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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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December 21, 2006



More reason to say the ref will call anything and everything.

Hit Somebody!!!

Puke City!!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Should we give a Laurel and Hardy Handshake?

Hit Somebody!!!

To him?

Brad Lyons

as if this was a surprise :-)


does anyone know if hansen will play tonight?

Brad Lyons

Sorry to hijack the topic, but I just had a very cool thing happen and had to say something. I stopped off at Olive Garden to buy a gift certificate for my sister and her boyfriend, I ordered some food to go. Well as I was waiting for my food, AJ Bozoian, KJ Voorhees, Arthur Kiyaga and a few other of the guys sat right down next to me. I told the waitress to put their bill on my card, and as I walked out I said "hey guys, lunch is on me if you kick Elmira's --- tonight!". They looked at me as if I was joking but as I got in my car, AJ and KJ came running out to say thanks and offered tickets for tonights game. I let them know I am a season ticket holder and I appreciated the offer, but I already had an extra ticket as I was bringing my girlfriend's son to the game tonight for his 10th Birthday as part of his birthday gift. Well, they offered to get him some swag as a thank you in return. He is going to LOVE that, what a Christmas gift a few of the guys are giving this little guy--he'll be stoked!

Hey if any of you guys read this, thanks again and Merry Christmas!


I hope for your sake that Bogey wasnt with them, that boy can EAT!

Very cool of you and the players

Jungle Monkey

Way to go Brad. If Artie whoops on Littlejohn we'll know who to thank. Very cool of you.

Brad Lyons

Well one of them ordered what I ordered, and I'm feeling tired from all that pasta--so whomever is sluggish tonight, we'll know who it was :-)


I just hope that none of you walked away with a case of ecoli...

Brad Lyons

Well if we did, is there an attorney in the house? :-)


Awesome job Brad. Getting beyond ourself and doing for others is what life is all about.

I am looking forward to the game tonight. I hope it is a good one.

Justin Cohn

Good story Brad. However, can we define swag?

Brad Lyons

Sorry, being in the music business for so many years and being at Sweetwater for so long--I forget others might not know that Swag = free stuff ;-)

I must say, I learned A LOT about this year's Komet's team. My girlfriend's son and I were standing outside the locker room and Coach Bingham came out, I asked if would let AJ or KJ know I was out there, that I was the guy that bought them lunch today and he said to meet them. Pat was nice enough to go back there himself and let them know. A few minutes later, AJ came out and we shook hands again, he said thanks again and wished Devin a happy 10th birthday. Then KJ came out shortly there-after and gave Devin (the 10-year old) a picture of him, signed it Happy 10th Birthday and was extremely nice. AJ took my phone number and is going to get the whole team to sign a hockey stick and call me in a few weeks to give to him. HE COULDN'T STOP TALKING ABOUT IT THE WAY HOME! :-)

What is funny is, I wasn't planning on going to Olive Garden. I was supposed to go to AutoZone to get something for my sister's boyfriend, but I decided to get them a gift certificate to Olive Garden, but when I pulled in there was NO place to park. So I thought I'd go to JC Penny's to buy my girlfriend one more gift, but it was so packed I decided to forget it, I'd go back to Olive Garden and just get something to go. Had anything changed, I never would have ended up there while they came in and sat down. Had the waitress not have gone to her very first hockey game against Muskegon and then talk about how excited she was, again--it never would have happened.

So here is Coach Bingham nice enough to turn around and let a few players know someone was out there for him, then Bozoian came out before he showered to, while I was thanking him, was telling me how much thanks he had for buying them all lunch, and then KJ did the same thing, took time out to wish a Happy Birthday, etc. They were no longer hockey players, they were good people who after playing a rough game were happy as could be to spend time out with the fans. THAT says a lot about who these guys are.

Devin is VERY new to hockey, this was his third game ever and he's now a fan of hockey. When he gets that stick, he's going to be on cloud nine! :-)

So would that make a story, Justin? :-)

Brad Lyons

Justin Cohn

Well, it makes a good story for you. I would like to think this sort of thing happens a lot -- players being appreciative of their fans -- but let me think about it.


Not a big deal, I didn't do it for gain or anything :-) Just sometimes when I write reviews (music business stuff) I get a loss for ideas and start thinking of any possible thing I can come up with.

Oh and glad I was able to clear up what I meant by "swag"... that was funny! :-) I swear, I'm the only musician I know that has never done that sort of thing (I don't even drink, believe it or not!).

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