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October 27, 2007



The goalie wasnt tossed for throwing the referee??? Total #$!

Woods really pounded that guy.

Why was Legualt tossed? Was it third man? It was hard to tell from the clip.

Justin Cohn

Yeah, third man in. I had questions about the referee thing, but it was accidental. A better question: Why didn't the goalie get third man in for throwing two punches?


Mondelak, go figure. They need to put him in booster skates so he can see.

At some point they need to let the linesmen assist with penalty calls since the leauge (and fans) cannot afford a second referee.


Tony E...Did not get a chance last night to read any comments and Justin shut it down...Tony is right we might not always agree but we try to keep it "civil". Wish I could have been a game again tonight, but I will let things heat up a little more between these two teams. It seems the message was sent tonight not last night. In the woods scrum the only thing I will say is this when the guy was in a defenseless position he should keep to the code and night throw punches. He made his point when the guy came in and tried him on for size and found out he was a pitbull, but after he made his point with a couple of punches he should have stopped. Now you would never think I would take that position on a fight...HA HA


Well, it looks like Woods is a keeper from that video I just watched. Since I am stationed in the Norfolk Area, I went to the Norfolk/ Bridgeport game tonight to watch Morency play. Of course with my luck, he was a scratch due to some players sent down from NYI. I ran into him in the hall way and we chatted with a couple of beers and he invited me to hang out with the scratches for the duration of the game. He commented on the fans of Fort Wayne. He said he was amazed on how many show up for a game in the Fort when the AHL game tonight barley brought in 3000. I just chuckled cause I been to minor league games at all the places I was stationed at and I know what he was talking about. So, I guess all I am saying is that I miss games at the Jungle. You don't know how good you have it till you are gone, and it's been 9 and a half years for me. Hopefully, I will be back this Christmas to catch a couple games.


Dusty, if you make it back to some games I would love to buy ya a beer! Good to hear the Morency had good words to share about us in the Fort.

Now back to the game tonight, why was the goalie not called for being out of the crease???? He took two swings and Woods and I agree that he should have to stick up for his teammate, but no call???? Great game, lots of love to our D, good pressure all night, I think we need to work on the passing (I know they are still trying to gel) and I loved how the team gave the crowd props again! Makes you feel like a part of the game.


Thanks Hoss, I would be glad to buy you a round myself. This is actually the first time I posted, but I do read this blog about everyday and I want to say Thanks to Juntin for having this Blog. I'll watch games on B2 and dear lord, I just want to punch the computer due to the quality and the problems but Hey, What can you do? It is what it is. So this is where I get my information about the team with the signings and that Haves and the Have nots. There is some great info and some great opinions from the fans. Thanks again Justin and all who contribute.


Mondelak needs to stick with his Slappy gig!!

Great game tonight. The rookies are doing great so far and Woods looked good.


Mondelak needs to stick with his Slappy gig!!

Great game tonight. The rookies are doing great so far and Woods looked good.


Woods was okay and really the only thing exciting about this VERY CHOPPY game other than the Bertram fight...which was not a Bertram victory...but he was certainly game.

Woods pounding the guy was a little much with the guy down. Then later on he was challenged three different times and then didn't fight. I would have liked to have seen him fight someone straight up like Bertram fight.

Reiter- good game.

The flow of the game was VERY slow minus parts of the third.

The product is very lacking. I know that is going to stir up some, but the product just isn't that great. Very little hitting...especially from the Komets. My friend described it as "amateurish" which I would have to agree.

Shafranov...is he hurt? He was very slow in an already slow league. And I didn't think you were able to see the Invisible Man.

The goal song is fabulous as was all the music except Larry played a soft one during the big fight early on. Get something aggressive during the fights like Jim A. used to do!


Have to disagree with you Bruiser-- we were in a suite with a group of USA Hockey folks in town on business from across the country, and the comments I head from them were "very good hockey", "this is really entertaining hockey", "much better than I expected", "what a great crowd"...the comments were nothing but positive. The guy I sat with most of the night lives just a few miles from The Pond in CA and he had a great time. I think we are one lucky bunch of fans.


Can any body enlighten me about what started the fight? Or maybe shoot me a link to where I might find it?

Thanks, hombres!

Jerad Shaw

Brusier, There was more hitting in this game then I have seen in a long awhile. I love the new product. The reason Wood's wasn't interetested in dropping the gloves, were that he didn't want to give any momentum back to the PT. The K's had all the momentum and the PT were looking to grab some back with a fight. If you thought the Bertram fight was a highlight, you have to watch more hockey. As much as I love to see to heavyweights go at it, neither one of them are any good at standing on their skates, which made that fight pretty poor. Overall, I love the new IHL. I think that with only 6 teams this year, there is going to be alot of action. I can't imagine some of the Kzoo Muskegon games. There is going to be some nasty brawls in the Jungle before this year is all said and done. I loved the Woods kid. He could have laid off a bit when he was ontop of Clarke, but as his quote said, I think he was trying to make a name for himself. Shafronov still looks about 5 ticks slow. I'm hoping he is out of shape, and that's just not how things are going to be the entire year. While standing in line for a brew, Michael Franke walked up to a guy wearing a Henley Pensacola Jersey and said " Hey Brent, where ya been?" The guy told him, I hope he is coming back and Franke said in a couple weeks he will be out there. Take it as you may!


"Bruiser" is a hockey snob. They're still not over the Komets leaving the IHL the first time around and now they believe the K's should be in the AHL. Instead of enjoying what is actually a good product, they instead put it down simply because it's not the top level. It's sad that some people are STILL that bitter.

Hit Somebody!!!

Understatements of the year...

"Woods could be a keeper"


"Woods was okay"

Did you guys notice this kid played with grit, hustle, smarts, handled the puck, went to the net, and scored a goal. Oh yeah, he beat the crap out of a guy that grabbed him from behind. He took the PT off their game everytime he hit the ice. They were more worried about him than they were hockey. That is a KEEPER, and he is much better than OKAY...


I don't think you can compare him to Morency. Woods has more hustle and way better hockey skills then Morency. He led his team in PM's and one of the top scorers on his team last year. Why don't you want a kid like that. Plus he is smarter then Morency.


I'm with Bruiser, sorry I guess I'm a snob too though I am too young to have seen the K's in the IHL the first time.

Not much hitting, very choppy. The Bertram fight wasn't a great fight, but the square off was fun.

The passing, skating etc. were all just kind of choppy and slow.

I guess I just like to watch a better brand of hockey.


No, Jerad Shaw, I watch too much hockey. Too much good hockey so bad hockey is obvious to me. And you were right about Ewasko and Bertram not being good on their skates...many guys in this league aren't...at least at this last one.


I think it is the same as someone going to Wizards game and enjoying it and then watching the Cubs all the time. Obviously there is going to be a huge difference. Some can enjoy both and some can't. Neither are wrong.

But liking a better quality product and wanting to see that does not make someone a snob or bitter. It makes them a normal consumer. Some are happy with less; some aren't. No big deal.

On the other hand, you fans who watch the Komets and can enjoy it- good for you but don't get so rattled when someone isn't as pleased with the on ice product.

This is a discussion board, I think.


SATURDAY - I was encouraged by what I saw. I am still a little skeptical about this 'new' league, but I am looking forward to the next time I go.

I finally looked at the whole schedule and was disappointed to note that the Komets don't have a Flint/Port Huron road trip. It would have been a good one to take as a fan if they would have.

Jerad Shaw

See, the square off is something I hate. I understand the respect part of it, but when two guys that big skate to the middle, I lose my interest, expecially when the fight is so medicre. You are entitled to your opinion about the product.


You can not nessicarly like the product but this person puts every league down that isn't the AHL/NHL and is always complaining about the Frankes. Too many people don't realize how lucky we really are to have owners like we do and take the Franke brothers for granted. Have I had my difference of opinions with the Frankes? Absolutely. Doesn't mean I have to put down everything they're involved with. There's a big difference between not liking the product and not liking those who run it. It's only the 2nd game of the year, give the teams some time to gel and you'll see the better passing, skating, scoring chances, etc.

This is the minor leagues and you can't expect lights out hockey on opening night

Jerad Shaw

Brandon just said what I was trying to get out!!! Ill just send my post to you so you can make them sound alot better then my Warsaw Educated self.


Elmhurst here...I'd say the education is about the same with a slight edge to Warsaw

Hit Somebody!!!



Nope but I know who you're talking about.

Hit Somebody!!!

first name same as yours, last name starts with H? Graduated in the 90's?


Yep, that'd be the turd that I know

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