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October 27, 2007




Woody is da man! He beat the crap out of that clown!

Legault got hosed in my opinion.

Why does Bloomington play Ewasko so much? He stinks!

How much abuse can Kevin Hansen take, and from his own goalie to top it off. He took a wicked shot off Reiter's stick.

Reiter makes me nervous, but he's solid.

Did I mention....WOODS IS AWESOME?


I thought the IHL was trying to promote hard-nosed hockey? Modeleck got a little carried away call penalties during the first period scrum. Clarke pulled Woods out and went after him, just bit off more than he could chew. Looked like Legault went into a pile. Hardly a 3rd man in. More like 6th....


JM, we are on the same page after tonight's game. I was joking with the guys next to me saying that if Hansen's night kept going like it was, he would have left on a strecher and the EMT's would have dropped him on the way out!

Woods looks good (in his first game) and I can't wait to see if he can keep it up.


woods - spark plug
Reiter - i believe
take your time sessa, we're here for you.

wish we would have got Reiter the shutout.

on another note...mcwhinney got lit up tonight 9 GA....ouch


Woods did to great but he got alot of penalties for getting attacked. All the big guys were picking on him. Got to give him props though for being 5'10 and sticking his own.


The season just needed to start, Hoss. We're all back on the same team. =)


how does this happen? haha

Texas - Robin Big Snake - (Roughing), 2 min, 20:00
Texas - Robin Big Snake - (Roughing), 2 min, 20:00
Texas - Robin Big Snake - (Roughing), 2 min, 20:00
Texas - Robin Big Snake - (Unsportsmanlike Conduct), 2 min, 20:00


Triple Roughings happen all the time.


Hope all is well with Sessa and his family...take your time bud..


Woods could make us forget about Pascal....Anybody think Shapranov is just not working out here? He must have turned the puck over 20x last night. If we can sign someone else, my thought is that he would be the first to go. Anybody's thoughts?


AGREED!! Kukulka and Granbois are going to be back next weekend so who do we sit? All the rookies are doing fantastic. The Hukalo, Curadeau, and Saidachev line is are best right now. Woods scoring last night also. Sessa being gone for two weeks can be one but who else? I think the We have to many good offensive players an not alot D so it would be hard to get rid of someone Shirikov i am assuming is still hurt. I don't think Pence is all that great but he does have his moments. You look lin the lineup and your like who would they sit? they don't need sit anybody.

Hit Somebody!!!

I agree on #24. He is slow, or old, or both. Skating with guys half his age is really killing him. But what is #25's excuse then. He is just as slow and turns the puck over just as much and had one shift last night where he turned the puck over in our own zone 4 times in the matter of 20 seconds.

Enough negative, because I am excited about last night's game. It is awesome to have some guys that go out on the ice and everyone in the building is buzzing waiting to see what might happen. Woods is one of those guys on top of the list. He is crazy! And he has mad-skills. He his fast, handles the puck, and goes to the net hard. He also is now the #1 agitator in the league if you ask me. Anyone that challenges him is in for a war.

Reiter is more lucky than good. How many times can the net go wide open with him 40 feet from the net and the puck somehow misses the ocean? But if he can keep up the luck, I say AWESOME. He is going to have ups and downs with that style, I hope more ups than downs.

How does Mondelak fit into this "so-called" new IHL? He is still an idiot. His calls are a joke. Woods got the goalie interference penalty and it was actually Curadeau who did it with a huge push from a PT player. Way too many nickel and dime penalties called. Let them play hockey. I didn't pay to see the zebra call the game.

Hit Somebody!!!

By the way. Warner is solid, not flashy, but solid. He plays his position well. Kevin Schmidt comes to mind at times. He is a guy that you need to fill that role of solid play. His effort makes the team good. He might not show-up in the stats, but his play is good.


I bought my son a new Komet jersey for his birthday and we did not get anything on the back because his favorit player from last year is not here this year. He want to the game with a friend and then spent the night, I know who he wants before he tells me later today! Wood's is the man! I love his styal and take no crap fropm anyone. you could juds see the smerky look on his face that he loves getting other teams mad. Keep up up Woods!


Having a problem of who to sit is a great problem to have.

The game from start to finish was fantastic. I can see this being a nice rival down the road. Definately see some bad blood out there. I thought everyone played well and was really impressed with Woods and the guys on the 3rd line.
I still don't understand pointing out the mistakes people make when there is sooo much positive things to focus on at the moment. So what if someone turned the puck over. I seen it. I was there. You guys really need to just let it go sometimes.

Hit Somebody!!!

Who do you sit? That was the question. The Frankes are trying to improve this team by bringing in more players. Possible trades being talked about. 3 players on IR that are promising players. A couple of guys look a little lackluster, and that was the discussion. It wasn't so much as pointing it out as just saying, those might be spots where this team could improve. It is obvious our #1 and #3 line is shining thus far. The #2 line is not. Just discussion.

There were tons of positives. I listed several. We could paint last night as the best single performance in Komet history with zero mistakes made and everyone was on top of their game.

There was a scoop guy that was way off his game. I won't mention his number. He can't throw it over the net.


#24,#25 and#10 this line did nothing. We need to add some energy to that line.Do not mess with that 3rd line. Heck give Woods a chance with Chaulk, he deserves it after Sat. performance.


KometsPA, love the music!!!

Wow, can't believe all of the love off of Wood.

It's nice to have 3 solid lines. They can put their best players against Chaulk/Sessa/Aquino (sp) but can't contain 'em all. 3rd line is looking great.

Hit Somebody!!!

Woods, Kukulka, Granbois?


Out of everyone, I've been disappointed in Reynolds. Where has he been?


I agree Junior. I thought we would see more out of him. He was def. off last night. I think Legault, Granbois, and Woods would be a great line. Put Hansen and Bertram behind them and that would tough to beat.

This is what I would like to see for Saturdays home game.

Aguino, Chaulk, Kukulka
Reynolds, Marchant, Warner
Saidachev, Curadeau, Hukalo
Legault, Granbois, Woods

Hansen, Dupuis
Durdin, Shirikov
Bertram, Pence

Sit Shaf. with Sessa being out.
What you think guys?


Our third line once again is fantastic... and who is on the third line again? David Hukalo. Huk is shinning like no other on this team this year. He is hitting hard, setting up Curadeau and Said, playing defense and has had a few nice looking shots on goal (and a goal)

I feel like Huk does not get enough love but he does a whole hell of a lot for this team.


He does Andy, he also lays out alot of checks and messes with other players. The only bad thing is he lays hooks out to much and it causes penalties.


Yeh,I agree with Lovelost and Andy...Huk has been my fav player the past three years...he plays all out every shift he's out there...he's not the most talneted guy but because he plays all out he makes up for it...plus he can dangle with the best of them in the league I think he has some of the best stick work.

Jerad Shaw

Huk looks a step or 2 faster then what he did, expecially at the end of last year.


shaf is a little old and a little slow but give him some time to get readjusted to north americn hockey. he should be a guy whose overall talent will makeup for his slowness. got to give some time and then you can critique him. same with woods. there have bbeen others who came in and set the barn on fire only to make the team and then completely forget what got them there. still wasy to eary to pick on anybody.


Shafranov is very slow and he would be the first person that I would cut if needed.

Durdin needs to get better sticks so he can put some pucks in the back of the net.

Can't wait to see woods again and I love it when Hukalo laughs at the other players...just hilarious

I def. believe in Reiter but I would still love to see another goalie as backup cause that is how a bunch of teams a doing it this year and if they keep running the goalie it wouldn't hurt to have a backup. I wanted to see McWhinney back but after his last game I don't know anymore


Woods is gonna be fun to watch!

I also believe in Reiter but would like to see him hooked to a bungee cord or something so he gets yanked back if he wanders too far from the net! Is it possible to belive in someone but have him make you really nervous too?

Charlie I

something that wasn't mentioned was I thought guys were suppose to be able to fight? The Linesman broke up at least 3 fights before they happened.


Hit - I am starting to worry because I agree with some of your recent posts. I thought Warner had a decent game at forward last week, but I remember wondering during the 1st period this Saturday how he would do on D. By the 2nd period, I was wondering if anyone else was noticing how solid he was playing and that continued through the 3rd. He wasn't out of place, kept positioned well, made some nice breakups, and he obviously can move the puck up ice when he takes it over. I think his best shot to stay in the lineup is on defense because we have a lot of depth up front, and he can play either so that adds a lot of flexibility in the lineup. As far as Woods is concerned, I liked what I saw, but once you have your guy down and basically defenseless, I don't like to see anyone take too much advantage that might result in an injury during a fight. He might have crossed the line there.


I too thought Warner played well. He looked very comfortable and confident on defense. I think he will be asset to this team. And Curadeau was all over the ice. I really like this guy. He and Saidachev work well together. I've always liked Reiter, but he does make me nervous at times. He reminds me of Robbie Irons for some reason. I'm very excited about this team.


Good points Teresa. I'm really liking the Curadeau/Huk/Saidachev line. Very strong and quick. It catches the other teams off guard because they don't have the depth up front like we have. Makes for some great hockey.


Last time I checked Shafranov was a slow player last time he was in the IHL. Nothing has changed w/ him. He's the same player (except a little older) and I believe he'll still be a productive player at this level. I'm not going to be so quick to kick him to the curb. With the talent the K's have this year #24 can still be quite successful.

Komet Fan

Shafranov and Marchant are so slow it is not funny. They seem unable to keep up with the play. I think it is a waste of 2 vet spots. Pence looks lost out there as well. Rest of the team looks great. Woods adds energy we have not seen since the days of Bezeau. He has more energy than Morency and hits more as well. Reiter has looked great so far, just makes me nervous to see a goalie so far out of the net and giving up HUGE rebounds right in front of the net as well. Komets need to work on not giving up so many odd man rushes as well. It makes for exciting hockey to watch, but in the end, it will not be winning hockey if it continues....


All in all I think this first season of the new IHL is going to be ok in the end. We may not see as many teams as we did in years past, but the product and quality of the gameplay is going very well about 3 games into the season. I would still like to see expansion in Indy, Evansville, Louisville, or even Toledo. There are a few areas of concern that could improve, but I think this will be a "successful" season come April/May...just my two cents...


Woods is good and I don't want to hear about changing the momentum crap like what was posted somewhere else. As far as I am concerned, the Komet crowd does not enjoy a guy just taking a shot to the head and not fighting back. The air goes out of the building every time something like that happens. And I think Bertram fought not long after that when the score was the same. Woods needs to fight when challenged most of the time.

As for the league, the actual hockey is just okay. The passing and skating are all kind of "nothing special" but the air of violence that loomed every time Woods was on the ice has the potential for good entertainment. This league really can only offer toughness as it really can't deliver on good solid hockey at least not on regular basis. I mean Shaf was slow but so were many of the others.

A few guys were falling etc. Was the ice bad? Choppy flow to the game though not many penalties. It was okay. I'm not going to be silly and say it was the best Komet performance ever. It was just okay and without the rough stuff the game would have been a bore.

Jerad Shaw

By Woods not dropping the gloves, it lead directly into a 3 minute Major PP. If he drops the gloves, its 5 on 5 for 5 minutes with the Komets not getting an advantage. If he gets beat in a fight, that gives their team reason to rally a bit and come out harder. Ewasko was going to fight Bertram sometime, due to the fact, he didn't get a good shot at Legult. I think before you start saying that the Komets need to fight anytime asked, look @ the time and the score and think if that would be the best thing for them.


I guess no news on Henley today, maybe Tuesday?


I just want to know from everyone that bashed the K's ownership about not having enough toughness and about how we are going to get pushed around ect. With 3 games in and what we have now and with Henly suposed to sign. Where are all the apologies?



Couldn't agree more. Three games(watched road game on B2), good physical hockey, some fights and overall very entertaining.

Too soft for Flint, I don't think so. Yeah we haven't played them but who cares. This team is fast, and fun to watch.

Nice job to Coach Simms and David Franke, they did their homework and it will pay off!

Speak Naysayers.....

I'm already looking forward to Saturday's game!

Hit Somebody!!!

I agree, the physical play has been good thus far. Adding Woods has been huge. The third line hits alot and mixes it up. Chaulker always is in the middle of tough play and usually is getting hammered. Can Bertram fight every night in this league and survive? That is the question I have. Haven't seen enough from Legault to comment on him. I am sure he will be fine.

The tough decisions are coming. 2 veterans may be in trouble because there are rookies and tweeeners that are definitely playing their rear-ends off and those are the guys that will stick around. If the Frankes add some talent here and there, you have to let someone go.

Woods keeps up the play he showed Saturday, and he will be a huge part of every game this season. When he is on the ice, the other team focuses their attention on him. He is a bit of a loose cannon, plays with an edge, but also plays hockey. That is a guy that will be a favorite here, and the villain in every other arena in the league.

Can't wait until Saturday!!!


Nick Boucher of Elmira fame as a backup goalie?


Dear Frankes and Blog Know-it-alls:

I was wrong, you were right.
You're smart, I'm dumb.
I should have known better than to base the future on the past.

Thank You Franke family.

Now announce Henley!


Hit Somebody!!!


Hit Somebody!!!

I hear he will be playing in 2 weeks or less...speedy recovery?


Not to change the subject or anything but IHL website says Saidachev is Rookie of the week! :)

Hit Somebody!!!

He deserves it. He busts his tail. They should have a line of the week. I would bet that line would win often. Huk, Saidachev, and Curadeau are much great together. I wouldn't mess with that line at all. #2 line needs tweaked. Kukulka, Woods, and Granbois would be nice.


Oh yeah, Nick Boucher... Cohny you got any dirt?

Hit Somebody!!!

Do you JM? What have you heard? Why do you bring his name up?


Bye-Bye Hannah.....

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