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July 25, 2007



There is a God and he is a Komet fan!!!


And once again the K's have reach into the past to create a team. Rough and tough hockey players?? Not yet Mr. Franke. IF we are going to recreate the past then please recreate the jungle were teams fear coming into our place to play because of the likes of Flectcher, Beauzu, Roy, and Bawa's of the day.

Goalie Girl

At last there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It all begins with just a glimmer. Go K's


Woo-hoo!! Really didn't think this was gonna happen, thought it was all talk. Glad I was wrong!



Why do you continue to talk down the Komets and thier every move. I could understand if he was on the down turn of his career, but with last year he only played 33 games or so..I bet he is fresh and ready to produce here in Fort Wayne, I just wish you would stop blasting the KOmets for every move they make


Jorde signed with Flint. too bad. flint is going to be a very tough team next year.


Because when the Franke's come out make statement after statement on how they want a club with toughness and grit year after year someone has to call them out. They did not have that element until they signed Henley last year and have not signed someone of his likeness yet. I thought last years club was a breath of fresh air with new faces for the most part and a break away from bringing in fan favorites so to speak. Is Chaulk a good player and has scoring ability but if we don't sign players that can "protect" players like Chaulk we will get ran right out of own building like they did 2 years ago


Who says they aren't working on those types of players...just because nothing has been said doesn't mean they aren't working on the toughness issue...

Lets see...we need a playmaking centerman hwo is a leader..but lets wait on that guy and sign some meathead..I mean c'mon be realistic, the Chaulk signing is outstanding..those other guys will come along..you need to be more patient...


I'm so pumped to see Colin back! Who cares if we are living in the past. Colin Chaulk is a great player and should make an awesome player/assisstant coach. I cant think of anyone better to take Brucey's job. Cant wait for the season! 3 more months...

Hit Somebody!!!


Jungle Monkey did a great job of recruiting Chaulker next to the slurpy machine at the local KMART. Great job Monkey Boy!

Chaulk is a great signing and I am not worried at all about tough guys being signed. They will fall into place. We needed to put a couple of skilled scorers on the roster first and then go after toughness. Let Flint put a team of Arse-Wipes on the ice that can't skate or score and we will add some tough guys around talented players and beat them 10-0 every night and then beat the snot out of them at the end of the game the whole 3rd period for that matter.

Great Signing...I am pumped up. Give us 2 or 3 more guys that can go to the net. Chaulk gives us something right away we didn't have at all last season....faceoffs.


David, you have yet to say anything positive about anything on here, why is that?

Chaulk is what the K's and this league needed. He was offered quite a bit of money by other teams, I knew he was going to sign with us, but I was surprised to see him with the Assistant role. Good deal folks!! Chaulk is an all around solid hockey player, defense and scoring. This is a good sign for the league and a better sign for us!!! He's 30 and still has at least 4 more productive years left of hockey. I agree with getting some people around him, but Chaulk is what Komet hockey is all about!! Cheers to us!!


Forgot to say.....JC, how do you like all of my Chaulk talk now? Is it o.k.?

Hit Somebody!!!

I echo that Junior. This is the type of guy that Komet Hockey is about. And how can you not say this guy is not tough....some of you are lost. Can you remember this guy running dirt-bags down and running over them in the playoffs particularly the year we won the cup. He head-butted the guy that cheapshotted Neumie and feared no one. Chaulk will win the battles in the corners and in front of the net. He can dish the puck and make the #1 line shine and can score when need be. He wins 90% of faceoffs and this is something no one could do last season. Richardson was gritty....but Chaulk plays with skill, grit, and wins. Chaulk is 20 times a player Richardson is. Sorry guys.


Great signing. I agree Hit Chaulk is a much better player, and a lot less of a whiner

Hit Somebody!!!

JC Ruid and the whiners can go play elsewhere. I liked alot of last years team....but no one played up to Chaulks caliber as a forward last season. We need a team with a Chaulk, add some snipers and we will be good to go. We need a bigtime D-man that can lead the point on the powerplay now. Kelly Perrault anyone? LOL


Not to completley abuse the subject, but I will anyways: Chaulk didn't let the team lose. He was the pimp in game 7 against Rockford in 05 and the man in 03 when we went into the playoffs. His 4 year point production speaks for itself and his defensive forward of the year awards also. They just don't hand him out. And for those who say we are looking to the past, he's only a year removed.

I hate to down Richardson or any other hockey player since I don't play the sport, but, Chaulk would not be the one to let us lose, he gave everything.


I wanted to say "they don't hand THEM out."

And you're right Hit, he made players like Goody and others better!!


Great signing by the Komets. This gives them and the league credibility. We just signed what is potentially the best player in the league. I can't believe some people are still not happy about this. We will get some guys that will fight and grind. I like the way this team is shaping up. We have 2 of the top 2-way forwards in the league and a top d-man. It's a solid start.

Jerad Shaw

Any word on Marchant???


Oh, happy day! This is EXACTLY what the Komets needed to get back on track this season. And who better to be an assistant coach. Chaulker knows how to motivate his teammates and he leads by example. He's not just a big mouth on the ice and definitely not a whiner. I am so excited to have my favorite player back in orange and black. I never doubted that it would happen at some point. I'm just glad that it happened sooner than later! Welcome home, Chaulker! Go K's!!!


Its a great day for the Komets organization. They landed one of the best players at this level. Welcome back Chaulk!

Now lets get some solid goal scorers to play along side him and some tough players.

Sign the big man Henley!!!!!!



Now go sign Henley. Unless the guy is a total cancer, he is what you need. Not a bad positional player, in fact he is actually pretty good considering his toughness and he is a big time pressence.

Don't get me wrong, I know there is time and lots of needs but I as a long time fan I agree with some of the sentiment in here regarding lip service from managment to the issue of toughness.

Get it done. Don't wait. Sew this up.

We still remember Bolduc, Trombley and Boone.


we need another Henley. we need henley for a scratch because is he aint up to playing hard if hes still hurt we dont need him out there getting injured. I thnk with Chaulk signing you will see some more people wanting to sign here because of that but we need some tough guys. we dont have any. and the past few years we havent rather than Galbraith. and please sign marchant and tremblay.


Tremblay signed in the ECHL if I'm not mistaken.

Disgruntled Fan


Komet fans NEVER got to see Boone play unless they saw him in preseason. He was injured on that long ten game road trip of the 02-03 and NEVER played for the home fans as a Komet. Those of us who did see him play...he was FAR better than Bolduc or Trombley. And Trombley was FAR better than Bolduc. Komet fans should have had their tickets refunded for having to watching Bolduc play...he was beyond awful.

Disgruntled Fan

He meant Rhett Trombley.


Correct me if im wrong but I think Chaulk is pretty tough himself and can handle his own. I would love to see a "Fletcher" type player but who knows with Chief gone Chaulk could end up being the kind of guy who sets the tone of the game right off the bat.

Hit Somebody!!!

Sorry to sound this way....but why on Earth would anyone beg to have Terry Marchant back. That guy was soft. He played one speed, slow. And he couldn't hit anything, including the net. I don't understand why he is on anyone's wish list. He may have been part of the reason we failed miserably against Rockford. We lost alot of toughness by picking him up and the rookie d-man that was so memorable that I have forgot his name all ready.


Marchant might be soft but he can play hockey. you cant win with out good players. there is like a dozen players in minor league with the last name tremblay. and Hit, Lackner was a very good D-man and did better than half are day the end of the year and in playoffs. quit complaining about every player on the Komets.


I did like Lackner. Marchant wasn't all that impressive, he did get himself in front of the net often to cause traffic, but I didn't think he did it enough. I'm on the fence about having him back.


I think the person was talking about Erik Trembley. He was the rookie d-man we picked up as an amateur. He also scored against Rockford and wasn't afraid to hit anyone including Watson. I would like to see him back. Also, I think Marchant would be a solid 2nd line center for us as we would have 2 solid centers who can win crucial face offs.

Rochester Hills Charlie

Nice signings so far with Dupuis and Chaulk, the caliber of play looks like it will be better than I thought.

Andrew Landgraf

I smell a little vagabond magic in the air....sniff sniff. Go K's !! Great moves by the K's...Personally though Tommy Karalis as an assistant would be a nice move too...

Charlie I

henley is out at least until December

Jerad Shaw

Marchant did his job last year. That is why I liked him. He can score and is very fundementally sound. He creates his own scoring chances along with scoring chances for other people. He isnt a physical force, because that isn't the type of game he likes to play. Trombley impressed me with his play, but impressed me more talking to him in Chicago with Kiyaga. All he wanted to do was get on the ice and help the K's. With him and Henley as a 1 2 punch after Henley recovers from his knee, that would be 2 bruisers for the Komets. With Lackner, also not a huge physical precense, but a skilled defenseman that doesn't make a whole lot of mistakes. Can Oct 20th just get here. PLEASSSEE. I'm flying back from Vegas that day just to go to the game!!!!


Wow Jerad- you are a true fan! I hear you, I'm counting the days until October 20th. I'll be the one camped outside the doors of the Coliseum...

Charlie I

What about the 19th? Nobody is going to Bloomington??

Komet Fan

Here are the players who have played with the Komets in the past that will play here this year in my opinion:

1. Marchant - Pretty sure we will see him back, though I don't know why. Thought he was below average after we acquired him last year and was VERY slow on the ice.

2. Bozoian - Think we will see him back as well. Good 6th man for defense. WAY better than Kiyaga!!!

3. Hansen - Heard it would this week and pretty sure it will be announced very soon. Good defenseman.

4. Henley - I am pretty confident he will be back, though it could be December before we see him.

5. McWhinney - Heard a little talk that he will be back, especially if Reiter is not signed.

Have heard from some pretty reliable sources about a couple top notch ECHL and CHL players coming in that should be announced soon. Also have heard that we will have plenty of toughness, though it will be players that can actually play the game, not goons. Also, for the record, while I liked Richardson, let's be honest, he is not half the player Chaulk is. Richie plays with alot of heart and guts, but to compare him to Chaulker is insulting....


On Indiananewscenter tonight Kent Hormann announced that Kevin Hansen was signed.

I like Hansen a lot. He is very solid and well rounded defensemen. Excellent signing!

Komet Insider

Heard throught the grapevine that Chaulk is trying to bring in some old talen. Should hear about 2 signings this week, Dan Price and Danny Stewart...more later

Hit Somebody!!!

No Komet Insider....the Price is wrong. What a joke that would be. He sucked when he was here and I for one would not want to see that lazy junk again. No offense...but he played lazy and was not the player that was advertised.


Stewart I would take back in a second. He was a total grinder and a fan favorite. But the word is he is going back to play in England again.

Price I seriously doubt. We as Komets fans deserve better.

Also on what Komet Fan said about Marchant. I really hope the Komets look in a different direction. I just think his best days are behind him.

Throw us a bone Komet Fan, can you at least give any hints on who the ECHL and CHL players are?

Hit Somebody!!!

Wouldn't Sean Venedam fit nicely on that #1 line with Chaulk and Kukulka? I'd take him back.


Venedamn would be great, but he already resigned in Bakersfield. He is another premier AA player that the Komets should have done whatever they could to keep him here.


sean wouldnt sign here. he wanted to move on and try a new league and a new experience. i doubt any ammount of money would have kept him here. ft wayne or la and get paid to play a game. you decide.

Charlie I

Price is to busy running the sales department at Fort Wayne Kia.

Komets Fan

I would for sure be going to Bloomington, if I wasn't going to be on the poker tables in Vegas! HOW BOUT THOSE CUBBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


who? second place gets you a big kiss only

Komet Fan

If the Komets were to bring back Dan Price, I guarantee you the boo birds will be out in force. Who wants to see a guy who played with little to no effort during his first stint. No way the Komets bring him back. Danny Stewart, while I liked the way he played, will not be back either. Too many other issues prevent that from happening...

As far as naming players from other leagues, I can't do it as it would be considered "rumor" and probably deleted. Like I said, we will have toughness and grit next year. I can tell you that 1 of the players from the CHL is very gritty, not afraid to drop the gloves, and a better fighter and antaganist than Richardson was. You want hints, go to YouTube and watch some CHL fights....


Thanks for the hint Komet Fan! To me there is one guy who really sticks out and fits the mold of what you were saying...Fraser Filipic from the Colorado Eagles.

I checked out their team website and they have several fight videos among other stuff to look at.

2 other players I wouldn't mind from that team are Ryan Tobler and Riley Nelson. Tobler is a power forward who can fight and score. Nelson is small but puts up points.

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