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May 04, 2008



Well said. I brought 10 pins and I have heard them all drop. Uncertaintanty fills the coliseum. Definately ours to lose. 20 minutes! Let's finish this!


It doresn't make sense to me about the fficiating either. The komets were the most penalized team in the IHL this year. Is it possible the Komets took better advatage of their calls?


atta-boy Terry!!!!!!!!!!


What happened with Brent Hughes?


Justin, What did Hughes do to get the gate?

Jerad Shaw.

They brought the song back and I missed it........

Justin Cohn

He was yapping, slamming doors, and yapping some more.


I'm sure it wasn't about where they were going to have dinner after the game right Justin?


Then I'm glad I wasn't there.


unreal...i missed the song being brought back...now im depressed

shaw this one hurts

Jerad Shaw.

I know I know. Hopefully they will have it rocking come Thursday.


Hey Jerad, provided that the K's win Wednesday (which they will), you guys getting a bus to go back to to Port Huron for game 6?

Jerad Shaw.

I didn't have anything to do with the bus last night. I'm not sure if I am heading that way again. Spent quite a bit of cash this weekend up there. They were talking last night that they were. I drove seperately and if I go back, I might head over to Canada and stay there.


How can you say the crowd was quiet? We were on Larry all third, they brought back RnR and it was loud, we even had More "Mas" in the first at that was loud. I know I will not be talking too much tomorrow because of no voice!

Great game by the Komets! Keep the ball rolling Weds & Thur so we can have a huge crowd going up Sat!!! WAY TO GO KOMETS!!!!


I think Larry got rattled tonight. We need to play him the same way on Wednesday and Thursday. He gets unnerved when there are people in front of the net.


I agree Hoss, I was helping out quite a bit with the L-A-R-R-Y, L-A-R-R-Y chats in the third. I thought that as soon as we got the first goal and Reynolds was pumping his arms that the crowd was very into the game.




A must win Wed...


About the only time I'm disagreeing w/ ya Justin.

No way the fan's weren't into this game, they were louder then they've all playoffs.

I'm glad that PH "contingent" feels cheated, BS. The K's owned this game and they had zero opps. to do anything.

I finally feel the right to say "CRY BABIES"!! The game was called fairly.


That was our boys tonight. I hope they can have that same momentum Wednesday so we can tie this series. Way to go Larry for the RnR2 that was exactly what was needed no matter what anybody says. Each and every one of the guys played their heart out tonight and they were amazing. Keep that up boys and this is yours to win. Also FYI to TigerDan you need to congratulate Magers on his ability to be able to open the door for the players coming to the bench. Seems to be the only thing he is good at because his trash talking sucks too. I wish Woods would just lay Margettie out already. Kudos to the guy with the dry erase board who was taunting Margettie in warm ups. Great Job tonight Ks!!!!!!!


OK Komets PA, why did it come out after so many times of "Get over it! It's gone!" (Not saying you said that, but others on here.) Did one of the Franke's give you the secret sign?

I was happy when "MAS" was played, then RnR was played and I think most of us were in shock. "We can yell? We are allowed to get in the game tonight?"



Hey kittycatdan what happened to LLLAAARRRYYY,LLLAAARRRYYY.Oh were you at the game cause that was the whole 3rd period for your (best goalie)in the league.WOW 5-1,i'm sure you need to keep up with the blog here cause you will have alot of questions and comments.I still haven't heard about this higher league crap you talk about,spill it buddie lets hear it.


Need a wednesday win for Burgee to be able to grace Port Urine with his presence on saturday. Matt REynolds, star of the game, maybe even the series, score a goal then punch their guy in the face! THATS HOW HOCKEY SHOULD BE PLAYED! Stab 'em in the heart then grind the knife all around! Will Port Huron be giving ticket discounts if we bring a urinal block to the game?


Nice job by the K's tonight with their backs to the wall. Hodgemen is a talent for sure. Non the only negative, we could not score on 2 5 on 3's tonight and we have got to solve their penalty kill.


The boys are back! The boys are back! Love it! Although I sit low and can't hear everything, I thought the crowd was into it. Great game! Looking forward to Wednesday!!!


Yes, prop's to Larry tonight.

I'd also like to say a big THANK YOU for playing the Darth Vador Death March on Friday.

kyle hunt

Tee hee hee hee hee!

Hit Somebody!!!

That was the Komets tonight. They showed up. Hope they are here to stay and they will take this series if they are. We finally found a way to break that pressure. We got in behind them alot tonight.

Justin Hodgeman. I think we are seeing a star in the making. we might be seeing him on HDNET and Versus in a few years. He dominated the game tonight. Then Pink Urine decided to start taking cheapshots at him. I like Hodgeman, Chaulk, and Aquino on that top-line. They are magical.

Still looking for PC Drouin to show up. Once he puts it together, look-out!!! He hustled good tonight, he just is pressing too much.

I think I saw Henley make at least one check tonight. Shocking. About time. I am a huge fan of his, I wonder who his wearing his jersey these days. Hopefully he is back too.

I think we have exposed Puke Urine and they are in trouble. They don't look as quick and energetic. I wondered if they could keep that all-out pace up each game.

Larry the Goofy Goalie is a nut-job. The best move Al has made is putting Woods, Hodgeman, and Marchant right on his doorstep. He can't stand the pressure.

Keep Hitting....Keep Hustling....Keep Winning!!!

Always...Hit Somebody!!!


Great game tonight, it was good too see them getting physical! Now, LET'S DO THE SAME WEDNESDAY!!

Glad we shook Sterling tonight!


I thought Sterling was actually pretty good tonight. With the exception of the two late goals, he stopped everything that cam at him from further than 8 feet out. Everything else had to be stuffed in on rebounds for the most part. He did make two dumb mistakes...the giveaway behind his goal that led to the 2nd K's goal, and his unsportsmanlike penalty, but other than that I thought he was pretty good. The K's need to keep buzzing him and getting traffic in front, because he's seeing the puck really well.

No issues with the officiating tonight. A lot of power plays but not nearly as much of the dirty garbage that went on in the 1st two games. Sure, there were some missed calls, but I'd rather have missed calls than blatant, let-'em-play, no blood-no foul ignorance that had been going on.


IceMan2415 - Word is that there WILL be a bus next Saturday. They will post when they have the details.


And, by the way, to the guys who organized the bus trip,kudos! It was a lot of work for not a lot of credit. We really enjoyed it, especially not having to drive home. We are really looking forward to a Saturday trip. Count us in!!!


We were all over Larry starting in the second not just the third. Looks like the Black and Orange from the regular season. Way to go Komets. Keep it up.
By the way L-A-R-R-Y, L-A-R-R-Y, YOU SUCK!!!

St. Chris

Good summary Rob...agreed.

Ryne Gurney

Hodgeman for mayor

It was nice to see Warner get a regular shift

Jungle Monkey

You don't tug on Superman's cape.
You don't spit in the wind.
You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger.

And you don't mess around with Sims.....


To be fair to Justin asking him the question last night, didn't it look like Sims changed a few things tonight?

We got to Larry tonight, Marchant played, we won...

Jungle Monkey

To the Port Urine fans sitting in 221 that felt inclined to talk about class WHILE giving the finger to Komet fans... All I can say is, drive safe. What a bunch of sore losers. Between RoidBoy in the too tight shirt and the truckstop cuties that loved Margettie... it was awesome... I love the fans from Port Huron. (aka Flint's little sister).

Hit Somebody!!!

(aka Flint's little sister).

Jungle Monkey...you're killing me, I just blew pop out of my nose onto the keyboard....


KrazyKometFan where did you sit?


The big difference tonight is that we played physical; period. When we do that we are successful, when we don't we aren't, and that's the bottom line.
I thought Hansen played a great game. He was fired up and he hit all night. Great game Kevin!
It was nice to see Brent get in the game a little bit as well. We need him to be a physical presence out there.
Great game guys! Good luck on Wednesday!


drop the puck, drop the gloves and be aggressive. port huron can dish it out but cant take it. hitem and hitem when they try to get up!

Justin Cohn

You all are dreaming. When it was 2-1, it was a tomb. I was one of about 20 people who made the comment. Once the Komets started rolling, it got louder, but c'mon, don't deny it.


There were fans that cheered loud from the beginning...and I was one of them. What do you say to all who were cheering from the beginning?

Nasty Dangles

Now that was the Komets! And that was how you officiate a playoff hockey game! Carrol called just enough penalties (the ones that had to be called) and let the ticky-tack calls go. Best officiated playoff game this year, by far!

By the way, Thanks to the guys for putting that bus trip together yesterday. It was defiantly a great time even though we didn't come out with the "W". If there is one on Saturday count us in for sure!


I didn’t really think that the fans were all that quiet tonight. I know that I worked hard on getting some chanting going in our section (behind Sterling-1st & 3rd period) the entire game. Maybe it was a little bit quite in the rest of the Coliseum until things started rolling but we were LOUD throughout the whole game! It was really great to hear Larry (Komet's PA guy) bring out R&Rp2 to get the crowd even more fired up.

Great job from the guys tonight! They finally played physically, with a lot of energy, and with heart! JUSTIN HODGMAN!! I love this kid!! I was really hoping for him to get a hat trick. I just hope that we get to see a lot more of him in the next few years.

Also, we are interested in taking the bus trip Saturday. Please email me mike_737@yahoo.com when details are available.

Komets PA

Hi all,
Glad to play "the song" tonight. Give S.S. props for giving me the go to play it and I hope if we get a big enough lead that we can play it a few more times. Enjoy the ride and congrats guys, I know you have at least 3 more wins in ya! Plus, I wouldn't mind another beautiful ring!! Go Komets!


Komets PA doesn't decide if RRp2 is played...it's up to his bosses.


NVM, just saw he posted that LOL.


And yes it WAS quiet at the beginning...I was VERY dissapointed in that. In the third it got loud, no doubt.

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