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March 10, 2007



Hallweg boarded him from behind. No question. While I'm not excusing the actions of Simon, people are comparing it to Bertuzzi and McSorley.


Simon's hit was a REACTION to a current play. Instantaneous. In the others, the offenders took several strides to hit their victims.

Totally different.

A suspension, yes. A year, no way.


NHL decided that Simon will sit out 25 games....so the suspension will likely carry over to next season.


Not that I disagree with the suspension, but the thing that gets me is that Todd Bertuzzi got off very easy by the NHL. HE broke a guys neck and served less than a 20 games suspension. Nobody hand me that crap about he could go play in Europe either because I don't buy it. Steve Moore had hi neck broke and Bertuzzi got off with a slap on the wrist. Had Hollweg been badly injured we woudl probably have seen min 50 games.

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