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November 05, 2007



Note that Sharpley did have a 17-yd run later in the game that was nullified by a holding penalty.


I have no problem with either call, going for it on 4th down. As you say, the kicker had already missed 4 field goals of 40 or more yards. The line of demarkation was the 20. The issue I have is that an offensive line that, on average, outweighs the guy in front of them by 40 pounds and can't move the pile for a game winning first down on 3rd and 4.

In the first quarter, if you are going for, line Sharpley up under center. Yeah it was 4th and 15, and when you add the 8 yards back to the spot, Weis was expecting Sharpley to cover 22 yards. To me, it was the right decision, but the wrong play call.


terrible poitn at the end, that's just trying to stir up the pot...Let's stick with reporting the story as opposed to creating the story!


What would possess you to insinuate that Weiss may be leaving? That's just plain irresponsible journalism and sinks to the level of National Enquirer! Get a real job.


agree with willie -get a real job


I'm a ND alum and long-time fan, and I actually think it's perfectly within Michael's purview to report on that *very* interesting little tidbit. If that was changed purposefully by a ND staffer, he or she should be disciplined in some way. It's dishonest.


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