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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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April 20, 2007


Komet Fanatic

Never thought the Komets would lose this game, even when the Hounds tied the game at 2-2 in the 3rd period. The Komets played just well enough to beat the Hounds, but are going to need to play better against the Hogs or Mallards.


Great Job Komets.

Thank You for winning games 3, 4 & 5. I was not relishing coming to Fort Wayne for game 6 on Monday with my work schedule. At least I can til Friday (if that's when round 2 will start.)

Brad Lyons

I've heard that weekend games might be out, as the Coliseum has been booked with many other events. Ironically, it would suck for me if they played Friday and Sunday as Ben suggested as.... I'M TAKING MY GIRLFRIEND TO DINNER NEXT FRIDAY NIGHT AND PROPOSING TO HER!!! :-) And well I'm going up to visit with her family that Sunday, go figure! LOL


Brad, two things.

1) Pray your girlfriend doesn't read this or the secret is out.

2) I just looked at the Coliseum schedule and they ahve already slotted Komets home game 3 for Friday night. Can't do Saturday for game 4 due to the Fusion playing but nothing is scheduled on Sunday so my guess is that's when home game 4 will be. i jsut hope it's at 5:00 and not 7:30 like they've done the past couple of years.


Congratsulations to David Hukalo on being named the UHL Best Defensive Forward.

Way to go Daivd.


Brad L.,

Congratulations on deciding to pop the question! I hope that everything goes well for you.

Justin Cohn

OK, this is the funniest comment I've ever seen. Brad, does she know about this? How are you doing this? Details.


Does anyone know how Hansen, Dupuis, and Morency are doing?

Brad Lyons


She has no idea that I'm proposing, and she doesn't know about this site :-) Fortunately, her and her oldest son are Komets fans so I've managed to talk her into moving our dinner up one night to Thursday night, taking her and her son to the game Friday night and we'll be home early enough Sunday--soooooo all is well! :-)

Justin Cohn

You changed your proposal around a Komets game? OK, you better hope she doesn't do a web search. lol. Let me know how it turns out. Maybe we should do a poll on whether she'll say yes.

Brad Lyons

OH as to how I'm doing it.... I made dinner reservations @ Hartley's for the two of us to celebrate our 6th month anniversary. I'm leaving work early that day to go and pickup some red roses and deliver them to the restaurant. After dinner, the wait staff is going to come over one by one each bringing her a red rose for a total of 5 at which, I'll give her a card and at the bottom asking her to stand up for her 6th rose (the six roses equalling each month we've been dating). Well when she stands up and I give her that rose, I'll also be preparing to give her the ring while everyone is standing around.

I figured after dinner and before dessert will be the perfect time. :-)

Justin Cohn

Good restaurant choice, albeit a little overpriced for my taste. I applaud you for not doing it at the Coliseum, but don't tell me you didn't consider it. Well, good luck. If you play your cards right, I'll tell you how i proposed; cheesy as can be. You better pick a special dessert after all that build-up. A fruit plate won't cut it.

Justin Cohn

And I'm still doing a poll. .... Just kidding.

goalie girl

Brad , I got to weigh in on this one. I love your plan You are making me teary eyed. She will simply melt. Who says Hockey Guys cant be romantic? She will have a hard time eating dessert for sure. You Go Big Guy. Good Luck. I had a dream I got married at a Komets Game . (this is true) My husband to be and me both had on matching Komet's Jersey's with the Big "31" on them and we got our picture taken with Frenchy wishing us good luck. He had a shutout that night too. What a Dream !! I like your plan. Go K's

Justin Cohn

Flat out the best conversation on this blog. But Brad, a real man would get down on one knee while and put the ring on an Icy. D Eagle bobblehead. ... Sorry, just kidding again.

Brad Lyons


Well one of my co-workers today told me I should propose on the jumbo tron at the game...I said "well maybe I can get them to animate it first"! LOL

Part of me thought about that, I will admit--but I wanted it to be romantic and something we'd both remember. Another part of me thought about doing it at her work in front of her friends, but again--I wanted it to be an event that lasts an evening which would last a lifetime. I'll admit, I'm a tough cookie...have a hard-nosed personality (as if you couldn't tell in some of my rants) but in the end, I'm also a big softy. AND SHE KNOWS I'M A KOMETS FAN, I MUST GO TO THE GAME!! :-) I've not taken her and her son in quite some time, so that was easy to re-arrange the dinner plans.

So do tell, how did you propose? And feel free to throw up a poll, I'm game :-)



I hope that a 6 PM start for Sunday is workable for you. I know that you live out of town...but the info I got from another source said 8 PM Friday and 6 PM Sunday.


Did you have a particular time of year for the wedding? My lovely bride and I actually moved our wedding up a week so that we could have Tom Didier sing at our ceremony (08-03-02) The day after the MC's roof was raised.

Just make sure that the church has a darn good AC system, I was sweating buckets before our big day! Of course, looking like a 275lb penquin did'nt help!

Good Luck!

Brad Lyons


Thanks, well I'm one of the Sr. Sales Engineers @ Sweetwater and have been involved in the music business for many years--so I have some contacts in that :-) As to the wedding, well we'll decide together but most likely late next summer. As to the church, I volunteer my time @ Blackhawk Ministries where I help over-see their recording studios so I'll make them a deal if they keep the A/C on, I'll make sure the studio keeps working :-)

I'm sorry to have spun this blog out of control, oops! Oh wait let me practice "I'm sorry, it was my fault". LOL


goalie girl

Brad, I have been to Blackhawk for an event and the facility is beautiful. I was there for a Chondra Pierce Concert a few years back. I was very impressed. Some thoughts- Spring is a great time (before June) for a wedding not to hot or cold. You are right on track wanting to keep it memorable for years to come. And it will be, you have your blog pals to bounce your idea's off of. Justin I like the Icy D. Eagle idea. He does have potential as a bestman or "Eagle" Good Luck Brad. You are right on track from an "old woman's" perspective. Go K's

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