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April 10, 2008



Maybe Savage would like a little cheese with his whine. Call me a homer but the last thing i want to see is someone on the other team being the #1 star. I don't care about the other team or their players or if they do good. It is neat to see the post game interviews though.

Justin Cohn

I see it both ways. But I agree with Brendan. If you're going to act like it's the stars of the game, then do it legit. If not, then say what it is, the homer of the night or something.


Cohny...barrel hockey friday night 11pm sounds like a full roster, better get there early.


Sharpen your skates too, I know you feel the need for speed.

Brendan Savage

Thanks but I'm not a whine drinker. What would you say if the Komets came into Flint, lost 6-1 and didn't get a star?


I can see the 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 series. That would suck, but it seems to be the only way to get the series done before May. Wing stadium's schedule is WIDE open if they get lucky.


Well let's see the K's vs Flint last the 3 games of the year and about 2 months ago everyone was talking about how that could be an ugly set of games to set up the play-off's. Now there is talk about not having any injuries for the play-off's and in other words boring hockey. And to think the game Sunday is approaching a Sell out and what we will watch is two teams just trying to get the game over....

Justin Cohn

If the Komets came to Flint and lost 6-1, they probably wouldn't deserve a star. ... St. Chris, I'm always punctual. I'm a reporter. lol. Besides, I'm a ringer for the team you're playing earlier in the night. You better have the foil ready.


I don't know what is worse, reading the news of a 1-1-1 playoff format or reading how bad everything stinks by Toe Blake. Lighten up and let the weekend play out. Odds are the K's will not want to end the season with a loss....a home loss, so the game you will be attending should be decent. Big crowd for a big nightw tih awards to be handed out. It should be fun regardless.
The playoff scenario is brutal. Has this kind of thing been done before in a 7 game series?


Paddy Sharpe wears no foil and is not afraid of any ringers, but bring me a Red Bull I'll need it.


Savage is right on this one. Someone call Guinness, this could be a record.
The three stars are a bit of a joke. Maybe they should give a star for one player from each team. That way the home team could always interview one of their players.

Justin Cohn

Being a Blackhawks fan, what is your feeling with robert lang? Boy, he sure got crappy pretty quickly.


No comment.


Ok this once...he did have 50+ points for eight consecutive seasons, not bad for an old timer.

Justin Cohn

Yeah, he mailed it in with the Wings. ... And with the Blackhawks ... uh, well, yeah ... glad he's no longer on the Wings.


cant watch you sat night cause its the mad ants last game of the season.


I can't watch the game on Saturday, because Notre Dame is playing for a little thing called the NCAA Hockey Championship!!!!!


Is k-zoo & flint owned by the same person? Dumb moves to fire there coach - while in a playoff race & to replace them with no coaching experence. WOW chance of SNOW on sunday!!!


Justin, Do you know if the Komet's are staying in Flint over night tonight , or are they coming back. I know it might sound like a stupid question, but other times this year when the team was playing in Michigan over the weekend and you think it would be obvious they would stay overnight somewhere, they still come home each night. When Kalamazoo played back to back night in FW earlier in the year, they went back to Kzoo overnight. Just curious.


Okay, so allow me to explore the logic that seems to be used on this board by certain posters:

1) Kevin Reiter, who was chosen as the IHL Goaltender of the Year and who has 8 shutouts and who has played fantastic throughout the season -- yeah that's a real stretch that he would have received the most Star Awards throughout the course of the season.
2) A Komet player is almost always chosen as the #1 Star in Fort Wayne during a season where the Komets have won 30+ home games and 25 home games in a row -- an obvious conspiracy. With such a lack of success at home, I am amazed that there has EVER been a warranted #1 Star selection in Fort Wayne this season!

3) During a season where the Komets have broken pretty much every record for success humanly possible, it is abhorrently wrong of them and their coach to want to avoid injuries during the last weekend of the season so that they can be ready and rested going into the playoffs where fans expect nothing less than a championship or they will be outraged -- yeah, how dare they look to be rested and healthy for the playoffs -- it is much more important for BAD BLOOD to develop during a 3-game series at the end of the season.

4) It is a travesty that the Komets have such a deep and talented team that something like a rule requiring 2 players to be left-off the playoff roster inspires such debate. It would be a lot easier if the Komets would just find 2 players that STINK to keep on their team all season so that everyone could be in agreement on who should be left off the playoff roster. And how dare a league have a rule that requires them to set a playoff roster. That is almost unheard of -- it only happens in pretty much EVERY SPORT AT EVERY LEVEL. I can't believe that the IHL would be so brash!

5) Fans in Fort Wayne are so outraged by all of the above that the Komets are on pace to draw more than 7,700 fans per game and more to the point, they are so outraged by the possibility of NO FIGHTS on Sunday 4/13 that the game is already almost a sell-out for a "meaningless game" on a Sunday in April.

With all of that taken into account, I'm suprised the Komets are even able to operate their business considering how poorly everything must be run to lead to such conspiracies and inconsistencies. Thank goodness we have fans who are willing to come on these message boards and prevent us all from being bamboozeled by such blatent and outright attempts to mislead, conspire against, and otherwise fool all of the good fans of hockey in Fort Wayne.

I'd say "Go Komets" -- but that might inspire attacks by posters that I was suggesting that they "Go" in a certain direction, with a certain theme, or with a certain mindset heading into the last weekend of the season or into the playoffs.

And we wouldn't want that now, would we?


Wow, did someone forget to take their medication?

Justin Cohn

Actually, I'm not sure if they're staying overnight. I would think they are given the distance, but nothing surprises me in this age of cost-cutting measures anymore.


Nicely said Voice...I completely agree...sometimes not matter how good the Komets are someone is not happy...
Go Komets
Bring home the Cup


I'd say we got our butt kicked....But i wouldn't care cause i'm not there. Even if we won 9 - 1 at Flint and we didn't get a star, i wouldn't care, cause i'm not there.


Considering that none of the IHL teams are terribly far apart this year, I can see where it would make sense to just come home instead of staying overnight. Sure, it saves lodging costs, but I also find that I rest much better in my own bed.

As for the cuts, I had one of those half-awake thoughts this morning. I know that it’s idealistic, but wouldn't it be nice if they could make them voluntarily? Chances are that players who are struggling know this about themselves. It would give them the chance to save face and "take one for good of the team". Just a silly thought.


Get a grip, Voice.


Marchant & Shirikov goes = no toughness=not playoff type players!!!


Voice - This is after all a place for Komet fans to express themselves. If someone is disappointed with a certain rule such as roster spots, where would you like them to post that? should they ask you first?

If another fan is upset that these games will likely be boring, should they shut their trap as to not bother your reading experience?

I would say a very high percentage of Komet fans are more than happy with this season. however, when someone has a gripe, this would be the place to bring it up. makes for some interesting debates.

I agree with you, and dont see why some of these complaint exist. But they do and always will. Kind of entertaining to try to see all sides of a topic, and hear out other opinions. would be a boring web site to visit if all we ever did was pat each other on the back and agree all the time.


As far as Marchant goes, he was one of the best players for us in last years playoffs. Hope we keep him, because i believe he is one of those guys that has another gear when the real season starts.


27 points in 34 career playoff games I'll take Marchant anyday


Marchant..."not a playoff type player"...most ridiculous thing I've read. Quick, someone let coach Sims in on this!


what's with them playing welcome to the jungle in flint. I want to clap. LOL


Very OT But former Komet Wes McCauley is one of the referees tonight in the Caps/Flyers game.
Indiana native Donald Brashear score the first goal for the Caps.Who da thunk?

kyle hunt

Marchant is a player, anybody disagrees has no argument, every bit of proof is on the side of the people that appreciate him, every stat you want to talk about, every player sees it and the Coach sees it..MAN! Go Komets and Caps!


Voice makes a lot of interesting points, but requiring teams to cut players who have been roster players all season long is still ridiculous. We are looking forward to winning the cup which means that two players who busted their tails all season long and did everything they have been asked would miss out on a ring because of this stupid rule. And they might never have another chance again.


Henley has a SOG in the first period. Nothing else to report there.



2-2 end of first.

kyle hunt



4-4 end of 2nd


Up 4-2 and the K's once again this year blow a 2 goal lead and are tied after 2. It seems we get to comfortable once we get a 2 goal lead and are unable to build upon it.


Looks like Musky is going to get the 4th seed play off spot.

btw... anyone what to buy a Bertram bobblehead?


Komets Win OT


i would give the 3 stars to the 3 Flint coaches.


they already gave the three stars to flint players. what a joke.

Jerad Shaw

I'm only 24, but star awards are indvidual awards. Who cares about being one of the three stars. A win is a win. I guess times have changed, and it's about getting your name in the spotlight, but that is what is great about this year's team. I think they feed off each other as a team. That is going to be the biggest thing come the playoffs. They play for each other and not themselves!!!

Brendan Savage

Pass the whine and cheese chuckitt. I tried to tell you guys ...


Marchant last years best playoff player=early exit from playoffs.Hope he's not our best player this year. He's slow & lazy-I can live with slow but not lazy.PS.=won't take a hit to get the puck.


mightbite, did you watch Marchant play the past month? A lot of words could be used to describe his play, but lazy is not one of them! I understand how you would not like him since he never drops the gloves, but he does a lot of the "little things" a team needs to win the cup.


MelissaSarrazin, I might be interested in the bobble head.



And it would be understandable how you would not like Shafranov, Hukalo, Reynolds, Drouin or Dupuis because they never drop the gloves.

Huh? Since when did it become normal for every person on a team to fight at least once during the season.

Marchant doesn't need to fight.

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