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April 14, 2007



While AJ did not play all that well tonight he does have an offensive mind and is not afraid to move up in the play. I have seen enough of Kiayga...First goal all him he did not tie up Plett and was out muscled. Henley deserves to play period!!

Brad Lyons

The problem with AJ is you never know which AJ is going to show up.... AJ who has a mind for the puck, or AJ who has no clue what he's doing or where he's going. He and JC Ruid looked awful tonight, JC looked like he would rather be laying down on the couch to be honest. But to be fair, everyone sucked it up tonight--even Frenchie! That third goal was a back-breaker, that never should have happened. Had they only had 2-goals and we tied it at two--we could still have lost, but the feeling and momentum would have been drastically different.

AS TO THE FANS.... I will admit that I'm one of the loudest mouths there, I'll yell at our own players on nights like tonight--likewise I'll get on the officials for bad calls and I as anyone like it when a bad ref gets "their share". I too admit that tonight when I "FIRST" saw Hawthorne on the ice, I cheered....but then I realized it wasn't just a bump and he fell down that he was actually hurt, I could only wish him the best. To me it sounded tonight that this is what most felt as well that we thought he was down for a second and cheered, then realized it was something serious and we all were hoping he'd be okay and then thinking of Jim Hawthorne as a human-being and not Jim Hawthorne who is a clueless ref.

When I read the write-up tomorrow of the game tonight....so help me if anyone talks about the bad officiating, well they better start looking in the mirror, play near perfect hockey and only then can you worry about a whistle happy ref.

Jerad Shaw

David you are CLUELESS......PERIOD... Read your post....You talk about Bozian not making a play then direct it towards Kiyaga. Get real. This isn't October. In the last month, If it wasn't for Artie being a solid defensmen I would say that we aren't Tarry Cup champs. I'm done with all the Kiyaga debates, and im about done with Blog fans. It never fails, after a Komets loss, everyone puts a pin point on something and everything is DOOM. 3 more wins and we move on. Its playoff hockey and that is all that matters.

Jerad Shaw

Side Note: When I first came to games, any opposing player or official that got hurt would be cheered. I actually got to talk to Jim Hawthorne last week at KZOO, and as much as I hate him, he is actually a funny and cool guy. He blew me "stuff" during a time out, just as much as I blew him and we had a fun hockey convo. As much as I like old school Komet Hockey, there is a place and a time for everything. Thats all im saying!


Jerad.... The purpose of a blog is to talk.... Whether it be happy talk or people upset with a loss; they have a right. Paying $15 for a ticket, $8 for parking and what not, fans deserve effort. You can not play 1 period of a 3 period game and expect to win. Kiayga is a rookie, and rookies make a lot of mistakes. He made SEVERAL tonight. I'm not blasting him, because several veterans made more. And like someone already posted, I too cheered initally when Hawthorne got dropped... however once he was obvioulsy hurt I was concerned. JEERS to the fans that booed him once he got up. The worst thing about a blog is when people come in and try to dictate things. If we lose, and don't give a great effort fans have a right to gripe.


Again I ask (and I've never gotten a satisfactory answer): Why do fans expect more from the refs than they do from the players?

If the players performed at a higher level they would be playing in the AHL or NHL. Same with the refs. These are AA players and AA refs.

Two weeks ago, bloggers were saying that Hawthorne was the best ref in the league -- now he's "not a good official."

The Great Kelly Miller was even demoted to a lower league. Now, he's like a god to many fans. I said the Komets were beaten last night when they were down 2-0, as they were complaining about EVERY call.

When the league champs crab about each call when playing against the 8th best team, there's something going on.


7th best team


Hey Skate, Did you notice if "The Great" Kelly Miller played last night? Weird how he steps up and does the little things in the playoffs to win games. Hun?

Jerad Shaw

Iceboi, there is a difference about talking, and directly pointing at players. After they lose, people do a 180 about their feelings. Its one loss. Thats all. But people think that its all over. They blame the easiest target which is Kiyaga. Its been that way all year, when the fact of the matter is in the last month of the season he steeped up in Henley's absence and played well. And just cause you buy a ticket doesn't give you the right to moan and complain. It gives you the right to watch a hockey game. People that think that ticket buys them anything other then watching hockey are the same guys that ruin the experiance for everyone


Super. Kelly Miller intercepted a pass and scored a goal. Good for him and your Hounds. I just don't genuflect every time someone mentions his name.

It's good to see he can stick with a team outside the SPHL for more than 7 games.


The Komets really disapointed me last night. It really looked like they could just be on the ice and expect to win and you cn't have that kind of attitude when you play.

I do think the Gascon, Morency, Hukalo line played very well, again.

Not sure why Labarre isn't gettign the playing time?

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