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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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October 28, 2006



Braunlich was probably one of the best players out there for Bloomington. I was very impressed with this back-up goalie. Bloomington's defense was much better than their offense tonight, but a major part of that was because of who was in goal. Braunlich was tremendous when the Komets were on powerplay. The score could have easily read 8-1. Oh and Frenchy was great too :)

Komet Fan

The Thunder goalie played very well. The rest of the Thunder was bad.... That team will not make the playoffs. On the officiating, Justin that is one of the smartest things you have ever said. It is brutal. No consistency at all. Guys don't know one night to the next what is going to be called. Sure, the UHL can try and follow the NHL in calling epnalties, but with only one official, and usually a BAD one at that, it just doesn't work.


This league will not survive with what these guys are calling. Cities like Flint and PH will not make it because these games become boring. FW will always support hockey just like we did last year. Tonight's game at time had no flow, no hitting, etc...This is not the NHL or AHLcand if we want to be a "development" league then eliminate the VETs and play all rookies and tweeners...I like our club and their work ethic, but this type of hockey will not survive and the K's will have to look at another league to play in because the UHL will be a 5 team league.

Justin Cohn

I will dig a little deeper into this issue in the coming days.

Hit Somebody!!!

I agree with you guys. The officiating is in the way of the game. Why can't they just call the big penalties that have potential of changing the game, and let the minor ticky tack crap go. Call the game loosely, let them play. I don't pay $800 a season to watch midgets in orange sleeves raise their hands all game long. We want fast paced, hard hitting hockey. The Komets seemed afraid to play physical tonight in fear of Puke-a-Pile. Lawmaster was allowed to cheapshot away all night long and no one did anything about it, the Komets or the idiot Ref. Something needs to happen quick, or this league will end up in the Maumee River with the rest of the crap floating around.


Actually this is Braunlich 2nd game he played on Thursday against QC.


I know, I know, the game is differnet now, but:

Power Play hockey is boring hockey.

Back on the day, a penalty was called on a blatant stick foul, one that took away a legitimite scoring chance, or a big physical infraction like an elbow or rough, something that was going to cuase a retalation.

This crap of calling interference every time a guy rests his stick on a opponent's hip is silly.

If he hooks, and IMPEDES him, OK. But noe evey time a guy touches him. As I understand it, now a d-man cannot enter a lane a forward is skating to -- or some thing like that or it's interference.

There should NEVER be 12 PP's ina game for one team.


I agree for this level things are bieng called too tightly. IMO, the UHL is trying to emulate the higher leagues with the restrictions on how to play an offensive player. It's becoming a lost art form to play defense because no one's quite sure how to do it. I think they either have to let up on the calls or get a second referee out there as the higher leagues have.


Justin, I still have not heard back from my letter to Mr. Brosal about the officiating from last year. When you see him some time please give him a copy and see what he says.(I sent it twice)
Here is the letter:
Good Day Mr. Brosal,

It appears to me that there has been problems with officiating in many games I have attended this year and several the last few season and it is steadily getting worse, instead of better as you have said before in interviews. The play on the ice, by most teams keeps improving while the officiating keeps deteriorating. This presents a problem for real hockey fans that attend several games and spend their hard earned money watching this. I have left 19 games early because I just could not deal with the officiating. I have left a game when the clock said 00:00 yet some how they restarted the game and the team I was supporting that night lost in a shoot out after that teams fans pelted the ice with trash. (Derek Berkebile I believe was the official that night.) Some of your officials call a lot of cheap stuff and let a lot of the real aggressive (causing injury) type of plays go. I have been to every arena in the league but the teams on the East Coast (which shouldn’t be in this league for travel reasons) and that is also why those teams in the East and South keep folding or moving. It is not economical to play in Danbury, Adirondack, and Elmira. If you wish to continue to have success in the arenas in the league I would suggest at least adding a second official to the playoffs. So much stuff happens behind the plays that the referee and linesman are clueless. I went to a game this year in the playoffs where a referee had his hand up for a delayed penalty against the visiting team but the visiting team had control of the puck and their goalie was leaving the ice thinking the penalty was against the home team…..The visiting team had the puck for at least 15-20 seconds before the ref. blew his whistle signifying he had forgotten which team was to receive the penalty. I root for several teams in the league, but especially the teams who actually play hockey and don’t cry to officials all of the time (re;Rockford and their coach) That brings me to my next point. Two officials in the Rockford vs Fort Wayne serious were shoved by Rockford players and only one of the two even received a penalty. What message is that saying to kids watching the games? To players playing in the games? Ok, maybe the players should all start doing this since nothing was done about it. I have friends in many of the different cities in the league who have all agreed with me that the officiating has made several games the last few years un watchable. Please make any effort that you can to make sure this doesn’t happen. It is nice to watch a good team like Kalamazoo win games when they don’t complain constantly to the officials every whistle (Rockfords #15 Mizzi). I want to be able to watch clean and well played hockey. It can be physical as long as the calls are going each way and are consistent from period to period. Please fix the problem at least in the playoffs next year and try to do something during the regular season too. I hope the years of good hockey in the UHL continue and I hope the years of good and fair officiating start in the near future or my 150+ games I have attended at 10 different arenas the last three years would all be in vain. Good luck Mr. Brosal and please enjoy the playoffs and respond to this when possible. You have a few good referees, but please help the rest.


Tom-Warsaw, IN

Kalamazoo Wings, Komets fan….

P.S. Also if you want to try and allow teams and the league to make some money try having the two long time rivals the Wings and the Komets play more than seven games in a season. It really helps ticket sales in both towns….as opposed to playing Port Huron 10-12 times per year. If you are thinking about getting fan interest improved that would be a way to do it. Those two teams should play at least once per month during the regular season.

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