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February 12, 2008



Loved fatjewishguy. great questions.


Republican = Moron!


so not liking homosexual people automatically makes you a republican. I guess that makes socialists, hate the war but "support the troops" friggin intolerant dems! friggin hypocrites

Haplo Patryn

Must be a slow news day....This feels like Access Hollywood


I guess the cold of Northern Indiana will do that to a sports writer.


Wow....BarelyPoltical gets the link and FatJewishGuy.com doesn't?

It was fun interviewing Brady, He has big hands.


Dannnnn...How is supporting the troops and hating the war hypocritical? Simple-minded prick! You need to take an ethics class.
Obama in 08!


Who is this Fat jewish guy ---and where can i see him?

Ozzy Williams

People that post crap like Republican=moron just tick me off!
They think that just because of a political party it makes one a moron. Just who is the hate laced narrow minded dim wit here?


Ozzy, of course you do...you're a republican. Moron is not a word that insinuates hatred, just stupidity. Keep up the good work.

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