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October 03, 2007


Sue H

Every 10 - 15 years some politician comes up with a new idea on how to “Revitalize Downtown Fort Wayne”. You know like the Grand Wayne Center that the tax payers had to subsidize for years to keep it from becoming just another empty Hotel downtown. Or those expensive condo's across from the old G.C.Murphy building on Calhoun Street? They were supposed to bring business back to downtown. They got started but there was talk of misappropriation of funds and the deal and money dried up.
Now Fort Wayne has this Baseball stadium in the works. Not that there's not a perfectly good stadium next to the Coliseum. There is plenty or at least sufficient parking to handle the crowds, unless there are three events going on at the Coliseum during the time the baseball game is being played. But, Oh no, according to the politicians,Fort Wayne NEEDS a new stadium. Lincoln Life owns all the parking space around the Harrison Square project. Can’t park in that area at all unless you don’t mind running to feed the meter every hour or two.
I’ve had people that have season tickets to the Wizard games since the team arrived in Fort Wayne tell me that if the games move downtown, they won’t be buying tickets to the games anymore.
Kind of makes me wonder. Who will be profiting from this Harrison Square idea? The citizens of Fort Wayne who eventually will be carrying the cost of yet another failed idea on their backs, just as in the past, or some Real Estate savvy shark? With the steep increase in Property Taxes, water rates and such in Allen County, who's going to be able to afford to go to a baseball game in the first place?


So a lot has happened since october. Are you going to keep this blog up or not?

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