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March 25, 2008



You like poking the bear, don't you? LOL


Yes I do, but i heartily enjoy the games against pretty much every other team. No one can replace Steve Martinson.

Regardless, a pompous comment like saying "soon to be 23" is exactly the mentality the Komets need to STAY AWAY from if they want to win the cup.

ben smith

I agree, FWKRTJ. And I'm sure Al Sims is telling his team not to take anything for granted -- although guys like Chaulk, Dupuis, Drouin and the other vets on this team surely don't need to be reminided. But since I'm not them, I can get away with saying "pompous" stuff like "soon to be 23."
I mean, come on, you don't I'm wrong about that, do you?

Jungle Monkey

I miss Rockford.

I don't miss Quad City.

I don't miss how mind-numbingly boring UHL games had become.


I miss seeing a team play the Komets once a month, now it's once a week we play the same teams. But yeah, I miss watching Rockford and the Komets play, no madder who Rockford had on the their team.


Do I think they'll win? I hope so, but that is hardly a foregone conclusion, even with the point situation the way that it is. The last time the Komets played Kalamazoo at the coliseum, it came down to a shoot-out, but the K's managed to pull it out. Granted, their play was pretty sloppy that night, but it could be sloppy again. So let's not get ahead of ourselves. "Brick by brick..."


I don't miss Rockford and I don't miss Quad City. I have no problem with this season and the fact that the Komets are up by 30 points. If the Komets were shutting out opponents every night and scoring 7 goals a night, then the comment about the league being a joke would have some validity. What I would say is that the Komets are a very strong team theat knows what it takes to win and I'm enjoyuing every mineut of it.


One of the better teams definitely in the UHL/IHL and maybe then the last 4-5 years of the old IHL.


How can anyone really say that the don't miss QC or Rockford?? I like the IHL the way it is, but it would even be better with QC and Rck aboard.


QC has stunk the last few years and Rockford had a decent/abrasive/easy to hate coach/team.

Craigs the one that's going to put a team in Chicago and he's the same man that built up Rockford to what they were before he was forced to sell in to the Hawks and the AHL.


All I have to say is Go Komets


Not that I am big fans of QC or Rockford, but it was always interesting when Rockford came to town and I miss all the banter between the whinney/clueless QC followers.

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