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April 16, 2008



Peoria of 1990-1991 was every bit as good as the San Diego team of 92-93 and they did win the whole thing. Maybe they should adopt a REMEMBER PEORIA as a more positive message. Just a thought..


I am curious to see how this team reacts if they are starring at the face of adversity. There has been alot of hard work that has went in to this season and the current run we are on. It's not all luck. But you also have to admit there has been some things that have fell right for the Komets to currently be 22-0-2. A call. A no-call. A break here or there. Shootout wins. Health.
They have already been thrown a slight curveball with this playoff format although the team may have known about it well before it was made public. How they handle adverse situations may play a role whether they finish this magical season on top.


I don't know, seems like they have won quite a few road games this season as well, so it may be a bit of an over reaction to claim that there is already adversity when they have not played one game yet.


I am getting tired hearing about this format. The only differnce between this format and a 2-2-1-1-1 fomat is that games 2 and 3 are flip-flopped.


NO, K's lose 2 games the entire playoffs and skate off into the sunset w/ Rock n Roll part 2 playing.


RR#2...I will never understand why they can't play it. I teach HS and I hear far worse than that daily in the building...are parents that naive to think that their children are not hearing worse anywhere else? Get a grip...it is like government censoring speech or tobacco in the FW area establishments...only who is doing the censoring in this case?


Hee's another dead horse to beat.


The saying "it is not a series until the home team loses" is where the difference is. It may not be a huge difference but you would have a bigger advantage stealing a road win in a 2-2 start of a series. If they both hold serve its moot.

And I didn't say there IS adversity but rather IF there would be adversity. Not sayin', just sayin'.


???Greg? I am not a dead horse I am on here all the time...and usually speak the truth and normally throw facts in when I have time...which is 90% of the time. Go Komets! See everyone three times this weekend.

Jungle Monkey

Does PHP or the Boy Scouts come to playoff games? Play the darn song!

(I might as hell stoke the fire for the sake of getting people all worked up...)


Sorry T, That should have said..."Here's another dead horse..." That wasn't in reference to you but the subject of the goal song.


Not to say that anyone who wants to hear RR2 is wrong, but after the amazingly successful season that the Komets have had and knowing how superstitious hockey players are, do you really think that the players would want to change the goal song (or anything else for that matter)? I know that this is a place for fans to voice their opinions, but I would bet if you asked any of the players that they would not want anything changed. Just my opinion.


Jungle Monkey,

The last Scout Night my wife and I were subjected to some of the most moronic and very rude people that have sat in my section! (And these were the PARENTS!)

For some reason it was MY FAULT that they could not arrive on time (about 5:00 into the game!) then they proceed to take their time to sit down when the game is underway!

I guess that they don't give out Merit Badges for common sense or manners! LOL


Anyone want to go to the game on Sat. if so email me at pacers46725@yahoo.com I will be purchasing tickets tomorrow evening. If anyone has an extra seat and wouldn't mind someone with them I will be good if you want me to be or be myself and be vocal supporting the K's. Either way can hold 2-3 in my car, or willing to chip in. I will be going by myself otherwise and that makes it expensive and less fun.


K's should have $1.00 beer night & play whatever kind of music they want!!! Put the kids away for one night.


hey bob remember the boys are in scouts not the parents....


mightbite thats the spirit, i like that thought...

sick of hearing about the 92 gulls...we will dominate the playoffs on our way to the cup...

if we do get behind at any point...the "hey" song will bring us right back up to par

kyle hunt

Don't they play "The Song" @ certain key times during the playoffs? I could of swore I heard it even last year once!


There is a big red STOP cover over the button for "the song". I was removed for the 3rd period of the playoffs a few seasons ago, but I think that is no longer the case.

Jerad Shaw

Well, why don't we just bring back Scotty Gruhl, Colin Chin, Igor Chiberev, Ian Boyce, and Guy Dupuis. Well nevermind about the last one.


The kids are the future komet fans, I really dont want my 8 yr. old son yelling hey you suck. why is this a big issue still to grown adults? Is it really that important to yell you suck? Do you think the other team really cares? or it hurts there feelings? Give it up!


Funny thing about that "hey" song. It is on YouTube as an example of what our goal horn sounds like. Hmmmm... not sure how to do a link. Here is the URL.


St. Chris

Hey Shaw you forgot one very important player from that team...Kelly Hurd.


Cool. It worked. :D

As for "Remember San Diego", I can see where that has a positive side, considering that we beat them. But still, isn't it a bit like saying, "Don't screw up!" and expecting it to encourage someone?

But yes, that is something that they should already know. Nothing that has happened to date matters. We're starting over, and they are going to have to prove themselves all over again. And it will be a lot tougher this time around.

Regarding standing up during games, I have been guilty of standing up to take photos at a couple of recent games. I tried to be quick and it was my intention to share the pictures I took with fans everywhere. If anyone is interested in seeing them, here are links to the Flickr slideshows (click "view as slideshow") I put together. There are 19 in the Flint set and 18 in the Muskegon one. You are welcome to copy any you like, of course.

Flint (March 22, 2008):

Muskegon (March 29, 2008)

St. Chris

Wendy...very nice. I would encourage you to archive some of your photos with the Allen Co. Public Library.(ACPL)Since 1839 the FWFD has been photo documenting it's history and we've been archiving them with ACPL for a few years now, the FWFD collection is one of the largest around. The Komets are just as much part of the history of Fort Wayne as any other entity, and it's history should be documented.

Jerad Shaw

Kelly Hurd. As a 9 yr old, I remembered certain names. Kelly Hurd was a guy my dad loved. He told me that he was a role player. Did what needed to do to be a winner. { He was obviously primiming me for my athletic future). I apoligize for not mentioning him!!!

St. Chris

That is how Kelly is to this day, he puts that same type of effort into being a firefighter.

Jerad Shaw

See, I want to relieve that season via video tape. Went to my first Komets game in 90. I went to the majority of my Komets games in 93. All these guys use to be my ideals, but it seem so long ago, I miss out on the feelings I had when I was a kid. I did uncover about 3 or 4 programs from back when I was a kid. I will need to check and see if any are from that season.

Jerad Shaw

Sorry about the spelling in the above post. I'm in a daze since starting new job!


He was "okay" I guess. Now if we added his roller hockey goals to his professional career then we would have something! :)
He could still play this game, no doubt.

St. Chris

I know where you're goin with this Scoops...you're killin me. LOL.


A friend of mine is on the Fire Department and he said if Kelly was to come back and play today he would skate circles around the rest of the team. He said he is in the best shape of his life and has major skills left.

As for the "Remember SD" it would be our "sig" this year if Musky had the record that the Komets had. We do not want to remember SD this year, since that would be us going down!

Jerad Shaw

Scoops, serious question. Is there some competitive Roller hockey in the Fort? I by no means want to participate, as I can't skate, but I'm guessing that is if there is a competitive league, there must be a rec league. Even if I can't skate, I can coach. It's not the same sport, but I do have a 46-10 record Coaching 7th grade basketball. I'm a motivator and recruiter. Let me know if you do need my services!


Well..just spent the last couple hours painting our sign for this year..I had a lot of thoughts from the fellow bloggers and I hope that it will fire everyone up on Friday and the remaining home games...Can't wait for Friday.
Go Komets


There was an outdoor place that people played at on weekends but it went belly-up when the PLex opened. I used to play at the Plex in a league a few years back and Kelly and Steve Fletcher played with us. Eddie Long's grandson played on a team. The Chin's had a team out there. It was fun. If think Doug Rigler had something to do with it.
Now currently I think there is some league(s) going on at the Plex or will be shortly because I had a few friends call me about it and asked me to play again. I think 2 or 3 of the scoopers are playing somewhere if not at the Plex. I don't remember any coaches running a team back then.


Little bondo and some duck tape and Hurd nets 25 goals easy. Get Jim Logan out of retirement too. Always fun to watch play.


Kelly is as great of a person off of the ice as he is on it. I met him his first year here and he was dating a friend of mine from high school, he ended up marrying that gal. Cudos to him and to others for serving our fine city in the FWFD!


The song is not just about yelling "you suck" to me...it is what I grew up with...it is what really got the crowd into the game and still would...if you surveyed the crowd I am sure over 50% either wouldn't care either way or would be in favor of it in the playoffs. That being said I do like this goal song a lot better than the other 2-3 they tried out. Leave the Woo HOO song in K-zoo. If people need to say the word "suck" you can always do the Rockford mony...mony song like you did last year when we played them! I loved it! Anyone who ever has gone to a game at Rockford understood why that song was so funny. GO KOMETS! Also I am sure the players wouldn't care about the song either if it got the crowd into the game. Remember Sunday sellout crowd-also one of the quietest of the year by far. I even yelled out thos God forbidden words "GO FLint" to see if any fans were even awake. The entire row in front of me gave me a dirty look and yelled at me and I replied with "good, you are awake now...support your team with that same energy." Reverse psychology does sometime work. What would have happened if 10,000 people got into a game before the 1 minute mark of the third? WOW! That is concept! We would have a replay of the energy that was in the building twice this year...a few times last year, but very often during 1992-94. I remember my first game not being able to talk to anyone because it was so loud. Disagree with me if you want but if you think about it what I am saying is correct. I have been 50 Komet games this year and every arena in the league like some others so I have seen all types of fans and the noise at times in buildings. Lets really "ROCK THE JUNGLE" for the playoffs.

Jerad Shaw

I have written 2 letters to the editors at the JG. I presented my name in both of them. I was an 18 yr Old, and an 19 yr old. I posted about how I remember the days of Gruhl, Chin Boyce, HURD, ( a name forgotten in my first post, but I'm glad I was reminded. My dad is extremely happy you guys reminded me). I asked for the Jungle to come back. Those 2 years, we had a battle in front of us. Still we didn't get the same response from the crowd. I DON'T CARE IF R & R 2 is played. Since I can't be there. GET LOUD. ITS PLAYOFF HOCKEY. FORGET THE MUSIC. I ask you to get behind your team. I ask for you to get behind the guys you have been behind all year and rock the JUNGLE. You want a home winning streak??? This will be the best time!!! LET's GO KOMETS!


Can I get an AMEN!!!!!


I think if all us boarders/bloggers get up and get loud for a good 'ol "LET'S GO KOMETS" when Musky's starting lineup is going on, it would be a great start to the game and get more fan into it! I'll start mine up in 204...


What section(s) do I want to sit in at L.C. so I'm on the end where the Komets shoot twice??? This will be my first game there...


I love the Let's Go Komets during the opposing teams' starting line ups! I always start it from 205, I know Tom is usually right there with me. I'm completely with Jerad on this one, we need to ROCK THE JUNGLE big time on Friday and Sunday! All of us bloggers and fans who read the blogs need to show the casual fans what its all about! Let's blow the roof off the jungle!!! GO KOMETS!!!




Definitely need the "LET'S GO KOMET'S" during the Musky line-up for all games. 205 will be participating. I'll yell it, I got the vocals.

I kid about the goal song on here, love to read the reactions, but seriously, I was at Conseco for the Indiana Ice game a few Saturdays ago and they have the "Rock n Roll" song for their goals, I'll be honest, got me pumped and made me miss the energy that the crowd puts out for that song. I was lucky enough to get some tix from an ice fan, transplant Ft. W guy, and I told him that we aren't allowed to use it anymore. He didn't understand why, and I couldn't give him a good reason.

Sorry Justin, had to continue the "goal song" thing.

There was a time when we didn't yell "you suck" during the goal song. I don't think that's the problem, it's the "We're gonna beat the H*** out of you". The Nashville Preds do it.

I'm still waiting on the "Darth Vador" theme when we go on the PP.

How bout "Chaulk Dust Torture" by Phish for Colin?


I agree the Darth Vader song does sound cool at visiting arenas I have been to. Also I am ordering my tickets for Sat. tonight if anyone still wants to go email me at pacers46725@yahoo.com I will order the tickets before 5 pm so email me with your name and phone # if you want to ride along...still have room for 1-2 people. GO KOMETS! Jerad congrats on the new job...what hours are you working now?


Darth Vador theme would be great to use.

Not trying to be a moral cop but Gary Glitter is a dirtbag. Aside from some of his other hanus acts, him admittedly being a avid collector of kiddie porn is enough of a reason for whomever to pull the plug if they chose to do so. Yelling suck, hell, or intellects substituting F-bombs pales in comparison.


Couldn't agree more scoops, that's what I think the real reason behind it is, when he was getting indited, that's when we lost the song.

In the long run, it doesn't matter, just like to bring up the topic because I know how much Justin loves it.


I agree about Gary Glittler, because that is why the NFL outlawed the song. That's also why Denver found a band that did a cover tune of RnR pt 2 and now they still get the song. If that is the biggest reason we can't play it, let's get a copy of the song from a different band.


Hey Henley67250...did you guys forget me for Saturday???? Call me!

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