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June 17, 2008



Where are you getting your information on Anderson getting promoted? There is nothing on the NHL website or the Thrashers website. I'm sure that if a team hired a new coach they would be all over it on their site. I did find this which is why I'm asking:

>>> Thrashers' general manager Don Waddell denied a Canadian report Thursday night that the team has hired John Anderson as coach. Sports television network TSN reported on its Web site that the Thrashers had hired Anderson, coach of their top minor league affiliate, to succeed Bob Hartley, who was fired last October. The report was unattributed.<<<

It will probably be one of those things where the team denies it and then turns around and does it. Perhaps they are waiting until after the draft (which starts today). Why they would do that beats me.


I'm not saying anything Cat!


Komets PA, where can I get a download of the Lets get ready to rumble bit that you start the games with? Thanks.


There were a few players in the Komets IHL days that went through the motions, but not many. That reasoning was used by Bob Chase and others to make themselves feel better about moving down from the IHL to the UHL. The Komets had great and legendary veterans in the old IHL in the 90s. Maybe the very last season wasn't the best, but the games were great.

In constrast...

Many UHL Komets and the UHL as a whole was a whole league of guys minus a small handful(many on the list by Justin) who just went through the motions. It was recreation hockey at best on most nights especially the last two years.

A few guys on this list REALLY went through the motions MANY nights including Jim Logan and Chad Grills. Jim Logan would be tiger one game and then be Mr. Stay Puft the next game.
DAB absolutely QUIT during the 03-04 playoffs and was benched. JC Ruid...give me a break.

The UHL as a whole was far from inspiring hockey and should never ever be compared to the old IHL even in the old IHL worst years.

Thankfully this new IHL, though not all that impressive IMO, is a step better than the UHL. And that is bigtime progess. The product is getting closer to the cost of the ticket which didn't match up in the UHL where you rarely got your money's worth.


DGF, UHL was recreation hockey to you? I saw some very good hockey the few years it was in Fort Wayne.


and the last few years of the old ihl was full of ex bigtimers who dint care, it was a paycheck. it was very dredfull sitting thru those games. even the cheerleaders didnt help much!! plus i wouldnt want you to tell the uhl guys that it was just a recreational league! thats pretty funny. yeh, the talent level was less than we were use to but it was still pro hockey and we had ateam to root for!!


Thanks, everyone who responded, for the info about "sweaters". That actually occurred to me as I was pondering it again last night -- that they probably did wear sweaters originally. These days, I suppose it is a bit like telling someone what phone number to "dial".

And to Cat Eyes: Always happy to help. :D

As for the steak, eating red meat is supposed to increase testosterone levels. That's about the only reason I can think of, unless he just enjoys a good steak (as well as chicken).

Cat Eyes

deuce...thanks, dear!! i appreciate it...you're spared the punishment this week...ya know i love ya! ;) are you a sun god now after vaca? i bet you are...and you can get "lets get ready to rumble" on a cd called "espn jock jams volume 1" if no one else can help ya. i have volume 3, which does not help you for that song but vol 3 has others, if ya need to borrow it. come on over to cat's wall o' cd's!!

wendy...as for woodsy's steak...he certainly does get pumped up before the games, doesn't he?? not a scientist here, nor do i play one on tv...but i'd say that red meat does indeed provide extra testosterone!! it did strike me as funny, tho, the contrast, i mean. i was on the bloomington site one day looking at their player bios and cracking up wondering who does their website...so many misspellings and mistakes...i know i am not perfect, but does no one check this stuff? i mean this is something millions of people read!! sheesh!! two of their guys were in the "love guru" movie...cool!


Really? They had two players participate in "The Love Guru"? That is cool. How come we didn't? :D I know critics have been less than kind, but I'm still looking forward to reviewing LG myself (for my own blog). I don't expect much. Just silliness. But sometimes silliness can be exactly what one needs.

Lots of typos, huh? Kind of like Sebring's book! :D I can't say that I've visited the websites of other IHL teams very often. When I have, I was usually just checking player names and numbers. Their site must be pretty awful to inspire laughter. I've done writing work for websites, so I know what you mean. Writing is something that everyone seems to think they can do, but few actually can.

And I wouldn't be so bold as to say that I can, either! Though I did... ahem... win a Golden Pen award in 2004 from this newspaper. :)


So a guy whose ONE year removed from he's best season stat wise is a shell of he's own self..? Last year he only played in 56 games had 30 points and nearly 200 pims...in a league thats spouse to be more geared towards development...

Cat Eyes

wendy...wow! a golden pen award? that's great! i have never written in yet, i just sit and verbally speak my letters to the editor. one of my ipfw teachers wrote the letter i would have written, tho, about kids and dual language ability...and he i believe got the golden pen as well...it's what i get for speaking and not writing!

yeah, the part of their site that i noticed all the typos on may have been written by the players...it was the part where they say what their favorite this and that was...i swear, it was worse before, but it was like my 7 year old typed it! :) i would never have thought i could write, but i always got a's on my paper in college, so i guess there is some talent there...

i thought the same thing...why not our boys in the love guru? we have some cuties, so we musta just not been in the area for the tryouts or something.


Yeah, I got lucky I suppose. :D I haven't written any letters lately, mainly because I haven't been that inspired to argue about anything. Though I came really close when the Komets won the Turner Cup last month. And even closer when they got zilch in the way of recognition from Mayor Henry for doing so. I still think Komets fans should wear orange and black "Impeach Mayor Henry" shirts at the Three Rivers Parade.

Hey, that's wonderful about your teacher winning, too. That is a timely topic. But yes, I would highly encourage you to WRITE as well as SPEAK. Your voice only carries so far, you know. :)

Oh... Well, if the players wrote it, I'd cut them some slack. Still, whoever types it in should make sure it is presentable. I'd hope that they would at least correct spelling errors and typos.

As for "LG", I suppose timing and location must have had something to do with it. Oh well. Maybe Hollywood will make more movies with hockey themes. We can dream, right?

Cat Eyes

luck has nothing to do with winning those things...i have seen some pretty bad letters to the editor in both papers (yes, i, too, go to the dark side upon occasion!), and the ones who win have their point laid out in a nice, orderly fashion and no spelling errors and few, if any, grammatical errors. you are right...i do have a big mouth, but the voice does only carry so far...

not sure who does that website, but you are right...some editing would go a long way. i think the k's website is nicely done, have never seen an error on there yet. one thing i would love to see on there tho is merchandising...wonder why there is none?


Well, yes, you do need to be able to write well, though they do some editting to the letters they decide to print. The topic has a lot to do with it as well. That's where the luck comes in.

Yes, the K's site is nicely done. I have to laugh at the way the slideshow they have up blocks the info section to the left, though. "Uh... Guys? I can't read your pop up menu when it comes up behind the frickin' slideshow!" :D

If by "merchandising" you mean that you should be able to buy Komets merchandise online, I agree completely. I was really surprised that Komet Kwarters doesn't have had a basic online ordering system. They don't even show all the things they carry. There is a lot of room for improvement there, but first they have to be ready to handle the additional business, of course.

Cat Eyes

i did notice that about the popup menu being obscured now...wonder if they have?? oh well...

and yeah, i totally agree about the komet kuarters komment (hee hee)...and when i went in there to buy someone a long sleeve t shirt a couple weeks ago, their stock was seriously depleted, and i was told that they would not be getting more in until fall...sort of a bummer since it was supposed to be a father's day gift for this person!! that did not work out so well...oh well, i am not a retail person, so i am sure there is a reason for that too. but being able to buy stuff on the komets website would be a very good thing. i'm sure people who move away would appreciate it, at the very least...


Depleted? Really. I better get in there! I was thinking of buying a championship shirt/hat or something. But yes, selling things online is a no-brainer, really. Their store is hard enough to get to as it is. Coliseum traffic is usually crazy.

And... Hello? if anyone reads this who has input on the Komets site -- that's the Press Box menu we're talking about. Totally hosed. Just FYI. :D

Cat Eyes

they had some things, but only xxl or small...i would go now. i already have my championship shirt, so does "the goalie", so we were ok. but we were looking for things we did not already have and that's where we fell flat. i did not notice on the hats...not really a hat person myself, tho i steal my son's from time to time.

is it october yet??? are we there yet??


Oh, well, I can wear a small, so no problem. I've even bought children's x-large before. Sometimes, being petite has its advantages.

Hey, cut that out or Justin will turn this blog right around! :D

Cat Eyes

ohhh...just got that one...was gonna ask "cut what out"...gotcha now! he is a dad, after all! ha ha! have you seen the "get smart" movie promo where the kid sees something out the car window and goes, "mom, mom, mom!", and she goes, "Shawn, Shawn, Shawn...see how ANNOYING that is???" that cracks me up every time!! even my son laughs at that and he is 7!!!!


Saw the trailer and the movie, for that matter. Yup. Love that line. Priceless. I used to do that when I was little, and it drove people nuts. :D

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