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February 18, 2008


OC Domer


Maybe you ought to do some research into this "due diligence" concept, and learn to do a little of it before plastering stories on the internet about Notre Dame NCAA violations that never happened.

It's not fair to headline a story about "ND NCAA Violations" and then retract it an hour later while grumbling about how confusing the rules are. There's no doubt the NCAA rules are a confusing mess - which is why you need to do some homework and make your phone calls before you write the story.



Your propensity to try to get a "scoop" on Notre Dame is only making you look bad, and by association, the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. In August of 2006 you tried the same thing by alleging an NCAA violation involving several ND players doing promotional spots for the WSBT sports dog show. Turned out to be pure speculation on your part.

Please refrain from putting N.D. and Violations in your headlines or your stories unless the NCAA itself is taking the subject up as a bonafide investigation into bonafide potential violations brought to the attention of the NCAA by someone not named Michael Rothstein.


Dude, nobody likes you anymore. What's the deal?


"So Notre Dame clearly believes they followed the rules..."

And so does the Big East. And Ohio State. And several other schools who do the exact same thing.

Larry Birkhead

You guys are unbelievably sensitive. If anyone makes ND look bad, it's all of you. There was a story about Notre Dame football and the guy linked it on his blog. Grow up and get over it. He would do the same if the story was about how Jimmy Clausen rescues kittens from trees in his spare time.

You all want to read everything there is to know about Notre Dame football. And then an interesting issue comes up about the NCAA's rulebook, basically about how confusing and hard to follow it is, and you attack the messenger. You do it every time. Get over yourselves.

Mike, keep up the tremendous work.


Mike, your "Update" appears to me to be an escape for you after creating the image that ND violated NCAA rules. That was never established.

If the NCAA has a concern about this, you should be writing about gross negligence on the part of schools like Florida, USC, and others who are violating NCAA rules.


Is this a news blog or an editorial one? Notre Dame followed the rules, but now you want the rules to change so that Notre Dame is wrong.

I don't get you.


Your mom goes to college.


I read Mike's artcle after stumbling on it as the lead story in Rivals.com. Nice reporting, Mike, and a good summary of the overly lengthy piece of rubble they reported. Just the meat off an old skeleton of a story.

Thanks for keeping us up to date in a manner we can swallow.

--By the way -- nobody mentioned that Elder was one of the earliest parochial schools in Cincinnati, and, you might guess, now serves plenty of the older urban blight areas of the west side. They really could put the money to good use.


Mike - I "WAS" a regular reader of your column but since past few months, your columns are becoming more and more negative towards Notre Dame. Also you seem to have gain a tendency to try and create news when is none. I know football season is over - may be you should start writing about basketball instead of trying to find news.

I have no problem anyone expressing their views on my alma mater but causing alarm for no reason is just sinister.

So here is another reader who will make it a point not to click any article which has your name or FT Wayne J-G.


What is wrong with you people?? The title of his last post was "DID ND (or other schools) commit an NCAA violation." Well it turns out that they didn't, simple as that. You talk about journalistic integrity, and yet you balk when Mike displays it.



No. It is clear as day that there were no violations and no news here, but Rothstein prints this anyway so that he can get hits on his blog.


Love how you round up your coterie of shills to go to bat for you. Unbelieveable.



You strike me as the sort who is out to make his journalistic "bones". For years in your area of the country one of the favorite ways of doing that - for you and for your predecessors and those who will follow - has been to take potshots at Notre Dame. The general method, aka yours, seems to be to throw some poo on the wall and then see what sticks there, and BINGO you have your scoop.

Nothing new

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