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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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February 08, 2008



anyone get a video of that goal?? what an awesome goal...great game for the Komets...


Janice, check wane.com they have highlights already up.

Good game tonight K's


The K's were very good tonight, but Port Huron really never competed tonight. I hate lack luster effort even by a visiting team. After they got down 2-0 they tanked it. No wonder they only get 800 to a game. They played with no passion and just got dominated tonight.

Hit Somebody!!!

Awesome Goal!!! Sportscenter play of the day quality no doubt! Hope Aquino isn't hurt. I gasped when I saw him lay on the ice.

Curadeau once again proved whoever the blogger was that said he runs into guys lightly...wrong once again. He was banging the boards left and right once again and hit somebody every shift he had. If you doubt this or question this, I suggest you watch him when he is on the ice. Most consistant hitter we have and he does it with authority. He is as complete a player we have on this team.

Chaulk, Aquino, Woods!!! What else can be said. Our lines have shaped up nicely. Still would like to see Legault play. Warner got maybe 2-3 shifts tonight? I would play him more than at least 2 other D-MEN. Just my opinion.

Bobby Boucher looked tough as nails in net. It does help though when the forwards keep the puck on the other end all night as they attack the other goaltender. When we are agressive, impossible to stop.

Great job Komets!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Here is the goal....and the Mitch Woods arse kicking of Olinyck.



Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeeety Goooooooooooooooooal


SICK goal


Where can I find the jerseys up for bid? A few times I thought Henley was trying to be Bobby Orr not Colten Orr.

Justin Cohn

Look in comments under the previous post. They're on eBay.


Agreed Hit. Curddy comes out to play ever night!! He's fun to watch, this whole team is great to watch!!!

Good year to be a K's fan folks!!!

morency fan

Good game last night komets!!!


Aquino is going to be OK. Is very likely to play Sunday.

The last few games at home have been outstanding. Can't wait until Sunday.


Glad Aquino is OK, charley horses suck but at least it wasn't a knee or something! His goal was one of the prettiest ones I've seen for a while.
I thought Drouin's no-goal went off of one of the IceHawks, but I didn't have a real good view of it either.
I have a question about the "too many men" penalty- which drives me nuts too, btw. Anyways, how do they decide which player goes to the box to serve the penalty? Is it just someone who doesn't have a shift for a while or what? Something I missed in Hockey101.


The usually put anyone off the bench that's not going to play the PK/special teams.

Legault's been the main one this year, Kiayga the year before, and Worlton when he wasn't in there himself for getting the crap kicked out of him.

I still love Worlton jokes.


Anyone know how many time outs a team gets per period in hockey?


In hockey each team is only given one time out per game. Also, when it come to picking a player to serve a bench minor it has to be a player who was on the ice when the infraction occured. Most of the time it will be a forward who serves the penalty, because you don't want to be down a defenseman.


Aquino's goal was amazing!!! How he ending up in this league I will never know but I am so glad he is here.

Flint has play 7 fewer game than most teams....how comes they aren't playing this weekend??? actually they don't play agian till thursday.

GO KOMETS!!!!!!!!


Last night at the game I heard that Sims is supposed to be on some sports show on WPTA. I think it is supposed to be tonight at 7pm...anyone know for sure?


On a too many men penalty I do not think it is someone off the bench. I believe it HAS to be someone that was on the ice when the penalty was called! When a player gets two penalties and 2 people have to sit (ie. minor and major) then they can choose a player off the bench. I am sure I will be corected if I am incorrect!


The following is from this site:

Bench penalty: A bench penalty can be called on a team for violations of the rules, which are not specific to a player. Any team member can serve the penalty.

Hockey girl

KOMETS R ON FIRE!!!!!!!!! Man they played awesome last night! THis is probably one of the best nights they played! Plus with a sold out crowd how could they not of won! KEep up the Good work Komets!!!!!!!!

Jerad Shaw

Sean Venedam is on NHL Network on the ECHL game of the week. Things get pretty chippy @ the end of the game it appears by the boxscore.


Sims will be on the sound off sports show tonight I just heard it...he is in studio now for anyone interested. Fios channel 4

Hit Somebody!!!

Mr. Savage is on intotheboards trying to crack on Fort Wayne. Everyone should take their shot at pinning the tail on the donkey.


Sims is on right now...you can call in and ask him questions.

Hit Somebody!!!

Nice, he answers 2 questions and they have him on for what 2-3 minutes. But we at least got to hear the story about the guy who was in line for 12 days to get Bob Knight's autograph...that story took 10 minutes to tell.

Who is the dork in the sweater vest that says he is from Illinois that is clueless about sports and sports in Indiana? Wow. He said Peyton Manning couldn't have led the Colts to a comeback win like Eli did. What?


LOL that guy telling his bob knight story took FOREVER..... and they said the hooters girls were going to field questions and they didnt :(
(i was going to be the idiot to call and ask for the tall ones number) hahahahhaha better judgement prevailed


Man!!! Savage is a tool!

Jerad Shaw

Yes Hoss, Yes he is!


Let me first say that the Komets looked great in the game. Cohn's comments are spot-on, and I completely agree and that is NOT the first time those Komets he mentioned have put on AHL type of performances.

But the game itself was nothing special. I say that because the Icehawks were terrible! Yes the Komets played well, but the Icehawks did nothing to try to change the momentum by hitting etc. They played at half speed with little intensity. #54 is a useless hockey player...the type of player the UHL had truckloads of. And Snowball...how about stirring it up? Or Clarke? Where was he?

The Komets winning is nice, but I think this league really needs to get a few more teams who can give the Komets a run. I have not seen the Komets lose this year! I haven't been to every game, but I find my luck uncanny that I haven't seen a loss yet. This Komets team is good, but I think for the future of the league some of the other teams need to step it up not only in talent but also in fan support. Port Huron is lacking in both...BIG TIME.



Worlton won many more fights than he lost. Like him or not.


Hit Somebody,

JIm Rome made similar comments. Clueless is what he is!

Before the regular season loss to the Patriots this past season, Manning and the Colts had beaten the Patriots three straight times including the 18 pt comeback in the AFC chamionship game last season. Rome must have a very poor memory.

Jerad Shaw

Rome is there to stir the pot. Look at how he host his show. I will never respect Rome since he refered to Jim Everett as Chris Everett back when I was 9. I remember watch that interview and just hating all Media. My mind has changed on most, but not all media. I hate the fact that ESPN has given him a platform to express his opinions after what he did, but I guess ratings rule the TV world now.


I just noticed that the ks play flint the last 3 games of the season, fri. sat. and sun. what kind of games will these be if the ks still have a 12 point lead? they my as well just give flint the six points and move on to the playoffs. these games will probably be more like a scrimage. i cant really see either team wanting to beat the other up before the playoffs.by the way has anyone heard of what the playoff format will be? im guessing 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3.



Dido on Warlton. He most certainly won more fights than he ever lost and by a wide margin. Just because he ran into a lucky punch from a Muskegon player doesn't make him a bum. Is LeGault a bum because he lost his last fight to Jorde. Is Henley a bum because he lost a decision to Millette. Is Segal a bum because he ran into a lucky punch from LeGault ?


Thanks for the "too many men" explanations! One more thought from Friday's game... did anyone else think the mascot bowling looked like a lot of fun and want to try it themselves?


Please- lets drop the jungle 10000 people there fri. and you could hear the PH. player introductions. We should be proud & loud & worse. Nice pre-game on fri.


I agree that the pre-game show was good. They should use the Select Hockey team more often. Or they could put the Jeep girls on skates and give them flags. Does anyone know the name of the song Larry plays during warm-ups that has bag pipes in it? Just wondering because it is kind of cool.


Rich...bag pipes or bongos? i was wondering the same thing, i'm pretty sure it's remix of a song tho


In response to the Worlton thoughts:

He was an embarrassment to the game of hockey. Maybe he did win more fights, but the guy skated like a deer on ice.

I still respect your opinions, but I just don't see it w/ Worlton.


That bulduc guy was a embarassment to hockey- being drunk in the stands & going to beat up a 15 yr. old. his skating was so bad he had to stand against the boards to fight.


Bolduc was unbelieveably bad. But so was Landman, Baker, and several other Komets and other players we had to watch in the UHL.

Worlton could skate and wasn't as bad as Junior is implying. He could skate though he wasn't great. He needed to be developed. Townsend was far worse than Worlton in his first season, but Coach P. stuck with him and in Townsend's second season he played better. Worlton deserved a chance to be developed. Worlton was no worse than the many other tough guys other teams used, and games where Jeff had more than one shift, he did okay...not great...nothing special...but not like someone who couldn't skate a lick. That title goes to Tedstone.

Jerad Shaw

Tedstone.. HAHA wow.

Cohn, Wings trailing after 2. Downey by decision over Parros though.


Justin I am watching on B2 and cannot figure out how huk's first goal went in.. it was a bad angle but it just looks like he lobbed the puck and then all of the sudden i see dolson upset.

What happend?


Has any noticed that since the owners meeting that Hawthorn has not ref a game. I have not seen his name in the box scores in sometime. Justin you notice this?


David he did a game in Kzoo i believe Friday night


couldnt make the game. who did woods beatdown at the end of the game? and how did anyone allow guy to get into a fight with a goon without retailiation???


Chuckitt it was Margetti (sp) that woods put the beating on just like he did Miller. The only problem he got an instigation so he will sit out Wednesday night's game, but Legualt is to come of IR and I would not be surprised to see Woods get put on the 7 Day IR now. Another total domination by the K's. I am not sure why teams don't try to play a rough game against the K's nobody can really skate with them in our building.


I didn't understand the instigator penalty on Woods. Didn't they get rid of that rule?


They got rid of the AUTO Instigator in the last 5 mins. They can still hand out the Inst. anytime they feel the need, but were told to back off calling it.

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