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February 10, 2008



Justin is there any way you can post the fights from Woods tonight,that was great since Margettie was trying to bully everyone all night, thats why
Guy tried to put him in his place.He did do a pretty good job knocking his helment off.

Ryne Gurney

Guy got him because he slashed Reiter in the back of the leg and made him fall, i didn't think anything else saw it because nobody went after him. That's the same guy that Woods pounded.

Jerad Shaw

If you would have read, Justin is tending to personal issues and is off for a few days.

Prayers are with Richard Zednik and his family after he got cut on his throat during a game this evening.


It was great seeing getting Margettie laying on the ice for 5 minutes after getting totally beat down by Woods.
Margettie was acting like a punk all night. He got what he deserved and should consider himself fortunate it didn't happen to him earlier.
It was hilarious seeing him threaten Woods as he left the ice.
Nothing like being lame and delusional all at once.
Message to Margettie - Next time you get up after laying on the ice for five minutes because you've just got you're ass kicked - don't threaten the guy that just did it to you because (a) he's not taking your threat of a fight seriously and (b) the next time you'll be on the ice for 10.


Too bad Woods will not play in the rematch on Wednesday night. I wonder if Legault could come off IR for a game.

Hit Somebody!!!

Good call Canuck. Margettie is a first class jerk, although his hair is pretty. He has had it coming for sometime. He cheapshots everytime he steps onto the ice. High hits to the head, slashes from behind, elbows, stabbing with the stick, and running his mouth non-stop. I am glad Woody beat the living crap out of him. I thought it might shut him up, but he got up running his mouth. What an idiot.

Henley must be hurt? He hit no one and avoided contact all night. Cornish and Ewasko both wanted him to go, and Henley stayed out of things. I hope Legault does get the chance to play Wednesday, we are going to need him, because Bloomington stinks to high-heaven and they can only come in and goon it up now. They are an awful hockey team. Shots on goal were like 50 to 15. They suck!!!


I never saw at one point cornish or ewasko do anythin that showed me they wanted to fight henley..i dont think henley is injured..he was skating well....just not the night he wanted to fight anyone...as u could see woods was takin care of business..why should he step in when they play again on wednesday?

Hit Somebody!!!

Just saying, he made no checks or hits all night long. The guy sitting down below me that frequents the locker-room area and talks to the players and team personel said that Henley's knee is giving him trouble. He said Brent is trying to take it easy. I saw Cornish 2 times face up with Brent and mouth at him, and Henley skated away. Not saying there is anything wrong with that. But with Woods not being able to play on Wednesday now, Legault is going to be needed. The Bloomington team definitely made it known that they don't want to play hockey Wednesday and they will be looking to goon, fight, cheapshot, injure, and so on. We better have lots of guys ready to go Wednesday, and ig Henley is not 100% and is not looking to play physical at all, Legault will be needed, bigtime!

Hit Somebody!!!

And aren't you the same "kometfan" that posted that you left before the Woods beating of Mar-cutie?


kometfan, pretty sure that was Ewasko and Cornish yapping it up with Henley after the game, when there's no point in doing anything, especially when you play 'em again Wednesday. Henley moved well with the puck tonight and yes, Bloomington is horrible.


What is there not to love about this team? Everyone standing up for the next guy. Great effort tonight thats for sure. Makes for what could be an interesting mid-week game although usually these things never materialize. Who knows if they start to get bounced early on though.

Does Woods' instigator or game misconduct come with a suspension or something? That beatdown was something else. Margettie had it coming for awhile tonight.

Hit Somebody!!!

Instigator and Gamer in the last 5 minutes of the game gives you a one game suspension...I am pretty sure about that.

Hit Somebody!!!

And Aquino jumping that guy early on and getting some good punches in after the guy took high cheapshots to Chaulk. I couldn't believe it. Scoops is right. This is an awesome team for so many reasons. And I am beginning to wonder if there is a single team in the league that can challenge us anymore?

St. Christopher

Thanks to Guy for giving us fans and the City of Fort Wayne 700 career games wearing the orange and black! Not only has he given on the ice but off as well. Truly a class act!


Fights are on WANE.com


also.....tonight a guy behind me was talkin to his kids about how some of the players got into an altercation with players from another team not to long ago at Pierre's can someone clear this up for me...i havne't heard anything about this and i was like what is this guy talkin bout!


hopefully they take legault off the IR......im still not convinced he is injured especially after hearin it from him...he wants to play!!


Way to go GUY!!! 1st class=New MR. KOMET.


Did anyone notice Parson talking to Woods through the opening in the penalty box glass after he knocked the highlights out of Margret’s hair? It will be interesting to see if Margret is as mouthy on Wednesday. Ewasko should be ashamed of himself, he accepts a check every week and does nothing but drink the water that is there for the players that actually do something!!

Skoal Apple

I am a big fan of Mitch Woods. He kinda reminds me of a Danny Stewart. But I do have to say I think that it was bush league the cheap shot he laid on Margettie. Even if he was provoked I still see it as bush league. Why couldn't they just square it up at center ice? I just don't understand we are up by five goals what was the point?

kyle hunt

The point is...you act like an idiot...you pay the price, thats what may deters similar play on Wednesday. I thought Chalker was goin to do it earlier in the game.

Jungle Monkey

Skoal, in typical Margettie fashion, he would have never "squared up" with Woods. He got what he dishes out.


I thought Margettie got what he had coming to him. I only hope that Woods can dress for Wednesday's game. Bloomington skates hard but they are terrible. They did look like they wanted to fight more than they wanted to skate. Please let Legault come back on Wednesday. I agree with Kometfan- something seems fishy with Henley. No checks or hits- he played solid defense. Be nice Jerad SHaw- he was only wanting to have the fights posted.

Jungle Monkey

If Henley beat the crap out of Ewasko, you'd all complain that he didn't fight Cornish.

Skoal Apple

I just don't agree with sucker punching someone from behind. It kinda reminded me of the Todd Bertuzzi cheap shot. If he desevered it or not. It is kinda bush league to do that with a few min left in the game and up by 5 goals what does it prove. I am not trying to bash anyone just trying to state how I felt. I am still a Mitch Wood and Komets fan so take it easy.

Ryne Gurney

It was nice to see Aquino go after somebody, it makes me nervous to see our leading scorer fighting, but you love to see guys stick up for each other.


hey skoal did you see the slash he laid on woods before woods smoked him? was that bush league? or the attempt at a trip on reiter was that bush.....or the countless number of pokes jabs slashes and hacks on just about everyother member of the komets? margie deserved it.....

Skoal Apple

You know what I am done trying to just state how I feel on here. My bad I wasn't trying to bash anyone one. I was just trying to state how I feel. I will keep all further comments to my self. Sorry die hard Komet Fans.


No matter what happens before a fight, NO ONE deserves to get pounded on while laying on the ice bleeding! When Woods jumped him, great, he got his. But when Woods pounded on him while on the ice, too far! A nice way to top it all off was when the 12(ish) year-old girl next to our FAMILY yelled, "Get off the ice #23, you Pu$$!" Which was only followed by high fives from her Dad! Sad...

Skoal Apple

I just don't see why they can't settle it like men and square up at center ice or where ever like Woods did on friday with Olynk.

St. Christopher

I certainly agree Guy should be graced with a handle but Mr. Komet has been given to Mr. Long for his 867 carrer games, I would never dream of taking that away from him.


yes beating someone after the fight was over was a little much......im just sayin before that....he go what he deserved......he was asking for a fight all night and someone granted his wish and he wasnt ready or wasnt expecting him to go....


Great job by the Komets last night. This team doesn't seem to want to quit. They have a team up 6-0 and they still pour it on. How about that Chaulk back check to take a scoring chance away in the second. As far as Marguettie, he ran his mouth and Woods shut it! Period! End of story!

My thoughts and prayers also go out to Richard Zednik. Hope he heals up. That was an ugly incident.


It was evident throughout the game that Margettie had a chip on his shoulder. However, I completely agree with Hoss. No one deserves to be beaten while they are defenseless. Was I shocked that Woods and Margettie got into it, no. Would I have liked to have seen some self-restraint on Woods part after Margettie was laid out on the ice, yes. Some have posted comments stating that Margettie got what he deserved. So let's reverse the situation; if it was the other way around and Woods was lying on the ice, defenseless, and Margettie kept going...how would you feel? I bet you wouldn't be happy about it.


Margaret doesn’t fight. Has no one watched him since the start of the season? He runs in with cheap shots runs his mouth and then runs like a little girl when someone goes after him. I think he was telling Guy he didn’t want to go but Guy didn’t give him a choice. If you’re going to do that crap then you had better be willing to back it up, bush League or not!!!!

Jungle Monkey

Margettie fights. But only when he has a clear advantage. He knocked Kelly Peraullt out a couple years ago. He's a cheap player that won't back up his actions.


I agree with about everyone..margettie had it coming...sooner or later..i mean for crying out loud he never really wants to square off with our actual fighters...look what he did last night by fighting Guy....but anyways is anyone goin to comment on that remark someone behind me said about some komet players gettin into an altercation at Pierres with players from a different team!?

Jungle Monkey

I missing the comment about Pierres...


BINGO Kometsfan Margettie never tries to fight actual fighters. he was doing all night and i for one am glad to see him get beat down and even if woods acted like margettie and got beat down i would still say he had it coming after going after non-fighter and goalie all night REMEMBER THAT WAS IF WOODS WAS JUST LIKE MARGETTIE

Jerad Shaw

Would Port Huron stayed in town Friday night? I haven't been to Pierre's in a long time, but my GF said there were alot of Komets there last year when she went. We do have quite of few younger Komets around this year so I'm sure they have their fare share of fun after big wins.

Jungle Monkey

Pierre's is nothing but trouble. I understand young guys want to go out and have fun, but nothing good ever happens at that dump. Why would Pt Urine's coach allow his players to be out at a night club on a roadtrip after the thumping they took?


Hey skoal. no one is jumpin ya. woods would have squared up at center ice with that joke of a player anyday. He took a cheap shot and ended it right then and there.... just like anybody pissed off would do!! Props to Guy...awsome game. And aquino, kid must be eatin his wheaties. and I was hopin big bert was going to take care of cornish or EWasko at the end. Guess we'll see on wednesday. see ya then:)


If Port Huron DID get into a scuffle at Pierre's, it's a shame they didn't have any of that energy on the ice Friday. They were terrible just as Bloomington was Sunday.

I always find it funny when fans refer to something as Bush League...isn't that where the Komets are? If this isn't bush league what is? The SPHL?? Either way, bush league or not, Woods did the right thing. (I also think we all want a decent league with lots of toughness but not nonsense.)

The Komets winning is fun, but I have yet to see them lose this year and I have really not seen a team even hang with them in the games I have been to minus a game with Muskegon. This team is clearly going to and should win the championship easily barring injuries. That's good for the Komets, but bad for the league. I would like there to be some doubt as to who is going to win.

The Komets are rolling over everyone (at home especially) and the rest of league isn't doing much to catch them. Yeah, Flint handed it to them a couple time IN Flint, but no way do they beat the Komets in a seven game series. Not if it started now.

Jerad Shaw

I totally agree Jungle Monkey. There are plenty of other places to go to in the city other then Pierre's. I learned my lesson when I was 21 and will never go back, unless Metallica plays there when they are 80.

Jungle Monkey

Isn't that like 3 years away? =)


I want some more info. on the players at Pierrs?? I find it hard to believe, but would be interested to find out what really happened.

Henley must be aching a bit, like Hit said. He doesn't look like he's even 80% healthy. The "Big Donkey" and Cornish were both asking him to go and he wanted no part. I don't blame him and he does continue to play defence well, so he's not a liability. But it would of been nice to have Legault in the line-up last night. He'd give Cornish a run for his money.

Heck, I thought Woods/Ewasko was going to happen for a short time. That's a better match up for the Donkey, It'd be great to see a guy a foot and a half shorter beat the crap out of him.

Don't they have a required 1 gun per person minimum at Pierres?? Was Snowball doing the Banana Eating Contest??


On Margrette if anyone watches the fight again with Guy, it looks like guy was going to winds up with a big punch and then drops the arm basicly to signify that they were done fighting and then margrette takes a cheap shot and guy punches again.

That describes this punk completely. Go after the old man who does not fight, and take a cheap shot when the fight is basically over.

I am not saying Mitch should have kept beating on Margrette when on the ice but something needed to be done.

Jungle Monkey

Seeing Ewasko get beatup by D Stew was one of my top ten Komet moments since 2000. Woody could probably take him just as easily. Ewasko can't defend against speed in a fight.

Jungle Monkey

I bet Zehr was in the front row with his camera for the "big boy boxer" contest.


I dont know if it was this last weekend the altercation took place because the guy behind me never really specified..im just as dumbfounded as everyone else.... but i know one thing it could haven't been port huron mainly because they had to play sunday at muskegon...so im sure they jumped on the bus and headed either back to port huron or muskegon!

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