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September 19, 2007



So ND is playing Michigan State and going to have people wearing green shirts...waving white towels?

What genius thought this was a good idea.

The team is 0-3 people will be asking about the fan support, the stadium will be fill with Michigan State Colors...and the ever so intelligent NBC announcers will be asking how did this many MSU fans get tickets...


This is Charlie Weiss' idea. The Irish head coach believes that reverse psychology might work here. The MSU team will only think they have a lot of fans in ND stadium. Then they will be surprised and dismayed when these ND fans in MSU disguises don't cheer for them. See? do not disturb...Offensive genius at work.


Seriously, how dumb is this to fill 10000 seats with MSU colors in ND stadium? Couldn't they have been Blue or Gold, the two colors that most affiliate ND with.


Or green I guess would have worked as well. But White? Come one.

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