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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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May 21, 2008



First, thanks to Melissa S and FiveMinuteMajor. I'm glad you like the photos. And thank you so very much for the identifying help. I'll update that. I thought that was correct, but I didn't want to say without being certain. I know what you mean about Dufresne. I should have paid more attention when I was there. It is difficult to tell from the player pics alone. Many of them look a bit like driver's license photos! :D

Ditto on what Chuckitt said above. I would also add this: What's so wrong about a city loving its team? Why does it bother some people so much that we care about our guys and -- God forbid -- are excited for them when they do well. We're not knocking anyone else here, saying we're better than the NHL or AHL or whatever. We just think that what we have is pretty special in its own right. And I don't think it is out of line to say that this Komets team deserves at least as much official recognition as previous Komets teams. That's all anyone is asking for here.

And once again on the subject of "punkbunnies" (he-he): What amazes me even more is that guys actually go for that. I feel like the Disney movie "Mulan": "How about a girl whose got a brain, who always speaks her mind?" "NAH!"

On the Komets merchandise, I actually bought several items this past season and was happy with all of them, so I can't complain. But I'm not familiar with what has been available and for how long -- so I can't comment there.


Nice to see former Komet M.Syroczynski playing in the ECHL finals.


i cant get over people putting down the uhl/ihl its just a name. the talent level we had this year was far better then the talent level of some of our big time ihl teams in the past. my point is, most people on here only know the ihl from its last few years when the league had direct affiliatins and had a lot of former nhl guys playing. those years were so much different from the ihl in the sixties or the seventies but it was still the ihl, just like its the ihl today. you cant compare it to other years cause its not fair. so quit putting down the ihl. its hockey and its fun. more importantly it is our hockey. unless you come up with the bucks and buy a franchise, we wont be in the ahl. and what you people dont understand is, if the ihl folds, we probably wont have hockey here in the fort. if the ihl folds, there is no guarantee the frankes will go out and get a franchise in the higher leagues. thats a very expensive proposition. theyd be better off dropping the whole thing and get along with their lives in their previous jobs. so criticize all you want but if you protest too far then we may just wind up with no hockey at all!!!


St. Chris - Thanks for the info. Might have been sitting a couple of people away from you in the dressing room after last friday's skate. If I'm guessing right - you were telling a story about Marty Bender's house...


Yep...funny story and true too at least as far as FWFD lore goes. What sweater color were you wearing? D-man or Forward?


BTW your welcome for the updated info, I know some of the guys didn't get the e-mail.


wendy i do believe in picture P that it is Sergei Durdin


Thanks kometfan! You know, I was just coming on here to say that might be the case. I know that a lot of people on here were giving him a hard time during the playoffs, but I always respected him. So I certainly want to identify him. I'll go ahead and change that. If I've missed anyone else (other than Mitch Woods in the first Aquino picture "H"... yes I know he's there), please let me know!

Now see, I wouldn't put it quite that way chuckitt because it sounds like you're saying, "Komet hockey: It's better than nothing!" :D

But I do know what you mean, and I agree completely. No sports franchise anywhere should ever be considered "safe". The Albany Price Choppers should have taught us that. Not to mention that I know at least one person from Baltimore who has never forgiven the Colts. It can happen people. Don't think it can't.

That being said, let's give our guys some credit. I don't care about arbitrary class systems. The Komets showed more heart this season than at least half the NHL teams out there. Now THAT is something to cheer about.


i do believe that if the ihl folds that we wont have hockey here. and you know what, any hockey is better than none at all. its a great spectator sport and a great fan friendly sport and its a weekly social event for lots of people. i just dont see anyone in this town with the money that would be willing to take a gamble at a higher league. some one needs to come on here and prove me wrong.


If the IHL folded and the Komets were left with no option but to fold, you can bet big money that an NHL team would buy the franchise. With our drawing power and long history of supporting the teams, they would gladly make us an affiliate but how about we all hope that never has to happen


theres no way there would be no hockey here. your dead wrong on that.

people have a right to feel like the ihl isnt all that chuckitt. i dont think they need you to tell them how to feel towards hockey on here like you have all season. when you dont agree with someone its front page news. not everyone is a god of hockey like yourself...sorry but a 6 team league just doesnt cut it for long...the only reason it looked so good was because we ran the table in the regular season then went 7 games in the finals in what was an amazing series-and because mccarty made his comeback in flint for a few weeks. every other team had troubles.

i am looking at it like this: it was the first year and it showed some spots of promise. i can handle it one more year before i really start to desire something more. whether thats adding more teams to the I or moving up or a lateral move talent wise to another league.


That is Sergei Durdin talking with Mitch in picture P


Thanks for confirming that, iluvhockey. I do appreciate it. I did go ahead and update it this morning as I had another photo with him in it that made me think it was probably Durdin. I didn't include that one in the set -- in part because Mitch appeared to be picking his teeth in it. :D


Forward. I've got no shot - can't play the point.
I borrowed someone's white sweater. He looked like one of the scoop guys.

Cat Eyes

I am still peeing myself over "puck bunnies"...sorry...that is too funny!! And trying not to mispronounce it when I say it is fun as well...easily entertained here, I know!!

Wendy, you are the woman!! Thanks for the great pix! Those of us who "love to look" as you so aptly put it appreciate them...as does my 7 year old who has got to be the biggest fan in the whole universe...ok, maybe not, but definitely in my house anyway.

Trust me, if the Komets were to not be here for whatever reason, my life as I know it would cease...not only would October thru May totally come to a dead screeching halt, but I would have a 7 year old who would totally not understand why they "left him"...as I am sure many parents would have to explain to their kids. The fans LOVE their Komets, no matter winning or losing, no matter 6 teams or ten, it does not matter to us. We are hockey addicts, and we are Komet addicts, that is it plain and simple. if you don't get that, then you just don't get that! So to all the naysayers who think all the hype over the Cup win should stop or who don't get why we love this "little" league or whatever...you never will get it, so just don't hurt yourself trying, ok???


Here is another one for ya
"Stick Chicks"


I can't take credit for "puckbunnies"- I picked that up off of either this blog or Blake's blog. I was hoping whoever coined that particular phrase would come forward so we could thank him/her!
I know what you mean about life as we know it ceasing to exist if there were no Komets (shudder). I'm already not sure what I'm gonna do with myself all summer! Right now I'm still making do with watching the WANE.com videos and Youtube.


The term "puck bunny" has been around for YEARS and YEARS..We have our fair share of em here, including some famous ones


I've been going since 1987....the term "puck bunny" was in use even then. And yes, this team has had some real....eh..."winners" over the years....way worse than the kind that "look good" at 3AM when the bars close and one has consumed way too much of their favorite adult beverage(s)!


You know the old saying, "A 4 at 10:00 is a 10 at 4:00!"


hahahahahaha bob. i thought i locked those memories away til you said that

Joe Dirt

Yes like the comments say the dvd is really good. If anyone else wants the dvd just email me at jpn113@gmail.com . The one dvd has the entire game and another has extra stuff that I made myself its pretty cool.



By saying THIS team had more talent than our old IHL teams shows how much you know...nothing.
You are living in the moment.

Sorry to ruffle your feathers, which is very easy to do, but this 6 team IHL doesn't compare to the old IHL at all. THis is very low minor leagues and despit the Komets having a few very good players, that wasn't the case league wise. Enough celebration was done for this team. Time to move on, Chuckitt.



This year was better than the UHL, but overall these games were just "okay" and they don't compare to the old IHL. They don't no matter how the old IHL met its demise. The league was great for a while and doesn't compare to this one nor do the accomplishments.

Hit Somebody!!!

Can we just enjoy what we have and what this past season was? I don't think anyone needs to tell another that they can or cannot enjoy this past season. It is essentially up to each person to decide. Why must we run this into the ground? Who gives a rats arse if this year was worse than 30 years ago or better than 10 years ago?

It was a great season anyway you slice it in my book. It was fun to go to each game. We had very likable players. Guys that were talented. Role players. Local guys. Old guys. Young Guys. Fighters. Bangers. Goaltenders not named St. Pierre.

We had opponents that were fun to hate. Rivalries. Fun games. We won alot of games.

Can any of you imagine what the talk would be like if we had not made the playoffs or if we would have gotten beat in the first round?

We Freaking won guys and gals. Stop complaining. What else do you want? I know...you all want the NHL here. Not gonna happen. You then want the AHL...not gonna happen either. AHL to me is less caring and less emotional. It would be really hard to attach yourself to those guys and that product like you can currently.

I enjoy the Komets. I like the product we have. Can it improve? Yes it can...will it improve...most likely. Does it matter which "AA" league we are in overall? No, not really. The AA leagues are all pretty much the same. E, I, C....throw them in a bag and pull one out, they are pretty much the same. A league that is regionally located makes the most sense financially and will in the long run be the way to go. The CHL and ECHL are in for hard times in the current economy, as will be the AHL. The IHL has a good sound plan overall. Give it some time people. It will get there.

Enjoy your summer. Can't wait for the hockey season to start back up. Go Komets!!!


Home opener October 18th according to the news tonight. I think it was channel 21 but I was channel surfing so I'm not sure. Start counting the days! :)


You're welcome, Cat Eyes. :D

Aw, geez. You guys aren't gonna be whining about how many teams are in the league or how you would rather have an AHL team all summer are you? I won't say what I think of that, but please tell me that you aren't in the referee training program.

You know, last fall I bought some tickets to an L.A. Kings game for a friend in a California. I still remember the phrase written on them: "We play for L.A." Such a simple statement, but so full of meaning. I know a lot of people in SoCal loathe the Kings, in part because they always seem to be struggling. But the true fans support their team even when conditions aren't so great because they are out there, playing for you and representing your city. We are truly blessed to have a team like the Komets playing for us.

Cat Eyes

Five Minute Major, ya just gave me the goal for the summer...Oct 18th, here I come!! Good God, that seems like a really long time away, but at least there is motocross to get me there...that is my adrenaline high for the summer...it's not hockey but it is fun!!

Wendy, ya crack me up...I saw in some of your pix that you are a fellow redhead...gotta love the fiesty redheads of the world! No wonder I like you so much, and agree with so many of your comments. Your comment about refs in training made me laugh...my son had a fleeting moment of wanting to be a ref until he really became a true Komet fan this year, then he really got into booing them (especially in the playoffs), and I asked him again if this was what he really wanted his career to be, and not shockingly, he had changed his mind! Now he is gonna be the goalie...right, Deuce?? Look out Reiter and Boucher...you only have a few more years before the new goalie comes along...of course he needs to learn to skate first...


I see that Fort Wayne placed 18th among best places for families to live, according to Best Life magazine. Curious - where did Port Huron place?


hit somebody, you summed it up pretty good!!!! and tgp thanks for the title of god of hockey! bout time somebody noticed!!lol!! lets hope we all have a good summer and i hope all realize next fall that this years feats will really be difficult to do again, even if they same lineup is here!! lets hope they prove me wrong!!


Here's hoping there's nothing better to do this summer.


Canuck I remember you now...that was really not one of the better skates.There was no balance between teams,usually they do a better job of mixing "B" skaters with "C" skaters. At least we got to see Cohny go after the guy who ran our goalie, that was great!! Cohnster got some fire in him.


i got an office full of Komet Trinkets.


with a nickname like "the goalie" what else is the young lad gonna do Cat Eyes?


Hey Wendy and Cat Eyes, I'm a redhead too! :) I'll probably hit a few Wizards games this summer to get me by, especially since it's the last year in the Castle. And of course I'll be lurking here hoping for some news, any news!


Clearence Sale=Sidney Crosby-sz.52-black jersey-250 + C patches-fightstrap-sewn on single layer name & numbers=$125


Did anyone see, I heard on 92.3, that the city of Ft Wayne called today (or sometime this week) "Dino-Day" in honor of the (Very $$$$$!!!!) Walking with Dinos show at the MC? What kind of crap is that? We can't have a KOmets day, but we can have a day for a show that cost too much money for any middle class family to go to? Way to rub salt in the wound Mayor McCheese!


Oh no. "Dino-Day"? You have GOT to be kidding me. Hey, I'd have no problem with it were it not for the disrespect they showed the Komets.

To Cat Eyes and FiveMinuteMajor... Whoa! You're both redheads too? That's downright spooky. Are either of you lefties as well? That would be REALLY spooky.


so what does everyone think of the MAHL trying to get more teams and already two with one in Trenton MI and in battle Creek MI. Anyone think it would be a good merge with a 5 state league. They already have 8 teams and with 6 of us that would make a 14 team league. Also that could bring in some other teams in the mix around here.


I think to jump from 6 to 14 would be a huge risk and the talent level would drop from this year, but we will need to do something soon to grow our IHL!

Cat Eyes

Sorry Wendy and Five Minute Major...not a lefty...my son is a switch hitter/shooter, though, if that helps...lol!! And I definitely have the Irish temper that goes with the red hair. But I can be nice when I need to be!

Deuce...the boy is really a good soccer goalie...we need to get him on some skates this summer to get him goin' in the hockey direction! Of course, his momma is pretty clumsy, as you know, so this could be interesting and ER-filled for us both, but what the heck! No pain, no gain, yes? I already have open accounts at Parkview, it's like Cheers bar there for me (everybody knows my name!), so why not??

I have already hit one game at the Castle...I'll be back, since I won't probably go downtown to the new one...oh, did you hear that...that was the sound of a can of worms being opened!! lol! But I like going and talking to the players in Spanish on Sundays at the autograph sessions...fun!! A mutual friend is buds with Carvahal, so I have talked with him, he's pretty cool. He comped us tickets, actually, so really cool!


I'm ambidextrious (can't spell it but I can do it...) :P and my temper is Scottish rather than Irish, but I think we'd all get along!


ok if u think why are we building a new baseball stadium if the wizards have a few hundered fans? when the komets have sell outs. Come on! serieously. WE need MORE ice rinks in fort wayne. And plus we won the cup which hasent happened since 03!!! give the komets a parade or something! jeeze!

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