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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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February 06, 2008



I am with Mr. Franke on this issue...teams no they are coming so leave early and stop and get a good meal if you get to town early. Also there have been several times through the years where weather has been as bad or worse and they have still have games. I guess we will never know...you hope they just didn't want to get creamed again and wanted to play the game after our momentum runs out. I believe in bad weather causing problems but this is the pros and every aspect of the game should be treated that way. I know some of you will disagree but I have seen and heard of a lot worse than this.

Jerad Shaw

The got piled with snow last night and it seems to have continued through the night. If they are looking out for everyone's safety, I have no problem with it whatsoever since they have had a round 2 days of weather!!

Justin Cohn

Well, the insituation is that the Generals could have seen it coming and left the night before. I didn't see a weather report in Michigan, so I don't know, but Franke itterated that teams need to start considering that if snow is on the way. The Komets have left the night before in this instance. But other times they haven't, too.

Justin Cohn

sorry, insinuation

Jerad Shaw

Slash and a dive in the Bhawks game. Someone keep me in my seat!!!
I'm so happy that the IHL did away with that. Drives me nuts.

Hit Somebody!!!

Just glad no one ended up in a ditch or injured or worse. It is not worth it to chance danger. We have alot of weather problems locally too. Anyone see the river touching the bottom of the Ian Rolland bridge next to Northside HS? The rivers are all flooding onto Fort Wayne.

Better safe than sorry. I have no problem with them playing it safe. I doubt they thought anything about breaking up our MOJO.

I for one would be afraid to get onto the bus in Flint...I mean come on, they have the most feared player in Hockey riding that bus!!!

Jerad Shaw

Hit, They don't have Steve Fletcher, so the only one I can think of other then him is Jorde. Ohh nevermind!

Jerad Shaw

Having said that, I would rather a team worry about their travels, then making us happy. If the driver doesn't feel comfortable then noone should. Back in the days when I played basketball, there was about 3 game where I sat in the back of the bus nervous as could be. You can't come and play if you are worried about something that isn't in your control!

kyle hunt

The only thing that can take your momentum is............YOURSELF. Just give it to them twice as bad nest time! lol.

booner (blog ref)

all good points. i do agree with cohny and tom. Leave earlier, it is the pro's. But all in all. everyone is safe and are able to give us a good game next time.you know, bein the wheather was bad...and they were scared :) bring on friday!!!


Glad the decision for saftey was takien into consideration. As far as leaving early and speding the night, possibly, but remeber, this is a bus league and they want to keep expenses down. I left work at 4:15 in Ohio and made Fort Wayne by 5:30, that's when I heard over the radio the game had been cancelled.

I hope the game is rescheduled for a different week because I'm in Phoenix that week.


i wasnt happy to sit home last night, but come on people, its just a game! safety of people is more important. hindsight is of no importance. remember, the hated opponet of today can become the beloved teammate of the future!


While I want to know that everyone got to the game and back safely; I think planning ahead for bad weather is important also.

Not only is a cancellation like this bad for the teams, some folks like myself do not work a 9-5 type schedule (security supervisor) so scheduling the days off to be able to attend is a job unto itself!

The main thing is, no one got injured or worse, the game will be played at a later date and hopefully we will be getting better weather conditions soon.

And next time, leave earlier and make sure the equipment on the bus works.

booner (blog ref)

Hey guys, a little off subject. But check out fannation.com. It seems pretty sick!! all sports, all the time. you can set up your own account just like a myspace, but like i said...all sports. there is a god:) let me know if any of ya check into it.

St. Christopher

Nice site (Fannation.com) specifically the NHL portion. The NHL "Truth and Rumors" is top notch....check out the tilt Avery and Malik had at the Rangers practice on Wed.

St. Christopher

Only wish Foresberg would go back to Nashville.

booner (blog ref)

I'll check that out when i get home. my work computer blocks all vid's. but it seems like a neat place for hockey fans to go. I chimed in a little on some blogs already. this could be fun:) thought some of us would enjoy. if anyone creates an account let me know by emailin me...boonehunt_69@hotmail.com or look me up on fannation by searching booner_komets_wings. thanks:) and i hope foresburg goes back to philly. that could be what they need... if his foot is healthy enough...


Maybe at the makeup game the K's could give out some Ice Scapers and we being good fans could donate them to Flint. ;)

Skoal Apple

We already had a ice scraper give away. So just so us how much of a nice fan you are.


Thanks-Hit, you agree that King-Kong JORDE is the toughest man in the IHL. I reviewed the henley vs. mallette fight last night. henley got beat down to the ice. mallette showed his championship belt.

kyle hunt

Talk about riding the band wagon mightbite. first your all for "king kong" henley. then, after all the time he spent off recovering, he comes back for "fans" like you and has a couple ruff bouts and your nothing but negative towards him. I'll agree he hasn't proved much to me. But with solid deffense and sticking up for his team when he has to i like him. I never said he was our toughest guy to begin with...but he will throw down with anyone. and mallette with the belt??? HA, I dont think bert had any problem him. didn't he turtle up??? haha. i'll stand by BIG BERT when it comes too over all toughness. And you do win some...and you do lose some :)




Sounds like Flint didn't want to get shut out again and prepare themselves more for the next appearance.


You know most hockey fights really are draws. Henley is a enforcer and that is part of his game but to think that every time he fights someone he is going to destroy them is unrealistic, but as far as Mallette putting a beat down on Henley mightbite get a clue...Henley landed more punches early and slip towards the end and Mallette decided to throw punches with him down...At best that fight was a draw..


Have to agree w/David.
Mallette hung on to Henley's jersey and stayed as far away as he could almost the entire fight.
If anything, Henley wins on points for being the aggressor!
Ding! Ding! Ding!

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