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Thanks, Stacy, for the information.

As it turns out, it looks like I was OH SO WRONG about the Fusion returning...

Well...at least we have football.

JUST CHANGE THE NAME! I don't want the Freedom back in town. Go ahead and flame me for it, but give me the original name...the Safari. Haha.


We will have football back in FW next year and hopefully back in the UIF. We need local owners to make it really successful not some fly by night out of towners!

who else ?

Bring back the FREEDOM and that
great United Indoor Football ,

UIF is far superior to af2.


The UIF is NOT superior to AF2...that's just not the way it is in my opinion. The AF2 was much better with skill and precision. As far as OFF the field, I'll take the UIF over the AF2.

As to the fan who said "at least we'll have football"...how do you figure? Nothing is known at this time.


We will have football in 2008 and I think it is almost a done deal. As the poster above said I just hope they are local and not from out of town. If we have out of town owners again I will puke in my mouth and give up on indoor football in Fort Wayne!

Connor O'Shannahan

Just goes to prove, that no matter what some crazy suits try to do.....

"They can take our lives but they can never take our freeeeeeedoooooooommmmmmm!"


Will the team be the Freedom, or will that depend on what the new owners want?

I'm VERY disappointed in Kurz and his response to Stacy. What a jerk! Man up and tells us the truth, ya dope!

Happy Dog

Kurz is doing the best thing he could do right now...keep his mouth shut. There have been a lot of things uncovered about how the AF2 is run and structured. It's not a good scene and it could lead to some interesting ramifications.

Based on my current situation in this whole affair, I've said as much as I'm allowed to say right now also. I'm just fighting for the AF2 to be held accountable for the actions of 'their' teams, and the managers that they 'call' owners.

Peace out!

Fusion Fan

I am so sick of all this mystery. Let's have the darn story...okay. Quit all the jerkin' around.



Go get them Happy Dog.



Better hope it's 09 rather than 08.

Assuming something got signe by the end of the month, you're looking at 3-5 months to get an entire franchise together on and off field and generate the bulk of your annual revenue in a town that has been bitten twice. Someone better have a year's worth of cash to throw away before they really start.

Happy Dog

Fusion Fan...no story, just business and life. I guess you didn't pick-up on the underlying reason why AF2 has no comment and I can't say anything more about that situation. This sort of thing usually happens when there is potentially, pending, or ongoing, litigation. Now, I can't say anything more about that. If you still don't understand then maybe Atomic can fill in the blanks.

RHuff...there is one way (and only one way) that a new team in the UIF can be pulled off in this short notice and that is if the Frankes decide to make it happen. With their history in the community with the Komets, that would level the playing field and allow them to have some even ground to start an advertising campaign from.

They already have the front office, sales force, database of fans to pull from. Throw in some hockey / football cross ticket sale packages and marketing concepts and this could very much be a win - win for them and the community.

Anyway, gotta go for now.

Peace out!

real deal holyfield

If Fort Wayne has a team for 08' I doubt it will be UIF. Rock River has already signed with the CIFL for next year. Bloomington and River City can opt out of their contracts with the UIF if Rock River left, which they did. Ohio Valley, Lexington and Evansville are not coming back to the UIF either (financial reasons, travel expenses, ect) So why would FW go UIF? From what I've heard "possible ownerships groups” for the FW club are trying to convince CIFL teams to join the UIF. Won’t happen. CIFL is much cheaper to run a team (fewer miles to travel, lower league dues, ect). My guess is CIFL if any? But what do I know.


Bloomington and River City have already given notice to the UIF that they plan to return next season. The CIFL is a cheaper league to join and operate in but not necessarily the best league to join. As far as indoor leagues the best going league right now is the AIFA.

I'm not a lawyer!

No mystery Fusion Fan - What we have is someone willing to try and stop af2's ability to walk away from it's own financial responsibilities. AF2 claims teams are "owned" by individuals. The reality is that is not entirely true. This simply needs to be proven in the court system so companies and individuals can recoup their unpaid bills directly from af2.

In other words . . . If your family had dinner at McDonalds and one died from their happy meal, would you file suit against, the "manager" . . . . or McDonalds?


I"m not a lawyer either but I did play one on TV..........................GO for those deep pockets!!!!!!!


I'm not a lawyer, but I did sleep at Holiday Inn Express last night. :)

GO get em' Happy Dog!

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