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January 20, 2007


Brad Lyons

Welcome, Ben. I wish I could have 10-minutes in the locker room with those guys sometimes to talk at those guys. I don't understand how the first part of the year, they played with fire lit under them. We were UNBEATABLE because every minute of the game WE (okay, they technically speaking! LOL) dictated the play. We (they) played a HARD-NOSED game, they looked for the pass, they made quick passes, kept going for one-timers and just shifted the puck around. They hit people, they forced the other teams into their play and not sit back to play what the other team wanted us to do. By forcing the opposition, by pressing them, by dictating the play they created the breaks and took advantage of them.

This team is NOT reliable, they have wonderful talent and when they decide to play Komet hockey...they are hard to beat. But they make too many mental mistakes, they don't play hard for the full game and they hand it over to the other team. IMHO, tonight was one of the most solid games I've seen this year. The first period was fairly solid, the second period they laid back and were lucky to be honest. The third period, not so hot until half way through. This team needs to get fired up for the full game, focus and play hard. When they do this, when they play like they did the first part of the season--who can stop them?

Jerad Shaw

I was at tonights game and have a few thoughts. It was GREAT to see Miller on the ice. From his first shift you could tell the guy was just 2 steps faster then everyone. I agree with Brad in some aspects. I dont think this team has the intensity they had in the first month or so in the season. Ever since the Elmira debacle they just seem to do just enough to get the lead. It was nice holding onto the lead for once tonight. The first 15 minutes of the game for the Komets tonight was just AWFUL. Until they scored that first goal, they were just out of it. Thank goodness so were the Wings. On our first penalty kill we didn't clear the zone 1 time. It just kinda seems like we are settling for just being stagnet and not taking the chances we did early in the season that resulted in a great PP and a very active PK. I'm not a hockey genious by any means, but those are just glaring mistakes that even someone like me can see. Can't wait for the Thunder to invade tonight. It would be nice to put together a solid performance 2 nights in a row at home. Maybe see McWhinney


With just the two games this week I don't see them resting St. Pierre.


Kelly Miller has changed the face of the Komets already. He hit the post last night, energized Goodwin and has added to the team considerably. I like his speed and intensity. I thought the Wings game was a good contest and the K's were more consistent and I think Miller was a big part of it. Go K's.


The game turned out to be a decent one despite the Penality Parade. I am begining to feel that it is unfair to bad mouth the officals in this leauge in that they are only calling the game they way they are told to by the leauge office.

There is a interview going around the net where the Frankes chime in on this issue. I am in complete agreement with the sentiments they convey with respect to the direction of the leauge.

For my money this is not good hockey and I don't go nearly as much as I used to. Plain and simple it is just not as much fun.

P.S. If players can not motivate themselves to play hard....that is what the coach is supposed to do.

That is where the buck or puck in this case, stops.


Miller has clearly grown as a hockey player since his early days with the Komets.

He seems to have grown as a player and knows how to bring it every night. I was always a fan of his but he is definately a shot in the are to this team. Mr. Jorde should be watching and learning from him.

The kid (Jorde) has talent but he has to learn to use it better at this level IMO.

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