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  • Ben Lanka has been a local government reporter at The Journal Gazette since 2004 and has covered city government exclusively since April 2006. He received his education at the University of Dayton and Northwestern University. Ben has attended dozens of meetings related to the Harrison Square project and is the primary reporter on the subject for The Journal Gazette. Feel free to comment on the postings here that relate to all aspects of the $125 million public-private proposal.

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April 03, 2008



This whole project is:
1) a waste of taxpayer money
2) an illegal taking of taxpayer money
3) an obscene gesture towards the people of Fort Wayne, who voted this project down in more than one referrendum.
4) sickening/un-economical waste of resources
5) most importantly, just another breach of the covenant between the people of the United States and the government.

Gov't Planning takes precedance over private projects and private rights of citizens.

Its a sad state of affairs when government rules over the people, rather than serving the people.

God save us.

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