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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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February 15, 2008



I agree not a very intense game,but it is a win. I agree if you are going to be 3rd man in then do some damage. Woods could fought Willis after the face off right before Chaulk went after Willis but Woods just ignored him. So the put another on IR with a mysterious "HIP POINTER"


dump, chase...dump, chase

KZOO on power play-- dump dump dump

KZOO player skating with puck...bump....hes off the play

We could of sent the bloggers out there and we would of played with more heart than KZOO


After watching Frenchies stats this year i figured out when anyone piles up that many shutouts in a season they do have a tremendous defense in front of them. (frenchies stats stunk this year) Plus how many shutouts have we blown in the last couple of minutes this year. All in all we have great goalies and a great defense. If woodsie was going to jump in he should've got his moneys worth. its been an enjoyable season so far.


Another team quit against the Komets? What a surprise...boy is that becoming a trend. Looks like the UHL is slowly returning in all IHL cities but Fort Wayne.




seemed to me this game went by fast....wow...lazy lazy k-wings...might not make the playoffs...tonight mistake me if im wrong but i thought durdin played well..he had some quality shots tonight that were just blanked by reyneart who did play well after that first goal he gave in...legault really didnt go lookin for those fights...were those guys dumb but anyways i think that nebus gave him a run for his money!! overrall a great effort and they didnt have to lose a lot of energy they could have played with 15 and one...shouldnt be tired for flint

Justin Cohn

There was some brawling in the Flint game tonight, by the way.


Jeers to Wings player who shot the puck over the glass after the game, almost hitting an elderly lady and just missing a 2 year old kid. I didnt see who it was. Did anyone else? Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Jungle Monkey

If Woods stood there and Willis beat Chaulk up you all would have been honked off that he didn't stand up for Chaulk. You people can't always have it both ways.


In order to be an effective enforcer you have to walk a very dangerous line. While treading so closely to this territory you are bound to cross over the line on accident from time to time.

The little incident with chaulk happened fast for woods. He looks over and sees a veteran scorer having trouble with a veteran enforcer. Gee. what do you thing he is going to do?

he did what he thought he had to do. good job once more woods. Experience as an enforcer will help with those tough decision making times, and in future bouts that are similar i would expect Woods to perhaps learn from his gamer, and try a different way to handle it.

Oh, and i agree with Jungle Monkey. If chaulk gets beat down by willis, then there would be 20 people on here ripping woods and every other komet player on the ice at that time.

If you want your team standing up for one another then this is sadly the result you will see from time to time. it just happens.

Justin Cohn

I would chime in and say, then Chaulk shouldn't have followed him over to the bench and tried to throw down. He knew what he was doing. Although, it was in response to getting slashed earlier.


Reiter early in the season had me scared. I was very nervous seeing him in net, but after further review.... WOW...

Way to go Reiter. hats off to ya.


I was surprised myself to see Chaulk challenge Willis. Odd match up for him. Wilis is small, but he is known for his fists. he is a tough one for sure.

Chaulk must have woke up cranky or something.

Either way it was one of the few intense moments in the game, and surely added to the entertainment value.


Reiter looks like he has a higher confidence level now than he did a few months ago.

I was going to be pleased just getting a win last night, but another shutout? WOW!


anyone heading up to Flint tonight?


As bad as this to say -Little Willis did a number to the K's last night. Took Chaulk off the ice 5min- Woods the game-Curadeu 2min.Any video of the flint fight?


First...we all know there are people on here that would complain about anything...so why bring it up. who cares. dont start it. second, chaulker followed willie...let em go. chaulker can stand his own, and prolly would have taken care of him!!! third...STOP BAGGIN ON TERRY! or any other player out there. If he's on the K's. i'll support him. maybe he didnt hit the net, but he's gettin shots on goal.... alot of players seem to struggle with that. having an oppinion is one thing. itchin about one of our players all the time is another. it's getting real old. like woodsie said, thats why they are pro's and we are fans... sorry, had to let that out. but before i go... i gotta say... coach simms, good job man! We haven't gave you enough credit yet this year, in my opinion. Lookin at our win streaks, our goalies, our D men, each and EVERY scoring line, our HUGE point differnece.... your doin an awesome job. Thanks, cant wait for the rest of the year!!!


Agree with ya Booner

morency fan

hey can anyone tell me what the record of wins in a row is...?

Good game last night!
seemed like in the 1st fight Legult was a little rusty but the 2nd one was great!!

2 weeks is going to seem like for ever !!!

anyone going to the game next sunday in kalamazoo?...


I too would like to know who the k-wing player was that shot the puck into the crowd after the final horn.....that was wrong. someone needs to look into this...he shot it into lower 213 almost hitting people that were looking down at the komets end of the ice.

morency fan

But was it on purpose?...


i have four of us going to the game in k-zoo next sunday. FYI: there is a charity game before the game at 1:30pm between the Fort Wayne Freeze police/fire dept hockey team and the Summit Firehogs (Jackson MI hockey team)this game is benefiting the Great Lakes Burn Camp. The Freeze will have some former Komet's players and the Firehogs will have some former K-wing players.


it looked on purpose to me. he didnt even look into the stands when he did it. it for sure wasn't to give a fan a souvenir.

morency fan

i am going too...with like 6 or 7 people hope its a good game


I would say it was shot up on purpose, I saw the puck out of the corner of my eye, it was about 30 seconds after the horn sounded. I think it was Campbell who did it, whoever should be shamed and punished.

Woodys supposed comment about them being pros and us being fans, they wouldnt be pros, if it werent for us fans. All players should know that.


Thanks Brando!! That is the only point I was trying to make!

morency fan

i never saw the incident but im sure it was on purpose i was just wondering if it was
was woods out for that game or will it be like last game and he is out for tonight?..

oh yeah on the b2 is bloomington the one that like never works when people try to watch it?...

morency fan

oh never mind i thought they were playing bloomington but they are playing flint tonight...lol


One question!!
Why does anyone want to start a fight with Legault? He just about pummels everyone he goes around with! Did anyone else see Bertram get his clock cleaned behind the net? He didn't look too good going off the ice but he didn't miss a shift! That's the sheriff for ya!


Rick: i like that. he does police the ice out there. and as far as anyone "wanting" to fight Legs...it's kinda like a challenge. they know he can throw down so other fighters kinda feel they have somthing to prove. at least they are willin to dance with him instead of pickin on a non fighter...marcutie :) and when i brought up woodsie's comment, not even sure i believe he really said it, but i didn't mean to start that whole ordeal again. but i cant agree with ya on that one brando. we may help keep them in the pros, but they got to were they are by themselfs.... by hard work hustle and alot of heart. hockey is a tuff sport to move up in!! no offense tho:) i was just using that to help my statement.. the more shots on goal, the better chance we have at scorin!! think i might B2 the game tonight...anyone else


It was Jordan Little who shot the puck into the stands...

morency fan

yeah but is flint the one that has problems with the b2 or is that Bloomington?...


I somewhat agree this time Booner, they did get to where they are by lots of dedication, hard work, and heart. However, no fans, no money for teams=No money for players. The players play the game that the fans love and support, thats why it is a professional sport.
I saw Bert get hit behind the net. That should have been interference on Bootland...Could have had a couple of interference calls against him last night. Berts tough, had the wind knocked out him, he caught his breath and was back in the swing.
Henley67250, did you see Little do it? Absolutely classless...


david, its either put somebody on ir with a mysterious hip pointer or you have to cut somebody. why does it seems so hard for most bloggers to understand that????? its been explained many times. we are two people over the limit so we either cut two or have two "hurt" . isnt that hard to understand or is it??


I'm almost certain it was Little, because he was looking in the stands when he was skating off. I kept watching him as he turned back to congratulate Reynaert to see if someone threw the puck back at him but they didn't and that was good of them. But yes, I'm 95% sure it was Little


I sit about four rows behind the Komets bench and I must say...Boucher talks a lot of smack to the opposing team. Personally, I think its hilarious. I just wonder if he does the same thing out on the ice. He was giving Willis h-e-double hockey sticks (I dont know your rules about foul language Cohn so Im going to play it safe)last night. I love it, just wish more people could hear him do it.


No Chuckitt it is not hard to understand, but they do play muscial chairs with the same two players. So what will happen when that 7 days are up Legualt will go back on IR. How does that improve a player. But it really does not matter who is on or who is not on ir with this club. They are winning, taking care of one another more so than any team over the last few years.

Jerad Shaw

The ref let them play last night. He reffed the way the game should have been reffed. I thought every single call that was made or wasn't made was perfect. Was it me, or were there more bodies falling on the ice then when were in the UHL. It makes me wonder if their is something wrong with the ice. I haven't seen that in years.


There's a Shaw sighting! lol:) couldn't help myself!

Justin Cohn

Yeah, that boycott didn't last long.


ut oh, the big man laid that one out there!

Jerad Shaw

Yeah, It didn't last long. I should have stated myself in a totally different mannor. I'm just getting worn out with all the negativity. Some is warrented, but the majority isn't. I will eat my crow and realize that I said things that I knew I wouldn't follow through with! I have met to many people from this board that I enjoy talking hockey with to let this avenue go. I've become such a softy! I hate it!

Justin Cohn

Jerad, I'll try not to be so negative. Would that help? Lol, I'm kidding.

Jerad Shaw

Yup Justin, you are the negative person I was speaking of!!! I just wish you would be a Komet fan. I'm tired of the negative perspective you bring to the Komets!!! :) You see the game much better then 90% of the people that post on this board. Let's be honest thought, that 90% includes ME for sure!!!!

Justin Cohn

Just don't use the words Super or Fan with me. I root for the Icehawks, personally.


So whould the words "fan" and "Dumb" fit, in any perticular order?


OMG.....How in the world did the Oilers player NOT get cut is beyond me. Any answers?

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