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April 14, 2007



The Elmira situation probably makes everyone happy. The U/I HL now is finally clear of that area and the ECHL picks up a team to replace Toledo who should be coming into the U/I. This might be the door-opener these leagues need to instill some sanity into their operations.

Talks are ongoing with a group from Toledo. Word has it that they are tired of the ECHL and dealing with its union.


Henley doesn't even dress for warmups? I wonder if he IS injured?!?

Brad Lyons

The Komets definitely look like they came to play, I certainly noticed that with Goneau as well...he was IMPRESSIVE with his speed, I never knew he could skate that fast :-) I was commenting last night and I might as well say it here. Man, Arthur is a little pest on the ice--he's like a fly that won't go away (that's a good thing). It's like saying "Arthur, go get the puck" and then his sole mission is do whatever it takes to get to the puck and clear it out. He's 100% hustle 100% of the time, and so is Pascal! :-)

The ONLY thing that drove me crazy was their decision making on offense. Magers played a heck of a game, Chicago was fortunate it was only 3-0! But the K's were trying to make the perfect pass and ultimately, coughed a few up.

One thing I hope they do tonight is cycle the skaters in the offensive zone on the powerplay. The Hounds play a wide box on the penalty kill making the point crowded. While it's good to have Guy and Mario along the boards at the blue line, I have to wonder if they played a 1-2-2 just how good this powerplay would be? That gives a guy at the top of the blue line a straight shot to the net with two in front for rebounds, two more off to the sideboards to patrol the puck along the boards and it IMMEDIATELY opens up other passing lanes. Likewise, it destroys the type of penalty kill the Hounds are playing. Having watched the Hounds many times this year, their penalty kill is different than the others. Look at Muskegon, they have a TIGHT box style keeping you from passing to the slot, Chicago plays high keeping you from making "the perfect pass". And last night trying to make the perfect pass, it just wasn't there.


Good call on the perfect pass Brad. I too noticed that the Komets seemed to have given up shots on goal for the "perfect Pass", was driving me a little crazy as well. Hope Bruce is okay because I didn't really like the shake up of Marchant to the Goodwin Goneau line and Labarre with Ruid and Syroczynski. The third line I think was the best line all night. How about Hukalo sacrificing the body to block shots.

To me alot of the energy seemed to leave in the third period though.

Jerad Shaw

I'm a basketball guy so this comment will probably sound dumb to everyone else. Guy looked like he could just split the defense anytime he wanted. They weren't allowing the perfect pass as you said, but they were allowing our defenseman to penatrate and get in deep and get some good chances. Wouldnt that be a way to solve that problem, much like breaking down a 2-3 zone in basketball??? Obviously that leaves us short on the defensive end but could result in good scoring changes.

Daniel Goneau where have you been? I have been on him pretty hard with the fans cause of his lack of hustle, but tonight he showed why he played in the NHL. I was very impressed with his physical play and hustle. Ruid was lost in the first period. At one point during a face off, the puck was dropped and he was still standing there. He picked it up in the 2nd and 3rd though. They need to play it safe with Bruce. A minor concussion if triggered again could have him sit for a week or more.


If a forward remembers to cover for Guy when he breaks for the net it shouldn't be a problem, but it's a crap-shoot. If all the K's crash the net and miss, Chicago's going the other way with no defense to help St. Pierre.

goalie girl

I was empressed with Arthur's play last night to. I must admit in earlier games he seemed aloof. Like his head wasn't in the game. He made some good checks. I couldn't beleive he drew a penality. Justin was right about putting him on the playoff roster. Go' K's PS. Justin any new baby pic's and how is she doing?


When do we get the copy of the Richardson video!?!?!?!?!?!

Great Win!!!! Keep it going tonight. I was really impressed with Goneau last night!! Wheres Goody been?

Brad Lyons

Goody's been around--understand last year he was a stand-out because he had to be, but this year he can be part of the system instead of the only real scorer. I know Goody would prefer better stats too, but in the end he'd want to just win and contribute--and that is what is most important. Goody is a team player, he'll play to win for the team.


Goody's the man! I'm not talking about goals.

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