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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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October 30, 2006



Congrats to Goodwin.

I think I have to agree that if the league wants a certain style of play then calls need to be appropiatly. It's the fans however that will ultimately decided whether or not to watch the product put forth.

Right now I don't mind all the calls. I think it will be interesting to see if the players can adapt or not.


Way to go Goody!


Way to go guys! I think the players will struggle, because the officiating is too inconsistent.


While it might drive FW fans away from games, it will greatly effect other towns...Flint, PH, Elmira. These cities want to see rough and tough hockey not what I call Euro hockey. If the UHL thinks of themselves as a development leauge for the AHL then cut the number of Vets and have more rookies and tweeners. This league can not model themselves after the NHL, AHL, or even the ECHL. I love to see our 3rd line play but with all the penalties these guys are luckey to get any ice time. The UHL is becoming a joke and the owners need to take ownership of the league and get rid of Dickey. He does work for them doesn't he?

Bill Schwartz

I got season tickets this year because I was expecting a fun year of Komet hockey. The ref's are taking that from me and everyone else at the games. This league is a JOKE and Dickey is a bigger JOKE.


Ok so there is one thing you have to understand. Maybe one day the players will finally understand what they are allowed to do and not to do. Right now it is an adaptation period. So many of these players are used to the old rules so it is very normal for them to take so many penalties. And that's why it's important right now that the refs keep on calling everything. Once the players get used to it, you will see very fast pace hockey. Just look at the NHL this year. You don't see as many penalties because the players are now used to the new rules. It then becomes very exciting fast pace and hard hitting hockey, but nothing with the stick. And that's the beauty of hockey.

Be patient and it will come.

Hit Somebody!!!

Good concept Sean...but it has to be consistant from one night to the next. These refs in this Elite Professional Hockey League are not consistant in their calls from period to period let alone night to night, or particulat ref to ref. What are these palyers supposed to do? Saturday's game looked like they were afraid to breathe on each other in fear of a stupid penalty call. Bottom line here is...Dickey needs to wake up and get with the picture...instruct the refs to only call the penalties that influence directly the play, and let the ticky tack crap go. You shouldn't see more than 3 or 4 minor penalties a period. How can this idiot known as Dickey Boy survive last season's ethical disaster and know let the league go to crap this year and keep his job too? Great job Dickey!!! We love you man.


if a ref called every infraction that happens then the game will become one big penalty kill, and thats what is happening. if an infraction happens that is minor like holding, and it doesnt give advantage to a team, then it shuld be over looked, and let the flow of the game continue. serious penaltys need called, but all this mickey mouse horsecrap that is called now is really poor. let the boys play!

Brad Lyons

IMHO, you need (2) officials instead of one because often the lone official will call what he thinks happened. For example a player going down as another skates away, what looks like possible tripping may have been the player falling over himself. Likewise with a second official to call penalties, other players will know they can't sneak in a cheap shot because the chances of being seen are greater.

Calling penalties are one thing, but being inconsitant on how they are being called is another thing. If it's truly a penalty, call it every time... but don't call roughing on a clean check because the guy got plastered and then on an obvious take down let it go.


Lets see... Fans are being driven away because of the abysmal officiating and if I were a betting man I would say that you are losing the casual fan because of this. So, if I remember right isnt the casual fan the ones these teams need and who they target in advertising??? And from what I am reading Brosal is willing to alienate these fans for the sake of calling every penalty in sight... Looks like sound league management to me....... What a joke.


The more I look at this situation the more I think that there is really no good solution. Every time the Komets have the puck and something happens the crowd is begging for a penalty to be called. I don't see how the solution is going to be a good one. I think the fans just have to be patient and see how the product turns out. For Me, I will wait and contiune to go to games (as long as the weather coopoerates) and complain here on blogs. If I decide not to come anymore and not spend my money and others follow suit, then haven't we cheated ourselves by taking something away?


Thats the thing Greg. People like you and me who are big fans of the Komets and read the news articles and the blogs about the Komets understand what the league is trying to do. I too hope it works out the way Brosal is hoping since it sounds like he's not going to budge. But it's the casual fan that doesn't keep up to date on this league that will suffer the most. The ones that will suffer the most will be a family who decided to just go to a Saturday night hockey game. Depeneding on how hockey smart they are, they may not even realize that there are a ton of penalties being called. But they will notice that the game has slowed. They'll notice (whether they know it or not) that the same systematic play of the penalty kill and power play isn't as exciting as the 5 on 5. They may not understand why the game isn't as fun as it use to be, but they'll realize that it was a different kind of game. And at the price it is for a family to see a game, that may be a deciding factor as to whether they'll come back next weekend or go to a movie instead.


exciting hockey is hockey that is played in a continuous flow. calling silly penalties away from the puck will kill the game. call it when it changes possession or it takes away a goal opportunity.


DNL, what exactly is the league trying to do ???? I too am a long time Komet fan and all it seems to me is that they are trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip.... How can you call games like the NHL when you do not have NHL talent?? And by NHL talent I mean quality referees... I cant help myself, I'll still come to games; but I know of several casual fans who wont be coming back...


JR, Clutch and grab hockey is the thing of the pass. Basically, I think, what the UHL and NHL are trying to do is keep players from impeeding each by hooking, Holding, Interfering. Yes they seem like silly calls but they are trying to promote a more fast paced flow. Players just have to learn what's accetable and what's not.

The problem is the referees seem to have a different opinion amongst themselves as to what's acctable and what isn't, so there's no learing curve.

Hit Somebody!!!

They can't call the game that tight and call it 15 different ways night in and night out. That will cause the game to be boring, non-physical, and make the players look like robots on the powerplay over and over again. Who wants to see that many penalties every night? These are Elite Professional AA Hockey Players, there is a reason why they are in this league and not in the AHL and NHL. Let them play hockey for crying out loud!


The UHL is trying to cut back on clutch and grab penalties and stick work. Maybe I'm not understanding your question.


Ok, so call the clutch and grab stuff...just dont call the B.S. they are calling right now... When one player is fully extended and barely touches the hip of the player skating away from him, that is NOT hooking... Do you know how boring football would be if they called holding on every play like they could... What the league is trying to do and what they are actually capable of doing with their current personell are two extremely different things....


I question the wisdom of patterning the UHL game after the NHL. I have found it (NHL) very difficult to get into the games due to all the calls. There is equal blame to go around....the players are being dense and insisting on doing the things they know they can't AND the refs all calling all kinds of ticky tacky junk on top of it. The NHL is hanging its hopes on eye popping individual talent and glitz, can the UHL really take that approach?

The UHL is their own leauge....they should grow their own brain and do what's best for the UHL insted of following Bettmans flight from the traditional game of hockey

Johanna Basinski


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