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March 07, 2007


Brad Lyons

No dis-respect, but I wasn't impressed tonight. Did they win? YES! Was it pretty? NO! BUT, a win is a win and it helps--but I don't think we can feel comfortable until after the games this weekend. The fact is, they created a lot of chances--but they couldn't close the door. How on earth could we miss SO many opportunities? I'm not just referring to Goodie missing a shot as open as the Grand Canyon, but bad passes galore, not knowing where the puck is, passing where it makes no sense, not being aware of what's going on on the ice, etc. The fact is if it weren't for FRENCHIE tonight, this game would have been over early on. HE kept them in this game.

Okay, the good news is they DID show up in the third period. BUT again, WHERE is the heart? Don't they take offense to certain things? I mean, come out of the gate and push them around--SET the tempo, don't sync up to it instead. We're nearing the playoffs, they either get it in gear and have the attitude of "no one and I mean NO ONE has the right to push us around". And until that fire is there, where you see it in every play, hear it in their voice on the ice, see it in their eyes, watch it in their skating..... UNTIL THIS TEAM GETS BACK TO HOW THEY PLAYED IN THE FIRST PART OF THE YEAR, they won't make it past the second round of the playoffs.

You're not going to win every game, but if you don't play your game every game--you don't have a chance to win.


And what game were you watching?

Jerad Shaw

HAHA....always the nie sayers out there. 43 shots on net. Tapp played very well. Heart, that is doing what you have to do to find a way to win. The puck wasn't bouncing the Komets way but they found a way to win. Quad City made very few mistakes last night, but when they did, the K's capitolized. I'm thinking the Franke's need to sit you behind the bench Brad, it seems like you have it all figured out!!!!


I could critizie the Komets play in the first 50 minutes of the game last night and I was one of probably many thinking this was going to be another shutout against the Komets. But that didn't happen. The komets managed to hang in there, took the play to Quad City (big kudos to the ref last night who I thought called a great game) and came out with the wim. No it wasn't preety, but if you can win the ugly games so much the better because a lot of playoff hockey is ugly.


Some people are never freaking happy...... Amazing


I felt it was a well played game by the Komets, but am disapointed at how many open nets they missed. Think the demon is slain now though, and things should bounce their way a bit more.

The Komets created multiple scoring chances last night, and to their credit that takes an all around effort right there. To say they played poorly is misrepresenting them i think. You dont get 5 empty net chances by sitting back and letting the other team bring it to you. You also do not see that many shots on goal when the other team is showing you up.

SO all around K's beat QC up and down the ice IMO.. Just cant hit the twine for the life of em. Heck of a slump they were in, but should be over now.. jeez i hope so.

Go Komets!

Brad Lyons

Oh I'm happy :-) I'm not a negative person, I just don't sugar-coat things or look at a win as "okay, it's better now" type of attitude. I do agree that the puck just "didn't go our way", but when those opportunities are there you HAVE to cash in. There were many points of evidence they just couldn't get the job done. If St Pierre wouldn't have played so great last night, we would have been killed early on with no chance.

Quad City played a GREAT game, Tapp was awesome again (as opposed to early in the year when he couldn't stop anything). This game can be summed up the following:

Komets came out strong, they made too many mental errors, great goal-tending kept them in the game, the heart and intensity came back early to mid through the third period ONLY because they were tied at one because of defense and goal-tending.... they capitalized on the opportunity in the end, but are very fortunate it didn't slip away with about a 4-1 loss. Likewise, Quad City is fortunate it didn't end up at least that against them.

I want this team to win, of course, and they absolutely can win it all----it's just a matter of how hard they are willing to make it happen. I think last night was a good sign of things to come is all, but it was a single game.... but as I see it, it was a turning point of either losing 4 games in a row with more questions, or use it to get back on track and understand the other issues that need worked on. The good news is, the holes are minor ones--not major.


You make very little sense. Like trying to find the corner of a circle.

KSP played very good but he was not exactly having to stand on his head to save the team. Handful of decent scoring chances....tops. The Komets had a hell of alot more than Quad City did.

Heart and insensity only appeared after we tied the game? Pretty sure it was there most of the game but it is amazing what a goal can do for a team's morale. I think you are out to lunch on that comment.

Quad City played a "GREAT" game and we had bad passes galore, was not aware of what was going on but yet we won the game (or tied it if you look at it that way). Quad City played GREAT so what does that say about our play? Was that lucky? All things concidered....I don't think very much "luck" has been on the Komets side as of late and last night was no exception. When your in a slump...they could of pulled the goalie and we would of missed the net. That is how mentally frustrating things can get in any sport.

They battled and worked their butts off last night to EARN what they got Brad. It was too bad they were not rewarded more for the work they put into last nights game. Its fine to have your own opinion, as narrow minded and skewd as I find it to be...but it would be nice to give credit when credit is due without exceptions. I hope they roll through the weekend unscathed as I don't know if I can handle another Apollo Creed speech about how the team needs to get the "eye of the tiger."


All I can say is before the Komets scored I put a curse on Jason Tapp. I said, "Jason Tapp is my favorite Mallard I wonder if he will get a SHUT OUT". It works every time. The next shift...not even five seconds after I said it Richardson to Laroque. Komets you are welcome I put the shutout curse on. I did mean what I said though...Tapp is a good goalie. Chicago beat Rockford also 1-0 and Muskegon lost...Komets potentially down 9 to Muskegon who lost 3 of 4 in in six days to K-zoo and only 2 behind Rockford.(I know we are tied with Rockford-they have played one less game that is why I said potentioally.)

Brad Lyons

I like Jason Tapp, he had a great year last year and was the only goal-tender that worried me. But when he started the way he started this year, it was pretty obvious he had a bad off-season or something. He's played up to the level I expected him to be at, which is why Quad City worries me. I think they made the best upgrades over the past few months and most recently with a few trades. They had a slow start, but I think QC is the sleeper in the playoffs.

Scoops, I understand your points and I'm not be-rating them--they earned the win, but they also aren't where they need to be. All I'm saying is, last night was a reminder of that--THIS weekend will determine which direction they go--MARK MY WORDS.


When you're a season ticket holder it automatically makes you an assistant coach.

Ryne Gurney

It seems like Morency doesn't nearly get the credit he deserves, he plays with a crazy amount of heart. I wanted him to get a goal so badly last night.


Fair enough.

It does nobody any good to beat them to death while they are losing and then continue to pick at the scab when they obviously just put together one of the best efforts in awhile. Yes, they didn't cash in on the excellent scoring chances they had but the most important thing is they got those great scoring chances. How many times over the past few weeks have they worked hard enough in the trenches to get chances like they had last night? Not many. Ringing the twine will come.

I agree with you on they are not where they need to be. But lets put the swords away for a second and see what momentum we gain from last night as we are right in the thick of things again. A very big weekend is indeed upon us.


Farmer, you must not have read the back of the season tickets...LOL

Brad Lyons

I agree 200% about Morency, stats will make him look like just another guy on the ice--you have to see him to know. That guy stops icing from happening, starts a play that otherwise never would have taken place, makes the other team force an error because all of a sudden he's there when they don't expect it. THAT is a hockey player! :-)

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