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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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April 12, 2008



i'll be at a birthday party with no access to TV. i'll DVR it! Give live score updates during the braodcast, that would be cool. Hope Hit, JM and the other crazies call in, that might make for some good TV.


Did the Komets efforts to pickup another amatuer fizzle out?

Jerad Shaw

Mightbite,abeatenhorse, Henley didn't do much last night?? What gives?


Hey Bucko=(Jerad) KING-KONG HENLEY= probably didnt see much ice last night.


King-KONG HENLEY scared those hartford buckos=plenty done/mightbite & abeatenhorse are not the same=just thinks the same + alot more of us Buckos out here.


fun game to watch last night. I must say that flint is very nice and the fans were very welcoming. There was one point I was worried when woods mad an certain "motion" that Boucher is familier with at a flint fan. The fan was pretty cool about it though and thought it was funny.

the flint folks in front of us said that they really like when other teams fans come. Then they corrected themselves and said "except Port Huron" apparently port Huron fans get pretty lure and rude.

Hope tonight is another good one


PH fans were the best to deal with while on the road. I had a great time dishing it out and taking it from some of the PH fams while we clinched the finals in their barn. After the game aI even had a few fans, and the Beacon mascot, come up and wish us good luck in the finals. It was very nice to see and much better than what my wife thought the guy was coming up to do to me!


Just watching the Red Wings game and it great to see Darren McCarty score the first goal! It so nice to see someone that has spend so much time and effort in the lowly IHL finally see his dream come true and make it in the bigs!!!

J/K, but it was funny to hear them talk about him spending a whole month getting just $500 a week playing for the Flint Gernals...


great post as always.
I'd love your comments over at www.myhockeyforum.com

Hit Somebody!!!

That was way too short on Sound-Off. Why did Justin only get 5 minutes? That was a waste of time. I e-mailed a question and called and didn't get through. Lame job NBC 33. Justin should have been on for no less than half of that show.


It's not like the Komets are the big story right now, I mean come on. The Mad Ants are the big thing we all care about. I loved when they talked about how the coach of a last place team dressed up is 70's crap to have fun. Golly Gee!

This is all the most reason why they need to have a weekly Komets show durning the season so people can call in for more than 5 mins. Oh well, that would make sence so why would we do it?

Great Job Justin for the little time they gave you. Did you get some of the good eats from Wrigley?

Justin Cohn

Thanks for getting on guys, You should let Tommy Shoegler know you wanted more K's talk for next time. I don't think he understoof K's nation would be in force. Anyway, no, seriously let him know your feedback on the show. I didn't know how long I would be on for.


But did you get any of those wings from Wrigley? Best in town!!!


Boy, I really couldn't make out who Bob said scored that go ahead goal...did he say Marchant?


wow notre dame got screwed on that last goal/no-goal call

kyle hunt

Could not have been Turtlechant!


Icy, I agree. That call just changed the whole game.


I would rather have him refered to as "Goalchant" and us win than to have him call "BeatTheCrapOutOfSomeonechant" and lose!!!

kyle hunt

You bet Hoss!

kyle hunt

Oh, the turtle sarcasm referred to his being slow also.


My Bad...

kyle hunt

I think Chaser would have a little trouble calling out Beatthecrapoutofsomeonechant scooorrres!


This B2 guy is ridiculous. He has called us Kalamazoo and now he just called us Port Huron. Is it that hard to remember who they are playing with only 6 teams in the league?


I couldn't find an email place on their website to email Tommy. Have a link?


I used the "My 2 Cents" thing to e-mail about the lack of using Justin and K's coverage...I hope someone reads it.

Justin Cohn

tommys@indiananewscenter.com, I believe.


New Guy with the goal!!! 5-3!

Ryne Gurney

It was too bad to see that Noter Dame goal disallowed, weak call, and my guess is that BC doesn't score that next goal if that goal is allowed.


I think Notre Dame ties the game up if that goal gets counted.

However, regardless of the result, Notre Dame has nothing to be ashamed of as they had a terrific season and ND is slowly becoming a powerhouse thanks to Jeff Jackson and his staff.


Justin, here's an invitation to appear on Talkin' Sports Saturday April 19th. It's on WNUY 100.1 FM. We can take the last half hour of the show for Komets playoff talk, listener calls and e-mails if you're available.


Justin, can you look up what the Gulls winning percentage back in 1993 was compaired with our Komets this year. Komets win again 6-3. See you all Sunday!!!!



To answer your question

San Diego was 62-12-0-8 in the 92-93 season

Komets are 56-12-5-2

San Diego did that in an 82 game season


mad ants are cool so dont diss somethng youve not even been to. komets arent the only sports team in town you know. theres room for everyone, thats why were the minor league sports capital of the usa!


I wouldn't say cool, but they are something to do while the Komets are out of town, I guess. I would also not throw around the "you have never been to" since you really have no idea who goes to what, since I was at the first 10 or so games.


Seems the K-Wings fans are a bit upset over your poll Cohn according to their message boards. Its actually pretty funny.


sounds like kalamazoo has a big beef with fort wayne.......sayin that port huron poses the biggest challenge to the komets...


The Wings certainly don't pose a threat and they haven't all season. Wings fans need to be mad at that.


Can other teams get a player from a team NOT IN THE PLAYOFFS = k-zoo.


Kyle...you'd be proud to know I picked up on your sarcasm right off the bat this time,Booyah! BTW, Cohny's got a pretty fast wrister, watched it from the bench friday night/saturday morn. reminded me of Marchant's shot(no sarcasm)


Larry, Let's here some EMF tonight because these guys are "Unbelievable". GO KOMETS!!

Justin Cohn

The poll is up because of the Wings' fans actions on that board. lol. The 19th, I'm afraid, I'll probably be in Muskegon. But shoot me an invite some other time. jcohn@jg.net.


So is it officially 1-1-1-1-1-1-1?


I was looking for Mr. Savage in Flint last night but did not see the man...if they are fortunate enough to beat PH I hope to get to meet Mr. Savage. I didn't think their arena was a dump but it was definitely in the bottom two of the league. Fans were over all comparable with everyone else I have met...no one matches the rudeness of some Muskegon fans but every building I have been to this year (note that is every arena in the league) has a few bad apples just like FW. The arena is very easy to find. The replay screen their stinks. Watching a few and I do mean a few Flint fans yelling Hawthorne sucks was very amusing. I listened to a guy complain all the way to the parking lot...that was fun. I really hope FLint wins their Mon/Wed home games this round...that sucks. If you take away the 4-600 Komets fans there last night you would have a typical PH crowd. One of the employees of the Perani Arena told me that since they fired Kevin Kerr attendance has been down...hmmmm? Wonder why? Anyways see you all tonight as we go for 26 straight on home ice and I still don't think we have lost in regulation since Feb. 17th...so...lets keep that streak going. Plus it will take at least a half hour for all the hardware at the end of the game so pack a snack.

Jerad Shaw

Ahhh Feb 17th. Believe that was the good old Ed Campbell game!! Remember it like it was yesterday!

Jerad Shaw

K, After reviewing the schedule, I was way off!

Jerad Shaw

BUCKOS. See what happens when KING KONG HENLEY isn't playing. He is the real Komets MVP.


Mr. Hustle Mitch Woods what a joke. Mathieu Curadeau got robbed!

Ryne Gurney

We gave that game away, plain and simple.

I don't think Bert qualifies for unsung hero, not because he isin't a hero, but because he isin't unsung, he won the bobble head thingy for christ sake.


Who is going to Muskegon Saturday? This will be my first road game ever...What are the good places to sit?

Justin Cohn

I voted Curadeau for Mr. Hustle, just for the record.

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