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June 20, 2007


Hit Somebody!!!

My dad had a saying for this sort of thing....."They really tripped over their own...." I will leave out the word and let you figure it out.

Anti-climatic it sounds to me. Get everybody worked up about big news that will explain everything and make us all excited and this is what they give us? Great job. Give us hockey...that is good obviously, but take the teams that survived the mass exodus and just change the name of the league and tweak a few rules....EXCITING!!!!

Is this still the Elite Professional Hockey League?


stay home then. im excited just to have hockey!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

I am excited too about hockey...I just don't get the HYPE they put towards their big plans and announcement. How is any of this any different? The rules were gonna change anyway. I hope it all works out. I hope we see some teams like Toledo, Indy, Dayton, etc real soon. That would make for exciting news.

Charlie I

I really hope they dump the vet rule. I think it is stupid that certain middle but good players have to leave because of some dumb rule. Like I said before if a team can fit 19 veterans under a cap go for it. If they want to keep it then raise it to 500 career games...lol


Why doesn't the new IHL website have any history of the 50+ years of the original IHL??


I'm not sure Hype is the right word, but I do agree there isn't anything major. Certinly no surprises. It looks like they are looking for a more physical league. No instgator except in the last 5 min of the game. Secondary fight only receive a misconduct (as well as the fighting major I'm sure). Anythign goes in the attacking zone, while you can't touch anyone in the neutral zone.

The only thing I'm not too keen on is changing the moniker to the International Hockey League. Gives me a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.


This coming winter will be my 34th year going to see the K's I have had season tickets to see the K's I've had season tickets to see Wisconsin, I have coached or watched high school hockey for years, I even coached against Colin Lister at that level. People, we are just lucky to have hockey in Fort Wayne. My grand children now play as my son did. Stop look ahead and be thankful you have a team. First place or cellar dwellers ENJOY!

Justin Cohn

Because it is a new league, having nothing tangible to do with the old IHL. This one will have the UHL records and such. The old league is dead. See, you're confused already, that's why this is a bad idea with the name.


I like the IHL tag because it stands for something that the UHL hasn't been able to offer us, physical play. I have no problems with it and like I've been saying, it all depends on the types of players that they are going to sign to make the league tough or not. Players like Ruid don't want to be involved in a league like this, because he's not physical enough to handle it. Europe offers his style.


Apparently International is better than United.

So this means were back to Goon hockey? OK that's fine by me. just don't want to see the same goons over and over again.

Brad Lyons

Yeah I see why International makes so much sense.... it's neither international nor intranational. I mean, there are (6) teams...(4) in Michigan, (1)in Indiana and (1) in Illinois.

So when will there be these major announcments the Franke's have been promising? IF this was it...wow, I'm underwhelmed ;-( sigh.

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI

That's so cool that a name change will solve all the problems. I wonder if that idea works in other areas of life? At least we can see more fights to go along with the low level of hockey talent. Maybe this will lead to another Slapshot movie. The league must have some cash though, rent in Rochester is very high. Baby blue logo? Now that's intimidating, I don't care who ya' are! 4 teams in the playoffs? All and all I think this thing has shaped up to be pretty lame. The old IHL was better for many reasons.

Jerad Shaw

Brad, just curious, but arent you always underwhelmed about something???

Brad Lyons


It's VERY hard to impress me--I'm a perfectionist and have a "matter of fact" way of handling certain situations. When someone "talks up a talk", I expect them to show the walk along with it. This news was more rules changes and political stuff, which I don't find at all to be anything ground-breaking. The build-up was for MAJOR changes--well if rules changes count, great--but that doesn't change much of the dynamics outside the rink.

I perceive their "major" announcement was to change from the UHL to the IHL---wow. There is no short-term plan that is good for this league, ONLY long-term... the key is to succeed enough in the short-term to allow a long-term to grow and prosper. The fate of the IHL lies in next year's season, not this year's. This year will be just a season of hockey, nothing special as time goes on. The success of this year will be measured next off-season with addition of other franchises, but the true test is at the end of the second season that all teams are still around and even more are added.


I like this. (3) years ago as a season ticket holder I missed (6) games all year. This year I went to (6) games total.

Thr formula is simple:
Play tough entertaining hockey (the way it was meant to), minimize expenses and show that teams in this leauge (all teams) can make money and you will attract interest in markets that logictically make sense to join.

I really like the idea of not blanketly following the NHL. I personally think the NHL is moving in the wrong direction so why be a lemming?

I am excited about hockey again.


Chuckitt and others...I find it funny when someone has a negative opinion about what is going on you guys respond basically with shut up and "don't come to the games" and "just be thankful we have hockey." That is bs and you know it. If everyone who has been on these blogs the past two months who has had a negative opinion of what is going on did that...you would lose hockey in this town. Word of mouth of those not happy will spread rapidly. You have heard that a few rotten apples ruin the bushel of apples? It is true in all aspects of life. Again I am sure you will attack me for stating this obvious point, but it needs to be made. I reluctantly renewed my season tickets for next year even though I am still not happy with what has happened thus far, but I am entitled to my opinion just like you are. Does some things Brad says annoy me? ABSOLUTELY! But does he have a right to stress his opinion? ABSOLUTELY! If more people like Brad had the guts to say what they really feel on here and at times make valid points with it then we might not be in the current situation with hockey in the Fort. On that note...how many games will I attend this year? Probably my normal 45 or more. Not many of you in here go to that many games a year so should I barade you with comments and say you are not fans of the team....no! We all have jobs and hockey is what we do for fun. Let is be fun. If someone disagrees with you then...check the Constitutional rights of those people to speak their minds.... Now if they said Savage should be league President then please shut that person up...I think you get the drift. On that note GO KOMETS! and Shaw give me a call.


The level of play will come nowhere close to the old I.H.L., the name change is just a cover up. I wonder how many players will suffer severe injuries due to the increase of physical, and dirty, play and officials who will be instructed to allow it to happen? This has disaster written all over it.

Slap Shot 3 opening at rink near you on October 19.


Tom: You are certainly entitled to hold any opinion you want. But when the same points are rehashed time after time after time, frankly, it gets tiresome.

If ever a realistic SOLUTION to a problem would be advanced by the Nabobs, it would be worth considering. All we ever hear is that the Frankes suck, the UHL sucks, the IHL sucks, the Frankes are cheap and jumping to the (you pick 'em) CHL, ECHL, SPHL or AHL is the panacea for all that ails.

Have your opinion. Write about it. But, for God's sake, come up with something NEW to complain about!

Jerad Shaw

Tom: Txt or call me cause I got a new phone and lost all my contacts.... there is a reason for that, and it isn't komet fan realated.... anyone with me in..... LETS GO KOMETS>>>>>>> LETS GO KOMETS >>>>>>>

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI

For any of you who don't remember the old IHL, let me say here and now it was better than what you have now. Al Dumba, Robbie Laird, Dan Bonar, Wally Schrieber, Terry MacDougall, Ron Leaf, all these players would run circles around the pond hockey players in this league. When are the K's going to sign Olgie Ogelthorp? I see a new bush league and it's called the IHL. I think you fans have been punked by the Franke's, yes I said it, the Franke's have punked the great hockey fans of Ft. Wayne. I believe Ken Ullyott would be ashamed to see what this team has turned into. A six team league with 4 in the playoffs? What kind of crap is that?

Jerad Shaw

Its not about the talent being the same as it was back in the day. It about putting a product on the ice that is worth watching. I think with these rule changes, it will be as close as we will ever get to old time hockey. It will be the only league in the USA that has these types of rules now and days and I'm hoping people buy into it!

Brad Lyons

BUT will the players? If they don't, they won't come here to play. I mean it's only a 6-team league with little chance of moving up to another team and now promoting rules aimed at more physical hockey which could lead to more brawls. Sure, it will be fun to watch fights--but I'd rather watch hockey.


Can anyone explain to me how the rule change calling it tight in the neutral zone and loose in the offensive zone is going to help. How is a penalty in one area not in a penalty in another. They are opening themseleves up for major issues.

Jerad Shaw

Justin, any idea on the time table to start signing players is?


Do you remember Tidball vs. Hansen last year? I know that people like to see Slapshot type hockey but wait until someone gets seriously injured by this crap. Can you say Todd Bertuzzi? What kind of example are we setting for the kids? "Old" time hockey is over, that's why the NHL is moving in a different direction than this "league".


Oglethorp is suspended.

Tom, does this mean you won't be attending any games in this "league?" Say it ain't so.

By the way, the NHL is ALSO considering loosening up their rules in the offensive zone to allow more physical play in the corners and in front of the net because that's what the fans want to see.

I guess the IHL is setting the same example for the kids as the NHL, then.


Are "good hockey" and a hockey fight two mutually exclusive things. Can we not have both in the same game?

Again, why don't you guys at least attend ONE GAME before you tear this to shreds?

We will watch the players who elect to play here. That's simple. If you don't like who they put on the ice, don't go to the games.

A pretty good hockey player once said, "It's a man's game, if you can't take it, get out." His name? Gordie Howe. Perhaps you've heard of him.

Disgruntled Fan

Those of you that want GOOD hockey need to tune in to the NHL or find a way to watch the AHL. That is the only good hockey in North America minus top junior hockey.

We just aren't going to get that at this level. The only thing we can hope for is physical hockey with an air of mayhem about it. No one wants to see total nonsense, but a few fights a game...with lots of pushing and shoving...and guys actually finishing their checks...something that rarely happened in the UHL.

Hopefully this league will attract the veterans the AHL no longer wants and that will really help this league as far as getting a faster product. I still think they need to "Take the best of what is left" approach no matter if the guys are rookies, vets, or tweeners.

The UHL was not a physical league nor was it a fast, intense league. It was a scrimmage league. Go to the Plex and watch their top level roller hockey. It has the same feel. That is something I don't want to pay 17-20 dollars to see.

This lower level of hockey that the Frankes are committed to can only offer the fans ONE thing as I said (and that will take considerable effort) and that's physical hockey.

I am with those of you who are not holding your breath. I'll believe it when I see it. But at the same time, I am holding out hope that not only will the league be more physical but also have more intensity provided they get those top level veterans that no one wants. Because even though I want a more physical game, I also want a better game and than what the UHL offered.

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