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March 21, 2008



So Ben, are you saying the Komets need to make a jump to another league?


Ben, I agree we have the money the coaching,ownership etc. maybe its time to test the waters a little bit. Sure travel expenses would be greater in a different league but come on there is just no competetive value to what we are seeing this year yes it's great for the k's that they are blowing everyone out all the time but it does tend to get repetetive.


So, was the IHL a joke 44 years ago when the Komets set their last home-game winning streak? Or the next year when Muskegon went 22 in a row? Maybe you should just give credit to a great Komets team that finds a way to win every game by working for it. They've earned their record and deserve better than someone refering to it as a joke. Maybe you just can't see the sweat from the press box.


Any league suggestions would be much appreciated. I can say the same thing, I'm not disagreeing w/ ya, but what are the alternatives?

AHL - Complete feeder league, plays the guys with the bigger contract. And there is no way you can survive as an "independent."

ECHL/CHL - Same stuff, different league name.

So what's your solution? BTW, the K's haven't blown out anybody while on this streak, mainly 1 goal games except the Flint game when it was 9-2, oops, the previous night it was 9-3 Flint. There's competition in this league, but the K's have more talent.


Ben, how many times have the Komets won a game during the streak by more than 2 goals? Not many...save your breath about the league being a joke...until we dominate it like the MAHL's Indiana Ice Miners (coached by former Komet Brian Gratz) then we aren't dominating a "joke" of a league.


Further more, ask the Frankes why they don't join an PHLPA associated league? It's been in print that they owe them money for Guy, did they ever pay that off?

I wouldn't take anything away from the players accomplished this year. These guys stick up for each other and are more fundamentally sound then any other Komet team in it's AA stint.


thank you ben you said exactly what needed to be said


bens the joke. just because for once we are the premier team in the league doesnt mean we will be next year. i remember when we first joined the ihl. we were constantly getting our jocks handed to us.. did that mean the komets should have folded cause the league was too good? ben , youre like the fan with the swelled head thinking we cant lose and then somebody comes up and kicks us down, just ask duke!!! stick to your first love of liberal politics and leave the sports writing to those who still care.


Amen Chuckitt. I have arguments with the King of Liberalism . Ben is a left wing wacko with no clue.

ben smith

Wow, getting a lot of feedback on this one (though what my political persuasion has to do with the Komets making mincemeat of the IHL is a leap in logic I can't quite make). As to solutions ... I guess what I'm suggesting is not a jump to another league -- you guys are right, there's nothing better out there -- but simply that this league needs to get better. And of course bigger.



Were you even born when the Komet first joined the original IHL?

The Komet have NEVER had their jocks handed to them in this current IHL or the UHL so I am not sure where you were going with your comments.


One thing no one has seemed to mention is that for as much as the Komets have dominated (for a lack of a better term), the rest of the teams, even down to last place, are only seperated by a total of 15 points. Matter of fact, the 5th place team that misses the playoffs could very well have a winning record. So all things considered, I think the league has pretty good parity.

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