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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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October 16, 2007


Justin Cohn

This is the jersey auction stuff:

Its been a while since I posted any jerseys on EBay. I kinda took the summer off if you know what I mean! This email is to inform you of jerseys that are now up on EBay and are listed under a SEVEN day auction. Please note that this is a SEVEN day not the TEN day auction I had been doing.

Here is a list of jerseys and their EBay numbers:
1) Robin Bawa San Jose Sharks 92-93 possibly game worn no autograph #110180982131
2) Mike Martin Binghamton Rangers 96-97 game worn and auto with letter of authenticity and MEI GRAY #110180948513
3) Colin Chaulk Jacksonville Lizard Kings 98-99 game worn and auto #110180951571
4) David Mayes Port Huron Border Cats 99-00 game worn NO AUTO #110180953437
5) Christian Bragnalo New Haven Knights 00-01 game worn and auto with letter of auth from the Knights hockey club! # 110180954973
6) Todd MacDonald Beast of New Haven 98-99 game worn and auto with letter of auth from the Beast hockey club! #110180971916
7) Viacheslav Butsayev Anahiem Mighty Ducks 95-96 game used and auto with letter of auth from the Ducks hockey club! #110180979035
8) Bob Chase Ft Wayne Komets 02-03 autographed #110180969969
9) Steve Fletcher Ft Wayne Komets game worn and auto 92-93 #110180968563
10) Ed Campbell Ft Wayne Komets 05-06 game worn and auto #110180934661
11) Milt Mastad Providence Bruins auto #110180939008
12) Cory Campbell Belleville Bulls 20th Anniv game worn and auto 00-01 #110180944400
13) Chris Grenville Ft Wayne Komets 04-05 game worn NO AUTO #110180950256
14) Ryan Severson Minnesota St Mankato game worn and auto # 110180942326
15) Rob Guinn Ft Wayne Komets 04-05 game worn and auto #110180946591 (this item may need to be re-listed but it will be up shortly)
16) Scott Shaunessy Ft Wayne Komets 89-90 game worn and auto #110180976128

There was a slight mix-up when I listed the Rob Guinn jersey as I put cash as a payment option and EBay took it off there. I will relist this jersey on Monday. Cash is available as a payment option with local pickup only. Please email me with any questions.

Shawn Dundon


In regaurds to that letter from the fan in Port Huron, I think if it were me I would be just as upset, but it's not and the team did give him a choice of a different location so all he lost was where he sat before. If he was "treated like crap" he should explain that in more detail otherwise I back the team on that one.

Justin Cohn

I will say, my dad has had season tickets for decades. If they suddenly told him, Mike Illitch is using it for personal use and you're being moved, I'd be upset. Isn't the customer always right? I know that's a much different case, but in McMorran, the owner should have just taken another of the many seats and not neglected one of the few fans -- if this person's story is true in the first place.

Justin Cohn

For what it's worth, the roster provided to the Komets by Port Huron did, in fact, have Marty Magers and Ron Vogel as the goalies.


Maybe, I can see it both ways.


Well if Kalamazoo does sign Upshall I guess we will get to see how good he is. I just hope he wasn't better then they thought and it come back to bite us.


Hey Justin, Did you know a IHL sate of the Union call was going to take place?


So will Hansen play the first few games or is he going to rest some more?

Hit Somebody!!!

"And there doesn't seem to be much physicality out there, aside from Bertram and Hansen."

HMMMMMM. Where are the excuses from the apologists. As Allen Iverson once said "practice? you talking about practice? practice? you talking bout practice? I play for the game and you want to talk about practice?"

How can you judge who is physical and who isn't according to practice and 3 preseason games? One blogger said you need to wait 10 games. Plus guys don't play hard in practice and preseason games because they don't mean anything. Right?

Hit Somebody!!!

"the Wings will stick with the line of Mike Bickley, Matt Elich and Mark Versteeg-Lytwyn, which tore the Komets apart in a preseason game Saturday."

It was preseason and it doesn't matter. Our guys all ready knew they made the team and didn't want to put out an effort because it didn't mean anything and only 2000 fans were there. This is not necessarily my opinion, but it seems to be the popular one.

IHL+Komets= Physical Play?
IHL+Komets= Same thing as always?
IHL+The Other 5 teams=Physical Play? I would think so.


"Needs to let it go," party of one. Is there a "Needs to let it go" on the blog?


"Only comments to cut down others" Party of Hoss...

Hit Somebody!!!

Did Justin mention anything about physical play in this blog entry? Yes

He also mentioned about K-zoo's line that tore as up on Saturday night. Anyone go to the game? I did. Anyone notice why they tore us up? I did. They out-hit us, out-hustled us, they out- worked us in the corners and in front of the net, and they blew by our defense time after time. Anyone see the 2 on 0 break they had?

This all fits into this particular discussion.

I think the Komets will be fine in the long-run because they will have to play physical to survive in this league. I think they will win the league in the end due to the physical play that they will decide to commit to. Al Sims said that he will put in "hit" quotas on each game to make it happen. I am not worried. I am not being negative. I am optimistic about this season. Have been from the start. That has not been the issue.

The issue has been the same old company line summer after summer that wears on us. "Looking to be a physical hockey team" The they sign non-physical types. I am not knocking the team either. They might have signed the best guys who will be successful here. That in the long run is fine with me. Just stop calling it something it won't ever be.

But you watch, they will have to play physical.

Ok...not negative. Just giving you my feelings on things. Hate me at will now. Geesh.


I don't havt a problem w/ that Hit. Makes sense.

I'm starting to agree w/ you, that's like twice in a row??


Sorry. I have a need to fit in so let me give it a shot:

Man! Am I mad at the Komets. They told me they were going to be physical team and play rough hockey. Then I pay for my season tickets and now they play like crap in a preseason game and they didn't hit anyone and the music sucked and the food was too much and I have to go to the games because I'm a fan of a team I don't want to cheer for and only want to b!tch and moan about so I'm going to get on the blog and tell everyone else how bad they are for having favorite players and having faith in the team!

Does that make me a worthy fan and a good Blogger?

Hit Somebody!!!

No it just makes you Scoops..LOL Only kidding.

Give us your real opinion about things and we can discuss it instead of this garbage. I actually tend to agree with both sides of the issue on most things. Maybe if we could discuss things without tearing down opinions, we could understand one another better. I would really like to hear your opinions on the new league and the new Komets this year. Please tell us Hoss. You to Scoops if you are listening.

How will this team be this year? What do you want your Komet team to look like and play like? What will the new IHL look like team to team? Is this a crucial year in your opinion in this league's and this team's future?

Please be honest!!!

Tony E

Hoss you forgot to complain about the price of parking and the 90 year old red coat who repelled you from getting to your seat with the power of the laminated sign which was blessed by the ghost of Bill Barilko giving it the power of crowd control by osmosis.


well, what about the blue line, i think there are two that go across the ice, you didn't mention one thing about either of them, so why was this subject "about the blue line", is this some kind of reference to blues music, maybe you want to hear blues music at the games. Sorry, just felt like being an educated donkey, trying to make a conspiracy out of theory. Savage sounds like our local guy, must be employed by the team as well.

Hit Somebody!!!

Now there are 2 opinions you can't argue with. Come on guys....


Hey Shaun- what is the reserve on Colin Chaulk jersey?

Justin Cohn

Hit, please, give it a rest. Just for a few days.

Justin Cohn

This is from Shawn Dundon, regarding some of the jersey auctions:

I had to relist this jersey because I worded something wrong in the description. For those of you interested its got the 2004-05 Colonial Cup finals patch on the Left breast and is very beat up. The autograph is on the back of the jersey in the white material. The ebay # is 110181733815. Thanks for your interest and support!

Shawn Dundon


I am listening so don't tug on superman's cape. :)

Read what you said above. More diatribes about the lack of toughness, physical play, physical players, ect. The very same post you admit your not worried because the team will win the league because....."they will have to play physical to survive in this league. I think they will win the league in the end due to the physical play that they will decide to commit to. Al Sims said that he will put in "hit" quotas on each game to make it happen." My question is if you are not worried then why the constant reminders that we aren't tough, didn't sign tough, ect? The constant reminder on how the Frankes have lied gets old too. Until we start playing games and are shown we're physcially housed in this league, they haven't failed to deliver anything......yet. JC is probably dead on that we need to get some more toughness. I'd agree with that on paper. But I realize too that all the horses aren't in the stable yet and this is a marathon, not a sprint.
All I am saying is before you take a stance...make sure you know what your working with. As armchair coaches, we really don't know alot about this team's chemistry and mental toughness until its thrown into the field of battle.

Myself, I am a player supporter. I have alot of respect for professional athletes, especially those playing at this level. And I don't feel it is anyone's god-given right to get on a chat board and publicly humiliate players as some of you guys do during the course of the season. They don't get dressed for a game thinking "how can I screw up tonight?" There is always room for discussion on the matter but there is a right and wrong way to go about it.


Without getting into a sensitive arguement there is a point or two i think needs to be made. I mean nothing personal to anyone about this and am not jabbing at anyone. Only trying to come to an understanding.

By constantly yapping about toughness and the frankes it sort of gets to be old news. Every single post is littered with the exact same quotes over and over and over again. we get it already. your views on the topic are well noted by now. But franky everyone is tired of reading the same complaint from the same people.

Kind of like going to your favorite resturant and hearing the same cranky ol customer complaing about the same crap day in and day out. STOP GOING AND ORDERING THE SAME THING!

Same principle here. If there is a new insightful complaint about the komets then wonderful. do share. But i think the "toughness" horse has been beaten, flogged, whipped, chained, clubbed, shot, hung, shocked, and drowned to death. Let that horse RIP.

Debates can be fun, educational, and thought provoking. This paticualar debate however i fear has gone nowhere, and a happy medium seems to be out of sight. agree to disagee maybe, and call it even..

/end rant ...
good luck ladies and gentlemen. see ya at the games.


Wow, these blogs are like a wreck on the highway that you know you shouldnt slow down and gawk at but you cant help yourself... And then you get pissed at everyone else but yourself for slowing down... LOL

My two cents, for what its worth, is this... This is classic Komet hockey recruitment. Sign the best possible players that you can in the off season and then wait to see what good players trickle down thru the ranks as cuts in other leagues take place and then address the glaring needs the team has after the first few games in the regular season have gone by. Happens every year this way. Was I dissappointed by the lack of hitting that I saw from both teams saturday... Yes. I will say this though, it was the last chance some of these players had to impress the coaches, and maybe they chose to do this by showcasing thier offensive or defensive skills rather than mucking it up... Who knows... If by Thanksgiving we are playing patty cake with other teams instead of hammering them on the ice THEN I will be concerned.... Till then since I'm not the general manager or coach or owner i guess I just have to wait and see..... Go K's


Btw, 2 good d-men were released by Elmira and a tough guy from another team that has a familiar last name in Brandon Tidball... Maybe a relative???? FYI, found on www.echl.com under transactions...



It was not this way last year. We had very little turn over and all areas of need were taken care of. They really only added Henely


Wasnt Syro brought in right at the beginning of the season or just a few games in?? And point being is that they still brought in what they needed after evaluating the talent at the beginning of the regular season... They addressed the glaring need, just as they will this year...


Right on, JR and Komets123. The blog is darn near unreadable at times due to the rants of a few bloggers that need to get a life instead of harping on the same topic ad nauseum in this venue. We've heard it all before. We might even agree with you, but enough is enough.


Yea, well EX-STH, hello kettle, this is black.


BTW, everyone talking about toughness, has anyone seen Legault/Bertram play more then 2 games??

I like a good fight, but don't consider that toughness. I want to see more hitting, battles for the pucks and that's why I agree w/ Hit. It wasn't there against K-zoo. So either these players go out and do it, because they're going to have to in this league, or they'll be in last place.


i think you all need to chill. this is a blog, a place to give opinions and have a discussion. i too want the komets to get tougher but we need to still wait awhile. players are still being cut from teams and we really wont know the way this team will go until at least christmas. we just have to hope that we dont dig too deep a hole before then. and david, just a fyi, we had lots of turnover last year, its just that the main pieces stayed the same. going thru the year with only two goalies for a change was a big change and would make it appear to have no turnover, but in fact we had normal turnover. remember jorde turrolino gabrielson honkanen miller seney voorhees rudenko? thats half a team turnover! all of us need to wait and see for the next few weeks. and i believe its still ok to cry out for toughness cause i didnt like seeing us pushed around in our own barn during the exibitions and only bertram standing up to anybody. if he has to take on the load of only tough guy and hold down two jobs, hes gonna be fatigued and injured before christmas. so i understand the topic of toughness still being discussed because right now its evident we dont have any.


An allegory to the rescue.....

The squeaky wheel will cease to squeak when the oil is applied and not a minute before.

Please forgive us if we wheels seem stubborn and persistent but we have been promised oil before and haven't seen much since Chad Cabana left.

That guy new how to do the job and we miss it. Terribly....

Please also forgive us if we happen to believe that this current roster isn't very oily. If it looks oily to you, I am happy for you.

Some of us we don't see the logic in waiting to point out that the drum that is empty now is still empty later. If we can't wish for oil here and now then where should we.....the natural gas blog????

How come other teams can find good oil that can play a position and we can't (o.k. I could think of an allegory for 'position':)

Bottom line - No Oil, No Peace

P.S. We are not psychic, we have just been here before.


That was a weird one. BTW, it's knew, not new.

Jungle Monkey

Let's not start pointing out grammar errors on the blog, we'll never discuss hockey.

Komet Fan

I agree with Hit, this team, up to this point, severly lacks toughness. And, no people, that does not necessarily mean fighting. Physical play will be a requirement to play in this league this year and the Komets are lacking that today. I believe the Komets will address it, but it will be in December or January. Matter of fact, I think at least 33% of the roster we have now will not make it thru the season if that tells you anything....


Jungle, if that was a hockey statement, then I wouldn't have said anything. But it seemed like a freshman thesis for us to decipher.


Anyone think the team lacks toughness? Just throwing that question out there.. Not sure who stands where on the subject...

Seems that is one subject we have hardly touched lately, and just to keep things new and fresh on the blog perhaps we should bring it up.


Thanks Junior.

I noticed 'new' right after I posted it. Didn't think anybody we be nit-picky enought to call it out.

I was just trying to lighten things up and have some fun.

(Psst it was a hockey post.....oil is a metaphore for toughness....let me know if the light still doesn't come on...get it... light on...like when they score a goal? It called a play on words. See how it works?


i get tired of hearing about the toughness of other teams. what they have on paper is one thing and what transpires on the ice is another. im not sure if this team lacks toughness or whether they lack some heart. i would think that if you were trying to earn a spot on a pro hockey team that youd go out and hit everything in sight to show that you belonged but i didnt see that at the two games. we still have to wait and see once they get into the real thing. i guess times have changed and no matter how tough we want them to be, they can only play the way they were taught, so thanks to all you do gooder liberals and soccer moms. youve ruined another sport.


Hey what about us coservitives and soccer dads. Don't forget us.


I want to see some bodies banging around just as much as the next guy but I realize the sport has evolved. It may not be to my taste or anyone elses but that is the reality. I don't totally like it but I love the game itself. I've grown to appreciate the skill of the players as much as the fists. I will admit though the physical part of the game was the draw.

Football would be one of the better examples of how a sport has changed since the good 'ol days. You can't even sneeze in the direction of the quarterback anymore.


i think a lot of it comes down to the high salaries the big leaguers get. got to protect the quarterback cause hes the highest paid player usually. cant hit anymore in hockey cause you might hurt somebodys meal ticket. its sad, but it comes down to money money money.

Tony E

A #1 line of Cabana, Parsons and Bezeau with a D lineup of Holliday and Henley. In goal maybe Alain Chevrier?
If that doesn't happen I forsee a fan revolt.


Elmira released Erik Tremblay and a decent goalie in Robert Gerhson... both would be decent pickups...


Give it a rest Tony.... Your little jabs are getting just as annoying as some of this other crap...


Can't we all get along?

"All we are saying...is give peace a chance."

P.S. 72 hours till we can move on to the next thing we can all harp on from a REAL game!!!


Tony, thats a sweet starting line. I knew you'd come around, Bro. You wanna join the OHIC? =)

Tony E

JR I did not jab at anyone. I made a statement of opinion.
JM, a day of officiating football in the rain may have given me water on the brain. Enjoy it while you can ;-)

Tony E

I do agree with you on Gherson. He used to give the Windsor Spitfires fits when he played in Sarnia. He had a decent track record in the AHL though and I would be surprised if he did not latch on with another ECHL team. Based on talent alone he would be an upgrade over either of the two goalies the Komets have right now.

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