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April 01, 2008


Mark Allen

"Fine folks" over at ndnation? Those people are not fine folks. They are a little gestapo mob who do not like a variety of opinions. When we were looking at interviewing Ty Willingham as coach, I was against it. I was banned by ndnation.com. Later, the same fine folks over there sent a letter out with 6,000 signatures asking for Ty Willingham's removal. Can you say hypocrites? Can you imagine, those fine folks never even said I was right?


Mark, your opinion of ndnation would be more credible if you knew what the letter was about. In fact, it explicitly stated it was not a call to fire Willingham. The letter contained ideas that were above Willingham's level.

Mark Allen


I do know this: ndnation.com is not the know-all, omniscient god it thinks it is. Some bow down before them. But, others do not. I am not the only one with a negative view of that site. I just wish some sites, like this, would mention other, reputable, Notre Dame sites. ndnation.com is not the only Notre Dame site out there.


Why don't you tell everybody about your great site, Mark?

Mark Allen

I see that they still can't quit talking about me over at crapnation.com. Coffey flat out lied. I was called a racist for not wanting mediocre Ty as a coach. It had NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with researching his mediocrity. So, I was banned. Then, they collected the signatures in their "witchhunt" way. What a bunch of pseudo-intellectuals! The key word being "pseudo". The reason you see "I agree with el k" comments is due to the fact that anyone diagreeing with him are no longer on the board. The qualities over there are FAR from "Notre Dame-like".

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