four... and then again to five! (I might have gotten the wrong number though, but the point was given!)
Even better to see us come out with that Big W.

And now I have to head back to Terre Haute in the morning for school... sigh.

Peace out, y'all.

Jerad Shaw

I'm not sure who scoops is, but I am kinda wondering. Are you the Cocky and very arrogent scoop who didn't make there way out on the ice tonight??? I'm just trying to peeg who I am speaking with.


Great post Scoops...

Hansen is a leader and doesn't need to prove a thing. He's solid.

The team played great after the first period. That's some good hockey right there.

Jerad Shaw

Also, everyone could have avoided my opinions by telling me the Hoosiers were playing in Hoffman Estates Illinios. (Chicago Wolves home Stadium Last year) I would have driven up there watch the Crimson and Creme.

Last statement from tonights game. I apoligize for not knowing his name, and not knowing how to spell it, but the short handed goal in the 3rd was one of the best individual plays I have ever seen. Out skated one guy, and then worked the puck past another, then in one motion fires a slap shot past the netminder. Great Individual effort by 94. Alright, its time to fall asleep. I have been to excited to do that after the game I saw tonight. KZOO vs. Komets, for the remainder of the year, these 2 teams are going to battle every time they play. Excitement abound in Warsaw!!!


Hanson has not been the same since he was jumped by goofball,I'm sure if it was needed he would of fought,but who else did K-ZOO have.


Hansen would not of fought. he can't. Lets be honest here. Hansen only goes after people when ther e is refs and/or of there back is turned. Thats why he gets jumped alot. Plus he takes alot of cheap shots.


Jarad..... You've got "Scoops" pegged. That's the guy.


I'm not here to bash anyones comments but I just didn't see where Durdin had a good game.He was out there for the first couple goals right off the bat.When he fell right alone the boards the Wings took it to the net and put it in.But yeah at the other end he has a hell of a shot. For those who bashed Bert,Legault, and Woods well they did part of their job tonight.That was to mix it up and change the momentum of the game for us, cause if you were paying attention the first period was all k-wings.Well after all the enforcing(so called)the tables turned and the momentum did go our way at least from my seat.That was the best game of the year.The point is not everybodys job is to go out and score all the goals,I think that provin last night.Legault and Woods do have points on the boards though,but on the hand they don't get much ice time either. Great game guys!!


jungle monkey--why don't you just admit that you don't know the first thing about team hockey and what it takes to win at this level and get off Hansen's back. The other comments in this column about him not being the same since he got his concussion last year may be true, but as long as does what the coaches, NOT you, want him to do, your comments are just to see yourself in print and proves you know little about the game. Hansen played thru his concusion last year and finished the year very strong--he has had back problems and even last night played thru a nagging knee injury---that's not good enough for you??--you're probably the guy who actually has his wife or girlfriend call in sick for him at work. Grow up and appreciate the team sport that hockey is and will always be. Hansen will always do whatever he can to help his team win and as long as the coaches, NOT you, see the needed performance level at every game, your words are meaningless. His comment about the intensity of the series with the K wings being continued, was simply a statement to the fact that these teams play each other many more times before the season is over and the rivalry and intensity will be continued. If you have to relate that to an individual one on one fight, it again proves your lack of understanding on what it takes to win a hockey game at this level and it doesn't mean one player doing something stupid that would hurt his team's chance of winning a game---what will make you happy you sicko--Hansen out for the season with another concussion or back injury because of fight that you want to see? Support your team and not your sick beliefs on fighting proves everthing about a players worth.


With how physical this games have been we can not let go of legault, wood, bertram, or henley. I can't wait the next game.


Not be negative but if i had to get rid of someone it would probably be Pence.

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Parsons Holliday

Dont forget me. You need me. I can bring some friends from the WWE to play too. Get rid of those losers like Chaulk and Aquino and bring me back.


You are correct Jerad, I did not throw. I'd like to put a name with a face so if we pass each other or you happen to stop by 212...don't hesitate to say hello.


David, I'm sorry. I totally missed your first entry. I do apologize.


Parson,you don't need to make comments like that.It shows your mentality and the knowledge(you don't have for the game).Stick to the WWE it suits you better.Sorry, but someone needs to tell you.

Hit Somebody!!!

I freaking missed the best game of the year. I miss one game a year on average due to family engagements and it is always one of the best games of the year. Crap!!!

I saw someone say that it will be replayed on Wednesday? Anyone have a clue as to what time the game will be on and what channel? I have Verizon Fios by the way...


Websters Dictionary

For the love of Kirk Daubenspeck! A fifth grade level of spelling and sentence structure should be required before blogging. Please! I beg some of you! Before Fort Wayne reclaims the crown of dumbest city in America, read what you type and see if it would make sense to anyone not named The Village Idiot.

Hit Somebody!!!

Note to wise-arse:

Go Away!!! No one gives a crap about your critical reviews of how people type or write their blog responses on here. It was not funny the first 25 times. Save yourself from being stupid and just go away. Go back to reading your dictionary and playing with your spell-check software. Scrabble anyone?


Fellow bloggers.


HaHa JungleMonkey got told off by a Hansen bunny..awesome


Its in that block of 24-30 for FIOS. If I am not mistaken I think its channel 27. I think the replay is 7pm?


Any body know if it will be on Mediacom? doubt it. sucks living outside of Fort Wayne.

Websters Dictionary

Hit Somebody,
It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than to open it and leave no doubt.


Hit Somebody!!! do you get off on being a blog bully? You come off as someone with a big mouth and nothing else.


No Problem Scoops


Random user names popping up?



If somebody owns a domain name, they can just keep making up email addresses, [email protected], and it'll keep letting them post with new names. Thats my guess at whats going on with all the silly names.

But, yeah, its getting annoying. Although I'd rather have this blog with annoying people than no blog at all!

Random User Name

You rang lovelost?
Youve managed to troll around here without getting this blog shut down. Congratulations.

Hit Somebody!!!

How does telling people they are dumb and can't spell words add to this hockey blog?

Justin...I think you have another guy who changes his name over and over again to start fights. Justin has access to your IP address and you can be blocked.

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