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November 28, 2007


Hit Somebody!!!

"Tyler Willis Who? No comment on him...."

Brent Henley

Hit Somebody!!!

After 5 minutes of listening to Brent on the game of the week...I gather he doesn't like Mr. Willis?

Hit Somebody!!!

Henley is great in the booth...he is itching to get onto the ice. He was dying during those fights against K-Zoo. Woods beat the shat out of Granbois. Chaulker was throwing haymakers. Legs was throwing big hits and had a good fight. Wish I was at that game. Wow! Can't wait to see Henley out there with Woods, Bert, Legault, and our Goon...Chaulker!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

The Curradeau shorty was a thing of beauty!!! Sorry. I will shut-up now. I am reliving the game most of you saw in person. I am DVRing it, I could re-watch it everyday and give you guys updates...LOL


They do need to bring back the Kaptain Komet jerseys, but of course after wearing them for a one year, they decide not to wear them anymore!

Jungle Monkey

Welcome to last weekend, Hit. Glad you could see the game, buddy.

Hit Somebody!!!

Me too. It was pretty good. Glad Verizon carries the local access channels. A major plus.

JM, I like your blog. Will you continue it? Would be nice to have another place blog hockey on. And to have your warped mind running it, priceless. LOL


That Curadeau goal was awesome!


That was an intense game!! You could hear in Henleys voice that he wanted a piece of someone. And it was also funny how he held back from saying what he really wanted to say about Willis. I have a feeling they will meet up.

Chaulk turned into a beast when he finally go his hands on Bickley again. Those 2 had some real beef going on.

I was impressed how they handled that comeback without Guy. They showed a ton of heart and never gave up.


I like Pence. He reminds me of Kevin Schmidt, think about it.


I think the people in Flint need to be more patient on waiting on the fans to come back to their games. I keep thinking back to when the Frankes bought the Komets. It wasn't really untill way over the halfway point of the season, and into the next season, did the attendance really start to boom. The Frankes had to deal with all the damage Dave Welker did to the team, which is a whole column in itself.

Komet Warrior

warrior news update jackals bush crash injures several players stay tuned for more news


Sebring has an accurate article on the condition of the powerplay. It's worth the time to read.


just found this. I didn't think anybody had posted about it.



Found this on the Elmira Jackals' bus crash...



Cincinnati Cyclones
U.S. Bank Arena

Attendance: 629
Start: 7:33 PM
End: 9:51 PM
Length: 2:18


I am making a few designs for that jersey chance but they need to give you more logos and such to make it. I am a Graphic Designer and I can make it up but stuff Like the Kaptian Komet Logo I would like to have and I can't find a good enough one to get ahold of to use for that. Oh well, I got a few made up so far.

Hit Somebody!!!

Super Fan Blakes had some good points on the powerplay...but can he back-up his statement about Terry Marchant with facts or was that just his opinion? Why is it he always backs these guys that are under-achieving? Seems like the guy that is a glaring disappointment on the ice is the guy he picks out to go over-board and support. I understand Terry has been suffering from a hurting back. He might be a very talented player when not hurt. But with him hurt, he becomes a liability on this team due to his lack of speed and lack of physical play. This team is full of quick, talented, and physical players. I hope Terry can heal quickly and help this team. I just don't see the lovefest Blakes has for these guys, Kiyaga...Guinn....Townsend....etc.


What I do know about Marchant is he played very very well last year with Flint, why he isn't here I do not know why.


Simply put, Blake knows these guys alot better than any of us do. We only see the on-ice stuff, for the most part. He knows alot more than what is ever reported. Things that we can only speculate at.
Even with his slow start, Marchant does have 27pts in 35 games as a Komet, which is not bad at all. Hopefully things pick up when he gets to 100%.

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