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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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September 17, 2007



Looks like Franke has been reading some Timmy. JC, I would like to say thanks for the info. You do a great job of answering the questions that people have.


So when do single-game tickets go on sale?

Komets fan

According to a Komet ad that I saw in the Newspaper yesterday, they go on sale this Friday, September 21st.


I might be wrong here but I think that some people got confused by the refund the STH's got for the playoff games that didn't happen. It showed up as a credit on the statement for this year's tickets, and it took me a minute to figure out what it was. Maybe that's what some people thought was the discount? Did that make any sense? I'm high on allergy pills...


Well, I have to stand by what I was told by a former season ticket holder. All I can say about that.

Hit Somebody!!!

What a nice day it was today outside. The grass is green. The sky is blue.

Go Komets.

Justin Cohn

Yeah, he had clearly read the story, was not pleased at all by it, said he tried to get a hold of the publication and received no response. Franke believed the confusion may have stemmed from an earlybird special on season tickets, which is something that takes place in some form often. I wonder if the organization was contacted before that story ran? I don't know.


Check your email JC...

Justin Cohn

Got it and sent a reply.

Hit Somebody!!!

Season Ticket Sales being up is a great thing. Komet Hockey is fun. They should be awesome this season. I got the Early Bird Special. Always helps to have it. Go Komets.


Any word on when STH's can pick up their tickets?


I called the office last week and was told that they would be sending out letters by the end of the month telling us when we can get our season tickets

Jungle Monkey

Timmy is going to get banned from Komet games. =) Of 16 STH's I know. 5 have not renewed. 4 still haven't paid but probably will. I guess I'm hanging out with the "bad apples" again. I'm guessing if the numbers are up it must be corporate sales, there has been virtually no advertising during the offseason.

Disgruntled Fan

Yeah, me too. They do give a lot of tickets away or like you said, they go to corporate sales. You know, those lower level seats that are never filled, but when you try to buy them...you can't.


What's the latest on Chaz Johnson and Pascal Morency? Where are they now?


Has anybody attempted to park at the Coliseum with the new light up? Wondered if it was any smoother. I heard that it wasn't and that traffic backs up worse now than it did before.


Has there even been a major event since the new entrance opened? I can't think of any off the top of my head.


I was at the coliseum for Johnny Appleseed festival, worked out fine.


J-Rid, nothing on Chaz and Pascal is in Utah.


Nice Job ending the previous blog entry. Thanks! Not on to more civilized topics. Cubs magic number is 12. Comments magic number for the division title is 76. WOO HOO! Any words on what the goal song will be this year? I kind of like the one from last year....it was better than stealing K-zoo's woo hoo.


Well this is good to here. i was suprised that a couple hundred dropped tickets at the starting of the summer though but people are still buying season tickets. Some fo these vetrens might do that.


I heard too that a former ticket holder had been contacted to renew at "discounted" rates.

Justin Cohn

Wow, Tom, starting the goal song discussion, there's a way to elicit polite conversation. lol


Ok, thanks for the updates wingmnn...


Any news on the new "Video Board"?


Yea I was just talking to someone about that? Is that still a go or what. And if we do get it will they do repleys or will it just be gameplay video and thats it?


From what I understand, there won't be a new scoreboard until after this upcoming season.


No new scoreboard. It will have to wait "TILL NEXT YEAR" (like every year before this one...


IHL correction
By Jill Adler

Date Posted: 09/18/2007

Editor’s Note

A Prohockeynews.com article, titled IHL's silence hurts image by Tim Clark, originally published on August 25, 2007, contained an incorrect statement:

“Various members of the Komets staff and roster called former season ticket holders recently offering cheaper deals on season tickets.”

A Prohockeynews.com fact check with the original source after the article was published revealed either a misinterpretation of the information, or that false information had been given. The author further acknowledges not verifying the original information.

The author apologizes for his error and Prohockeynews.com regrets distributing inaccurate information.

Jungle Monkey

Can we get a retraction when the roster doesn't reflect orginal comments? =)


I personally am thrilled that ticket sales are good. That means a solid support for the best team and sport around. I am very excited at the talent are choosing, and can't wait til October 10th!


Agreed KrazyKF!! 3 weeks until the 1st preseason game!!!!!!


Toughness has been answered!!!

Olivier Legault is legit!




WOOOHOOO Some guys with some size. Add Henly nad watch out.


But wait, the naysayers will now bark, "How do we know this guy is tough, no one has seen him play"...

The team looks pretty good on paper, can't wait to see what we have when they hit the ice.

Just wait!

October cannot get here soon enough, GO K's!


Paulsy, your right! I can hear it now. Hash is comming the hash is comming.


Hope that this cleans the blog up for a while. It's been a mess.

Tony E

I have seen him play in juniors. I wonder why a high round draft pick has fallen so far so quickly.
If he plays the way he did in juniors that should quiet down the fair weather fans for awhile.

Tony E

My last word on Henley (for now) The Komets would be a much better team if there was not a roster spot available for Henley or at the very least if he were strictly a 3rd line guy. All you guys who are enarmored with his size and ability to throw punches are forgetting about his hockey skills. Granted he is better than a traditional "goon" but if you are a team counting him to be a top 6 D-man I think the team is not as strong as it should be.


I was a Henley doubter last year but when he was on the ice in Chicago during the playoff games over there it made a difference. No one ran at our players and took cheap shots so the stars could play the game. It was nice to see hockey played...even if it was because of having a guy like Henley to clean up the play...we can't count on officials to do that objectively now? Sorry...I know officials are our favorite people. Can't wait to see Hawthorne, Mondalek, and the rest of the guys...lol. Anyways, JUSTIN is there any word on any of these NEW officials they are supposed to hire for this league?


One more piece of the puzzle missing, Chaz Johnson. If we can get him, our toughness issue will definitely be resolved...


I don't agree J, I don't want Johnson. I hope he signs in Nova Scotia.

Tony E

Gheesh ok I have to stir the pot. What does Chaz Johnson do that makes him "tough"?
Is throwing sucker hits from behind tough?
Is using your stick as a weapon tough?
Is running your mouth from the time the puck drops tough?

I have never seen Chaz Johnson go face to face with anyone. Everything he does is from behind. That does not make him tough.


Tony, I disagree with you on Henly. I think he has good hockey skills, granted he is not Guy. Almost every pass I saw was on the stick. He could get the puck out of our zone. He could move players from out front. He always seem calm, not panicked.

Tony E

Do fans want him for his stick to stick passes or do they want him as an "enforcer"?
If you want him as a dependable D man then you can't have him in the box 200+ minutes a year.
He has some skills but I do not believe he is going to be a top 6 D man on a championship team.


Nice signings. I'd like to see Legault make the roster and play a regular shift first before saying any toughness/enforcer concerns have been answered. Addressed....definately.

Chaz Johnson is one of those guys you love to hate until he's yours. You will turn a blind eye to the bad, at least initially. I have a feeling that if we don't end up with him, those who wanted him will turn around and say "your a dirty player and we didn't want you anyway." If we get him, fine. If we don't, fine. He could be an asset with his skill but only if his head is on right.

Sign Henley! The players feel bigger. The fans feel bigger. I wish I would of had Henley with me this summer at the Carribean Cove so my daughter would of been bigger. That way should could of been 42" tall and rode all the rides.


I didn't know that wanting the Komets to sign a legitimate tough guy made me a 'fair weather' fan...I guess you do learn something every day.

Tony E

stoney85 that does not make you a fair weather fan.. I was referring to fans who accused Komets management of lying/breaking promises etc. You know, people who were prepared to stand in the middle of Coldwater and Coliseum and announce they were not renewing their season tickets until the Komets signed a player who could double as a bouncer at Pierres on off nights.

Tony E

Actually Paulsy made the best point yet. If fans will assume previous signings were not "tough" based on raw numbers and having never seen those players play, why is it then ok to assume either of these two are in fact "tough" based on their numbers?

Further, this word "tough". For those who toss it around like candy, what does "tough" mean exactly to you? I have news for you, to play this game you have to be "tough" both mentally and physically or you do not last. I guess "tough" means different things to diffrent people.

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