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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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June 12, 2008


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Cohny...nice goal last night! What were you +5 for the night? Keep wearing those orange stockings, they're good luck now.

Justin Cohn

Why don't you give us an account for all the readers? lol.


Nah, it's a must see.


He sounds very confident, indeed. That's good to hear. I wish him the best of luck for next season and, of course, at Three Rivers Insurance Group as well. :)

As for the Steelhounds article, I agree that Washington seems to be a bit clueless about the talent to be found in the IHL. And if I hear "the more prestigious ECHL" one more time, so help me, I'm going to lose it. But hey! Is that our "TigerDan" who left a reply? Nice to see him making sense. :D

As for Anderson, there are certainly some jobs open right now. I'm not sure that he'd want some of them, but we'll see.

Cat Eyes

i seem to recall a comment made about the steelhounds fans would rather be sold insurance three nights a week than watch ihl hockey (paraphrasing there b/c i don't recall the exact quote)...go get 'em PC!!! they must need insurance over there in youngstown!! lol


Justin...Reguarding each team in the IHL, is it true to say it's a year to year commitment for each to stay in the league? That being true...Youngstown could come to the IHL for a couple a seasons and then bolt for the ECHL. I'm not to sure how this works, any clarification?

Justin Cohn

How can they see it? There is no video replay.

As for the IHL, yes, of course, it's all year to year. Some teams have leases contingent on them having pro hockey -- that was the case in Muskegon and why those who thought that town was going to juniors were so off base -- and some may have agreements that they must play in the IHL, but I doubt it.

But sure, a team like Youngstown could come here and then bolt. Look at what Quad City did to the UHL last year; bolting with no warning to the AHL.

The check on this is that the IHL, if they believe it's only for a year, could not vote them in. But I would think they'd do it, if even for a year, because it would, in their eyes, make money. But it wouldn't be smart to bring a team in for a year.


I think Youngstown would be a good fit although that would be a rough trip from Youngstown to Bloomington and vice-versa (and by rough, I mean long).

I watched Mr. Washington on the CHL Network (you can watch those great games for free :)) and he was giving the refs the bird and held a sign saying "Refs You Suck!" Priceless!

Cat Eyes

well, now that we have all been clued in that bloomington is really not in IN (thanks, Karla!!), yeah, it would be one hell of a bus ride, especially if the prairie thunder lost the game...can you imagine that crappy bus ride home?? yikes!

iceman2415, i checked out that chl network...man, wouldn't that be a sweet deal for us here in the ihl too?? granted, getting to see a komets away game for what, $8 was better than forking over the ticket price and a hotel room and gas $, but still, free IS my favorite four-letter word!! hmmm...who do we call to get this started? lol

btw, justin and st chris...where DO you guys play hockey this time of year?? sounds like you have fun! can spectators come and get their hockey fix or is a closed session?

Cat Eyes

anyone know...is Sergei Durdin considered a vet? I'm puttng together my Komets roster wish list here, and i can't figure where to put him on it without knowing...does not seem like he has played too long, but what do I know?? i wanna keep him...oops, as a player, not as a pet or anything! he is cute and all, but still!! i cannot be a puckbunny! lol!

St. Chris

I don't believe he has veteran status yet.


Iceman! Long time no see- where ya been?

I have this mental picture now of Cat Eyes keeping Durdin in a cage in her house... ROFL!

Jerad Shaw

If Durdin is on your wish list, maybe we should also bring by Rich's favorite player Eddie Campbell.


If Durdin was in a 3 X 5 cage, I wonder if a puck was fired into the cage, would he be able to put his body in front of it?

Chances are it would deflect off his elbow and go into his neighbors garage for a goal.

Hit Somebody!!!

Durdin does not deserve to be back. However, he did play a very nice Game 7 for the cup. I will give him that. But the whole body of work was not very good. Warner, I would like to see that kid back. He was better than Durdin all year in his first year in Pro hockey.

Any chance we get Mitch Woods back? I pretty much guarantee that Aquino and Curadeau are both moving up to better things. Would be nice to see Woody back. But I will have to say this, I can relax and feel confident that the combination of Sims, Chaulk, and the Frankes will put together a team that will win. Look no further than last season when we all were a little puzzled by the signings and we ended up with the best Hockey team in FW in years.

Can't wait for opening night...Drop the puck all ready!!!

Cat Eyes

poor durdin...no cage at my house for him...he'd have free roam!! i didn't think he was so bad...a little chancy, but hey, we all make some mistakes that cost us, and maybe he will come back this year wiser and better for them. we do play a lot of street hockey at my house, and my neighbor's garage is pretty far away, junior...it would have to be a pretty big bounce off that elbow to go there!! lol! come on over and take us on, durdin...we'll get ya whipped into shape...my boy is pretty good, even if he does slash everyone on the street, his own mother included!

an article in the other night's paper said the frankes think woods will play for the ahl next season...hmm...hope so and hope not...i am not sure he is ready for that yet but i want to see him get there eventually. i want him back here with us for at least one more season. i do agree that sims and the frankes will put together a great team just like they did last year!

btw...durdin would not fit in a 3 x 5 cage...he's way too tall!! lol

Cat Eyes

fiveminutemajor...what kinda girl do ya think i am, anyway! ha ha!


Lets put Durdin in the octagon & see how he does.


K's wish list for new players=Mirasty-Sgori-Morencey-Chaz Johnson--replacing=Reynolds-Pence-Marchant-


Five Minute Major, I've been busy taking summer classes at IPFW and getting stuff ready to coach yet another season of women's (yes, that's right I said women's) hockey in South Bend.


Hmmmm... Durdin in a cage. No comment.

But I still say that some people here have been overly critical of him. Okay, so he made some high-profile mistakes. But while watching the games I recorded, I've noticed the announcers saying, "Nice move!" or "Great play by Durdin!" quite a bit too. He's young. He'll improve. I say give the guy a chance. He has potential. That is, assuming he doesn't have a better opportunity elsewhere.

As for Mitch -- The Frankes said that? Aw, darn. Well, I do wish him the very best, of course.


Cat...check out the action at http://www.fortwayneparks.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=156&Itemid=175 or http://www.plexsports.com/hockey.php
That should help you with a "fix" until October. Great action and fun at both places, and spectators are welcome. Caution: it's hot inside the Plex because of no air conditioning. Also, since the team I'm on has won two games in a row, we might have to start charging admission :}

Cat Eyes

Geronimo...thanks!! i had checked out the mcmillan site and saw that it says the season is over...but the plex may be something i check out! we play with no skates on our street, we aren't graceful enough for that...mainly speaking for myself of course! lol what team are ya on?? i'll need someone to root for :)

wendy...not sure how it went from me wanting durdin back on the team to me keeping him in a cage...no matter what deuce says about me, i really am a nice girl!! lol! if these sorta postings keep getting outta hand, i'll hafta change my halloween costume to be a dominatrix! i agree that he has potential tho...i think he really could be a huge asset for us if he just thinks before he passes and quits playing so impulsively...easy to say for me, i'm sure! and no, let's not sacrifice him to a cage match, mightbite...again, ya scare me, dude!! ha ha!

yeah, the article where the frankes said that about woods i think was in friday night's paper (see, chuckitt, i DO read it! of course, i've now been outed as NOT under 30, deuce, you son of a...), so you could probably get on the paper's website and read it there too.

happy father's day to all the dads out there!!


Cat...Cohny and I play on Wednesday evenings at McMillen,not sure why the schedule isn't posted on their website.I'm sure you'd enjoy both ice and deck hockey equally.


I'd pick Durdin over some of these sissy baseball players & b-ball & football guys that misses games because of a hang nail or a cut=in the cage.


Hey Cat Eyes, you were the one who said something about keeping him as a pet! :) (I know, you said _not_ as a pet, I just got a mental picture and I couldn't resist...) This thread could go off in a strange direction real fast. Glad to see you survived your birthday, btw.


Oh cat eyes... a dominatrix? I think you've just stepped in it all over again! :D But hey, I never said I had a problem with Durdin in a cage. *wink*

Yeah, I know. I went over to the dark side last night (the News Sentinel site) after reading your post. I've got nothing against Sebring. I even have his book. I'm just a liberal (also known as the endangered species "Hoosier Democraticus") so the NS is kind of a no-mans land. :D

Cat Eyes

thanks, five minute major...i was glad i survived too...and yep, this thread HAS gone in a strange direction!! probably all my fault...i try to be a comedian, and see what i get?? oh well...as wendy says so correctly, i do step in it, and with some frequency...so ya know what i do then?? i just buy new shoes and go on!!! lol!!! and i do get your little *wink* there, too, my wendy-friendy...i have more than my fair share of imagination ;)

st chris...if you're not too horrified yet...thanks for the info! i'll call the mac and see if they can update their site so you all can get some more fans out there cheering ya on...what time Wed?

Justin Cohn

Cat Eyes, Wednesday nights, games at 5:30 and 7 p.m., I believe. OPen to the public, if you can stand watching some hacks. You are required to chant: "Let's go Cohny. You're the best. We want a goal, Cohny." Sorry, those are the rules.

Justin Cohn

We're the blue team, by the way. St. Chris and I have been on the same line -- I've been carrying his keister, though. Kidding, kidding.


Cat... Our team plays Friday nights at the Plex (Mens C2, team: Riptide). Next game is 5:30pm on June 20th, visitors side. I'm #24, the old fossil with the "C". Fun being on my son's team, but makes me mad that he doesn't practice yet scores all the goals.
Going up against the only undefeated team this week. I think we are starting to gel as a team, so maybe we can pull it off.

St. Chris... drop in and see what it's all about. It's similar to ice, but when you go down you roll instead of slide, and puck movement is tricky. Lots of choices for equipment, too. Stopping can be tricky, but some players have it down pretty good.

Turner... I'm glad someone invented the cup - "I'm OK" after that shot:)

Justin Cohn

I'm still waiting to see Turner on the ice.


Probably the same ANIMAL as on wheels-Hah!


Also might want to avoid "taking one for the team" when he shoots. Got good aim.


Regarding Youngstown,...
If Youngstown doesn't want in, then too bad for them. I'm with Wendy on this one. The IHL does not feel like some "feeder" league with players on a revolving door (and spin out so fast that you don't get to know them). It's a business that has a loyal fan base that is recognized anywhere in the world that has hockey. It's a tough league to be sure. But is it any less tough when they move "over" to another league? Sure, some players move "over" to other leagues, but last season we got to know a LOT of players, even on the other teams pretty well, and I think that it was BECAUSE it was a smaller league. Saw some of the best action I've seen in years without having to overpay going to some big league game. I have no desire to attend a NHL game because THIS league has it all, and you CANNOT beat the value. Sure, it's not perfect, but the fans are just as dedicated, because they get to watch great skill and sportsmanship. I'll take the top 20 from last season's league and stack them up against any of the other "feeder" leagues out there. So, Youngstown... what's it gonna be?


If I was putting together a wish list I would start by putting Durdin and High Stick Eddie Campbell on the Prairie Thunder team : ) I will have to say that Durdin’s best game was game 7!!!

Cat Eyes

Cohny...thanks for the times! i don't mind watching "hacks"...it's all good as long as it's hockey! ya should see me play on the street (and yes, i am still talking hockey, wendy!!) i'm horrible, but i have fun with the neighborhood kids. how embarrassing to get scored on by 5 and 7 year olds, but who cares?

hmmm...never was a good cheerleader tho...i'll have to work on the routine...i'll do my best for ya, there, cohny!! lol

go geronimo! you're not a fossil! if you can play hockey with your son, you still got it, man! i'll hafta try to get out there to watch you all play too...sounds like fun there. i gotta learn to skate (both ice and inline) so i can do these things too! i know the mac doesn't allow checking, but does it get rough? how 'bout the plex? i can't be showin' up at work with black eyes and missing teeth or anything! lol! altho my boss would expect just about anything from me now...he knows how crazy i am...


No checking allowed at the Plex. More tripping and hooking calls than anything (accidents ya know). I have a lot invested in my teeth, and Mrs. Geronimo won't let me mess up my good looks (barf!), so I wear all the gear w/full cage helmet. Same for my son. At our level everyone is pretty easy going, but I think we are our own worst enemies anyway. Last session we played a game and found out some time later that a player on the other team broke his arm (never heard how it happened). Can't tell you how many times I got cross checked by parking to close to the goalie (duh!). But all and all, it's great fun, and a lot of players have good attitudes and sportsmanship. Great place to start learning the game, and if I can do it,...


Hey Cat Eyes, I'd say, "Go for it!" I love the way Manon Rheaume and Maria Dennis mix it up with the guys in the yearly "Freeze the Disease" game out in L.A. And they're good. :) Heck, I'd join you if I had any sense of balance or ankles that didn't fold like a house of cards.


Do they have drop in @ McMillen on Wednesday's?

Cat Eyes

wendy...thanks for thinking i might have balance...it's not true, but thanks anyway! i can't skate, but i'm planning on trying to learn this summer (ice and roller)...used to roller skate way back in the day, but it has been many moons...i might do ok as long as i am not allowed to be goaltender...my 7 year old scores on me on a regular basis, so that could be a problem in an adult league!! lol

mrs. geronimo sounds like a smart lady...she's a keeper!! my boy plays soccer and unfortunately in that sport, there is not much protection, just shin guards, so the face is open to hits, especially if you are "the goalie" like my boy...he has a mini tourney this weekend, wish him luck! 1st team we face is one that threw a lot of elbows and shoved a lot...these are 7 year olds!! most other teams in this league are not quite so rough. altho while the k's were still playing, i had to remind "the goalie" that it was not ok to "hit" someone...he just ran straight into a kid way bigger than him full speed...was hilarious, but at the same time, had to teach good sportsmanship!! hard to mix hockey and soccer!!


He-he. Soccer would be so much more interesting with body-checking.

And I've only been on roller skates once. It wasn't pretty. And these were the kind where the wheels were positioned like those on a car.

Cat Eyes

yeah...never been on inline skates yet...so unsure about that death wish!! and yes, the soccer was pretty funny with the body checking...even if it was 7 year olds and i had to correct afterwards...of course i could not do it with a straight face, either, so i'm not quite sure how much of the message got thru, but he has not done it since, so maybe i'm not such a bad mom...lol! he was pretty hesitant at first, but pretending to be a hockey player made him more aggressive in a good way, so it did help...just went too far for a minute there. :)


You are not a bad mom for trying to build confidence in your son, and you are smart enough to let them know when they get carried away. The best thing is that you spend time with them - I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. It's also good to show that you are human, too.

Cat Eyes

awww...thanks, geronimo...my boy thinks i am a good mom, but it helps to have an actual parent back that up occasionally!! i do spend lots of time with him (especially during hockey season...come on october!!), and unfortunately, he knows all too well how human i am!! i always tell people that i am way too immature for this parenting gig, but oh well...he's stuck with me now! we've done all right so far. he's getting good grades and he takes care of me when i'm sick (which is a lot), so i must be doing something right! if we come out fri nite, you'll get to meet him...he wants to come see the game too!

K's fan in Indy

Just saw that John Anderson got the call to be Atlanta's new head coach. It's about time! Lord knows he's earned it. If 4 championships in 11 years doesn't prove you deserve a shot, nothing will.

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