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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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March 04, 2007


Hockey Fan

Congrats Justin


Congrats Justin!!!


Congrats Justin

Horton's Jaw

May a plethora of congratulatory notes come in from Komets Nation!

Superabundant Congratulations to the Cohn's!


Congrat's Justin!!! Hope you, your wife, and baby are all doing well!!


Congrats JC!


Congratulations Andrea and Justin!


Congratulations, Justin and Andrea.


Congratulations to you both.

Justin Cohn

I about fell out of my seat laughing at that one, Ben. ... Thanks so much everyone, for the kind wishes! Tabitha is doing great. So is mom. She's a heckuva lot tougher than I am, no doubt about that. I will pass along everyone's words. Tabitha's first words, by the way, were "Fire Millen," and then she had some choice statements for Ken Gallagher. We put on a Port Huron game to lull her to sleep, though. OK, just kidding. ... By the way, does this mean Ben is the jinx?


I saw this once on the Discovery Channel.


Yes, Ben is the jinx.


Congratulations, Justin. Best wishes to you and your wife. Spoil her rotten!

Indy Native

Congrats, JC & Andrea!

Jerad Shaw

I think it is pretty obvious Ben is the Jinx!!!

Brad Lyons

Congrats, Justin! You're a first-rate person, I'm sure you'll make a great father for your new daughter. Wishing you and your's all the best!


Congrats to you and Andrea Justin!!!


Best to you and your family Justin.


Well done!


Justin remember not to take the new baby on a few road trips to some places in Michigan...some of the people in other cities love baby back ribs....just don't trust all fans. Congrats and welcome back whenever you return.


Congrats Justin!


Congratulations!! Great name, BTW!

Justin Cohn

Thank you! Unique, eh? Everyone thinks of Bewitched, but I thought of Tabitha Soren.


MTV junkie eh Justin?

Justin Cohn

Well,I was as a younger man. Now, I don't think I've watched MTV in about eight years. You know, since they stopped playing music. Just at home with a baby at my side, trying to figure this whole thing out. lol. It's like the left-wing lock; it seems so easy to decipher, yet it'll be decades to master.


Tabitha Soren was yummy. (And beat the lock with crisp passing between the defensemen in the neutral zone, springing the off winger.)

BTW...Heroes isn't on again until April 23rd! What the-?

goalie girl

Way to go JC and Andrea. We need more Komets's fans in the jungle. Maybe the Franke's can provide a Komets Jersey for our newest Fan. Put a big #31 on it. She's a Goalie Girl 2. Go K's

Justin Cohn

Actually, number 33 would be better. She was born on March 3, at 5:33 p.m.

goalie girl

33 would be cool. I luv it. go K's


How's your wife and my kid?

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