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September 04, 2007



That is to bad about McWhinney and what happened, but you can blame the Komets getting 2 quality starters. I liked the kid and I think he has some talent. At least the K's Mgm didn't bring him into camp and then cut him and he would have had to scramble to find a place to play. I wish him the best.


I hope those 2 vet spots are for some toughness.


ahhhh the old "trickle down" phrase thrown around by teams that are having hard times finding players to play for them....

the problem with that theory is that you will have to take players that dont necessarily fit the systems that "coach" Al Sims will try to implement...they will have to take anyone available.

That is why Flint will be a totally different team this year.....they are getting the players that will Fit Kevin Kerr's system instead of taking castoffs

Justin Cohn

Not a bad point, but I think there really is trickle down. The Komets have had to pass on some chances with some guys in years past because they hadn't held spots for October or so; but I don't blame you for that argument Steve.


I would like to see Amarillo's first game against Tulsa if McWhinney and St. Pierre are both in goal just to see how they fare against each other.

Good Luck to Dan and his girlfriend. I would've liked to bring him back....but maybe he will get more PT and continue to develop his skills.

Keeping some veteran spots open until training camp, just in case:......excellent move!

Justin Cohn

Does this like a Gorilla to y'all?


Justin Cohn

Should have been look like a gorilla?


Sorry, but the only thing they have in front of them is a 3rd goalie and 2 open spots? The only reason I can think of bringing in another goaltender is because they still aren't 100% about Degagne's Shoulder.

I'd be po'd also if I was McWhinney if they strung him along. I hate to talk bad, but we need a guy that can score and another one that can protect. Why on Earth did the Franke's want to change a league to make it tougher, yet still not get any tougher? Two more players aren't going to make or break this team, but they could be a significant help.

Maybe it's early and I should chill out, but give me a break.

Tony E

I certainly wish Dan luck but he has nothing to be bitter about. He was a free agent and the Komets made no bones about looking at veteran goaltending for this season. I did hope that they could bring him back because of all the time they had invested in him last season but such is life in minor league hockey. The Komets gave him a chance last year. I don't think they "owed" him anything else.


i am with Junior on this one.

Komet Fan

Sour grapes from McWhinney in my opinion... The Komets gave him a chance of a lifetime last year by signing him even though he only had 5 years experience where other players had been playing for 15 years +.... This is life in pro sports kid, deal with it!!!!

Tony E

It may have been just as much the fault of his agent for not giving him the "facts of life"

Jungle Monkey

I agree with Tony 100%.

Steve.... Are you saying you don't appreciate Al Sims? I'm not really sure.... In related news.. A horse was found beat to death in Flint today.....


well after all the years of the Komets not struggling to find players...the second Sims gets on board guys want no part of Ft Wayne?


Steve I am sure the Frankes are doing their due diligence with the players they have not signed yet. Waiting to see what "Trickles" down is a gamble. We all have heard, "just wait it still is early" line since mid June, well it is September and the K's really have not signed anyone of significance in the "police" man role. While Flint, Port Huron, and Bloomington seem to have their ducks in a row and have guys who can play it both ways.


Jared Dumba, son of former Komet Al Dumba signs in Flint. Has been playing in the CHL with Tulsa. Now if he is a chip off the old block, then Flint signed themselves a pretty gritty hockey player

Hit Somebody!!!

For all of those out there that keep promising that it is too early to worry about toughness and scoring...ummm...what do you all say now? If you look at what we have so far, we look pretty weak in comparison to Muskegon, K-Zoo, and Flint. We might not be as good as Port Urine and Bloomington. I have given them the benefit of the doubt thus far and have remained optimistic. But I have to agree with Junior on this one. Where is all of the toughness that this team would have? I thought that was the idea of the new IHL? Looks like the other teams are tough, and once again the Komets were all talk all summer long and we get to watch our team pushed around on MC ice again this year. I know that will be unpopular with some of you, but that is the way it is looking. And for those who will say that toughness doesn't win games, where is all the scoring going to come from on this team?

We need toughness, NOT FIGHTERS, and we need some legitimate scorers. Do we have a true offensive D-Man on this roster yet? Do we have a proven goalscoring forward yet other than a 38 year old guy that maybe used to score goals in the first IHL?

Where is the recruiting of talent by our new coach?

Just questions that I have. I will remain positive and hope for the best and no matter what I will support this team. I just want to see the promises delivered rather than the same old company line summer after summer.

Hit Somebody!!!

And that is not a Gorilla Mascot...it is Blakes....uh....Super Fan!!! That is why he has no blog. He took on a new job. :)

Tony E

Hit, I agree 100% with your statement that toughness does not equal fighters. So that being said how do you know how tough any of the rookies are? Don't fall into the trap of just because you don't know a player or a player does not have 300 penalty minutes = the player is not tough.


I agree with Hit and Tony. Maybe I'm impatient or whatever, I just would of thought there would be something more to the start of the season beginning a new league.

I was not happy yesterday and that didn't help w/ my comment. I hate to state negative things about the K's, but I'm ready to watch some open hockey and I want OUR players to be playing it. I'll wait and I'll go to every game, but it just strikes me is odd that we haven't attempted to fill a couple of needed roles. I know we didn't get JC or Mario until late last season, but JC signed in mid-Sept. and we had a pretty well put together group of guys at that point.


Hit, do the names Dupuis (offensive D-Man)and Chaulk or Marchant (proven goal scorers) count for anything in your book?


I just love how some have writen off the K's this season with out 1 game being played.


Wingmnn, there is a difference between "writing" people off and constructive/open minded talk about K's players.
I'm VERY happy with the players that we have right now. But, I think another scorer/physical player is needed to be competitive. What's wrong with that?


Again you think we won't be competitive with out these 2 players. Have you seen any of these rookie players play? Have you seen if they can skate circles around the opposition? Have you seen if they can take it to the other opposition physicaly?
You and many others act like you are "Hockey Experts". I for one have been given nothing to doubt the K's mgm as to what they are saying untill I watch a few games.


Hockey Expert? You're joking right?

IT'S AN OPINION, just like you have yours.

I hope the rookies pan out and I never said they weren't going to?!?!?!??! What does that have to do with getting ONE more proven scorer and ONE more proven physical player?


First of all Junior I was not refering to you personaly with my first comment. I am just sick of all the negative comments about a team that has not played 1 game. Sorry if you took it that way. On the other hand you did say "But, I think another scorer/physical player is needed to be competitive.", I say no one can know what this team will be like untill they play a game.


It's too bad that Justin just highlighted the word "bitter". If you read the whole article, there are many more positive things said, as that was just one line in the whole article. Good luck to him.


Gotcha Wing, I have high hopes for the Warner and George kids. George put up some numbers and played well in his short stint w/ the LNAH.


Were playing hockey on paper right now, but it is all we can do.

I am normally a pretty optimistic person but I am not encouraged by how we stack up "on paper" with rosters like the Fury and K'Zoo.

You can encourage him all you want but the 3 legged horse will probably not win the race. Agreed they have not played a game yet but I have been thru a few of these pre season signing periods and this one has an odd feel to it.

Maybe it's just me.....but I don't remember ever settling for other teams cast offs before.

The bottom line is I personally am not that excited about this team right now and it is too bad bacause I think this will be a big year for this leauge. I hope that we are a big part of the excitement.


Let the pilots fly the plane.

Aren't Chaz Johnson, Mike Sgroi, Brent Henley, and Justin Chwedoruk are all names still in the mix to play here? As a group, those names certainly fill the scorer/toughness issues if they do eventually sign here. If management has a good feel on getting these guys, then that is probably why it looks as if they have not "addressed the needs" as you would say.




Scoops...if the Komets can sign 3 out of those four guys the team would be solid. I really can't see Johnson signing, Sgroi is AHL bound, Chewy is AHL bound, and Henley won't be back for a few months...We have some holes to fill in our 2nd line by October.


For some of you who are so enamored with teams like flint and thier signings of multiple tough players and "scorers" this is what I have to say... Hopefully the "scorers" they are signing are also good penalty killers because on paper that special team is gonna see alot of ice time and if your "scorers" are stuck on the bench cause your "goons" keep parading to the penalty box then your gonna be on the short end of the score card most nights... I for one am still voting for wait and see...


A lot of that will depend on how the refs will be calling games and for my money, we haven't been given an adequate explination of how they are going to be calling games.


I wouldn't say any of those guys are lock for the AHL.

There is still training camp casualties that could trickle in from elsewhere not to mention our own training camp we have ahead of us. Holes, if any, could still be filled here. Its more of a high risk/high reward if this is what we are totally relying on but that is what we'll have to deal with a new league and unknown expectations.

Waiting, as painfully as that must be for some, is the only sane way to approach this.


Something to remember is (I think I am right on this) that there is a trickle down effect with AHL and ECHL teams. More so with AHL than ECHL, because doesn't the NHL franchise tell their AHL teams how many spots they can keep open to sign players? Isn't that number generaly around 5-6 guys? Doesn't the same go for AHL to ECHL? If so you have 20-30 AHL caliber guys per camp to fill 5-6 spots. Where are those guys going to play that don't make it? ECHL? Where do they go then? The K's are saving these vet spots for that reason and they also, from what they have said, have some good money set aside for just that.

Tony E

It will be interesting to see who the officials are this year. I wonder if the referee camp will be in Fort Wayne this year as it was last year.


Maybe. I saw where Adam Fish will be an ECHL ref this comeing year.

Tony E

Not surprising. His ratings are excellent and he is on track to hit the NHL ice in 4-5 years.

Hit Somebody!!!

I hope Scoops is right about the 4 guys he mentioned there. If we sign those four....then no worries. Those would be solid guys to take care of all of our concerns I would think. But that is one big IF!!!

I said it once before on here, I haven't seen the Komets play a game yet this year and either have any of you. So for one person to say that everything is great and another to say it isn't, is purely opinion and speculation. I was just giving my personal feelings so far. I have remained positive about his team and league since the start of summer. I would just like to see this team deliver with the promise of exciting and tough hockey. Is that so wrong?

And I hope the rookies can provide us with the toughness and scoring punch we need. But I would feel better if 2 or 3 proven guys were signed that have played at this level or higher.

Guy Dupuis, nice player, good D-man....I would not count on him to score 20 to 30 goals from the blue-line...would any of you out there including Teresa count on him to score goals?

Chaulk I wanted him from day one, starting last season day one.

Marchant, I have to see him this year to make a final call on him. He looked lost last year when we got him. It might have been the system though that Bingham was playing. Hope it all works out better for him.

We all want the same thing, exciting, fun, tough, and winning hockey. Don't jump into the defense mode everytime someone has a differing opinion than yours. We all have a 50/50 chance of being right this time of the year....no one really knows for sure. It is all discussion and opinion. No one on here is writing anyone off yet. Relax.

Go Komets!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Oh...and I just read this. Interesting stuff. I am not sure I agree with adopting the old IHL record book and doing away with the UHL records. Doesn't seem right to me.



At least the owner of the Hounds is staying in this league. I hope that Craig can find a new city to place his team in.

It was a crock what the Sears Centre did to his team. Maybe he'll be an expansion team for 2008-2009.


It's more of trying to remain positive since they are all still in the mix than being right or wrong. Do I hope we'll get these guys, sure. Do I expect to see them all skating for the Komets this season? I wouldn't put good money on it.


Craig should move his team to Indy. Get started now and build a nice new arena in one of the enourmously rich suburbs of Indy. If they end up tearing down DeerCreek, there would be more demand for concerts in that area.

Goalie Girl

I am one of Frenchy's biggest fans and I was glad he took the McWhinney under his wing and schooled the "Kid" a little. But the "Kid" needed to wake up to the real world of Hockey. He probably will get better with more playing time but he was not ready for the #1 spot. I am glad they cut him loose. I don't know how I feel about the new goalies yet either. but for Danny to be bitter, well to have The Komets experience to add to his resume is very sweet for him. Playing back up to the best goaltender in minor league hockey is not to shabby either. He should be thankful for the experience and move on. I wish him well. Welcome to the real world "Kid". Better get used to the revolving door in the minor league hockey world. Go K's

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