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February 04, 2008



You investigator you...


So Justin does that thinking count for all short handed goals or just penalty shot short handed goals.


Here's a question for you Justin. Suppose Reiter gets caught out of the net (imagine that) and Hukalo, for example, goes in the crease and stops a shot with his stick or body. It's obviously a shot on goal but does Reiter get credited with the save? And if so, why?

Justin Cohn

Reiter shouldn't get credited with a save, to my knowledge. .. Wasn't understanding wingmann's question.


If the IHL is going with that line of thinking....then are they going to award assists on the goal also?

It should be scored as a penalty shot goal. The fact that FW was short-handed does not matter. The fact that a player was brought down from behind during a clear and unopposed scoring opportunity is the reason a penalty shot is awarded.

Is this an IHL only rule? I guess I do not see why to call it something that it is not.

kyle hunt

Geez, we ought to call it what it is..a short handed penalty shot goal.


I dont think thats the proper ruling. But hey, this is the IHL, a different brand of hockey, I guess they make up rules as they go. The IHL needs to do more research than just discuss this issue.


The ruling is only partly correct if NHL standards are followed in the IHL.

Go to the Game Sheet and Summary for the game between Boston and NYR on Jan. 13, 2007. (Available at NHL.com.) In the game, won by NY, there are 3 even strength goals and a penalty shot awarded in a short handed situation; similar to the one in question.

The Sheet is marked SH-PS. The final game +/- totals are Boston -5 and NYR +6. You get that total only if +1 was awarded (to the shooter only) for the penalty shot made, and if no - was awarded for the PS given up. Indeed, only the shooter and goalie are shown on the ice in the stats.

In short, the IHL got it right calling the goal short handed, it got it wrong when handing out plus/minus.


I'll add one more to the conversation tonight in answer to RaVeN's question about a shot on goal and save.

I agree Justin that there is no save, but there is no shot on goal either. When a D-man blocks a shot in front of the goalie there is no SoG, just an attempt that didn't make it through to the goalie. In the situation described by RaVeN: No shot; No save.


And then there is this that I found at www.azhockey.com (not that they're an authority). See the last sentence:

"The plus/minus statistic is a way of measuring a player's defensive contribution to the team. It is based on the following - if a player is on the ice when an even-strength or short-handed goal is scored for his team then 1 is added to his +/- statistic, if a player is on the ice when an even-strength or short-handed goal is conceded by his team then 1 is taken away from his +/- statistic. Power-play goals, for or against, are not included in the plus/minus statistic. Penalty shots do not apply with regard to +/-."

This contradicts what I've always seen and what they did in the game Anne researched, and the Curadeau goal. In Fort Wayne, Poinstreak always shows a plus to the shooter on a penalty shot goal. No other pluses and no minuses (also like the game Anne researched).


Can someone check Hockey for dummies and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Hockey.

They happen to be the official reference guide for IHL officials.

Hit Somebody!!!

I would say call Hawthorne and ask him, but you might get a penalty for asking him and then tossed from the next game after about 15 minutes of discussion with the linesmen, the coaches, the players, the scorekeeper, etc. I am sure his original call would be 2 minutes for a butt end. LOL

morency fan

It was weird that they didnt call the komet goals til like after the 3rd or 4th one....i think they did it on pupose haha

Jerad Shaw

Cohn, Great researching. Weather you like it or not, that is the way the stats are going to go. I like it. I think that is a good choice by the IHL!! Go Komets!!!


Back to the K-zoo issue...I feel for some of the mascots in the other arenas. Slappy has no fan base to really work with. He/She actually has more fun when they play FW because there are fans there to entertain and annoy. When I went to Muskegon their mascot gave me a massage and was pretty nice to me. (Duh they are glad people are there so they have a job) Also K-zoo's announcer normally does a good job of announcing Komets goals when I have been there (of course this is the 1st one I have missed their this year)and if he doesn't announce it I will use my megaphone like usual and announce it for all to hear. The usher in Muskegon actually asked the people in front of me to quiet down. I never laughed so hard. Can't wait for WEds. GO KOMETS!


The thing with Slappy is that SHE is more kid orientated than adult, which is why I like Icy. He's both.


Can someone please explain to me the Icy and peanut M&M's.

The couple of people who play Icy have to have thousands of bags of M&M's because every game I go to I see someone giving him a bag.

Anyone know what they do with all of the M&M's they get? Give them away?

Jerad Shaw

Slappy has no fan base??? Is slappy the Port Huron mascot?? I missed something in all of this conversation. Why in the world are we upset about another teams mascot. I personally couldn't care when I go to away games if their team had a mascot. I guess its another way for people to complain. I love hockey, and the more I watched the NHL product this weekend on the free Center Ice Package, the more I love our brand of hockey in the IHL. Sorry, but I don't want a move up, or don't want a change. Give me the new IHL or give me the NBA. That would lead me into bordem!

Jerad Shaw

We do need to have a 2 post moment of silence for Coach Knight calling it quits tonight! " When my time on earth shall pass, I wish they bury me upside down, so the critics can kiss may !$#!!!!!!!! Bless you coach night and bless the K's for having some super bowl fun!!!

Jerad Shaw



Icy gets the M&M's because the Komets did a card set give-away a few years ago, one of the stats on the back of Icy's card said he loves Peanut M&M's. Now he gets them every game. I have no idea what they do with them after each game.


Im sure the IHL checked the rule book, jeez. I agree. the player was brought down short handed. If he scored before the play was over, even getting tripped up, it wouldn't be called a breakaway goal, it would have been a shorty. and yes kyle, a shorthanded penalty shot goal is the best way to describe it :) lol. and also SHAW...well put brother!


I believe the shorthanded goal is the correct call, but there is no way that anyone other than the shooter should get a plus/minus. To give players who were on the ice when the shot was called a plus or a minus is a joke. That has never been done in any league that I know of.


Hey Justin,
In reguards to my post above, I was wondering how are short handed goals recorded now with the whole + - thing. If the K's get a short handed regular goal do they (the guys on ice at the time) get a + and does the oter teams players get a -.


Both Wingmnn. Each of the Komets on the ice get a plus and each of the opposition on the ice get a minus.



Nothing on earth is more boring than the NBA. What an awful product.

Jungle Monkey

TGP, what do you mean? You don't like watching tattoo'd thugs play with no heart for 85% of the game? I too hate the NBA.


i hate the nba too. not like the days of willis reed and clyde and red holtzman ect. good basketball is the mad ants right now. these guys are young and they hustle and act like they care, you guys need to check them out. i bought season tickets cause my wife loves bb and i actually have a entertaining time even tho there isnt enough hitting and we dont seem to have an enforcer!!


I would say more like 95 percent of the game.


Man Chuckitt, wouldn't that be an interesting entertaining game if they added hittin/an enforcer to the NBA!! lol I might be able to watch a game or two:) And i haven't made it to a mad antz game yet but i hear nothing but positive comments about it. I'll have to try to make it to a game soon! And before i forget, remember this is a komet hockey blog... we might want to be carefull on what we talk about :) the blog "police" or should i say "ref" might give us a game miscoduct for illegal use of words :) I'll head to the box before he calls me, try to save some hassel lol. and you might get 2:00 min for instagation... or face masking. who knows...ha


NBA post Miller, Jordan, Bird, Malone/Stockton= Berkebile and Hawthorne officiating...so we can put it in hockey terms. And Jerad I don't care about mascots necessarily either but I do feel bad for the person who is the mascot because like it or not they get paid to do a job just like everyone here does. Anyways ICY is the best...and I agree with an earlier poster because he has kid/adult entertainment. What time is FLint coming to lose tonight? Say 7:30? Also how long will it take til Henley and Mallete "fight" again? Until Bertram/Henley get kicked out? Please send Langdon and we won't have that problem and the game would be off the hook...for shizzle. Did I say that? GO KOMETS!

Jungle Monkey

I believe it's "fo Shizzle" Tom.



I knew there was a reason I didn't teach English...or whatever that is lol. Less than 6 hours til hockey night in FW...or more snow.

kyle hunt

Tom, I didn't get your reference of Miller, Jordan, Bird, etc.= Hawthorne/Berkebile?


Fo shizzle, Mallette is gonna get a schnizzle up in Henley's dizzle.


I can't believe I typed that! :)


wow, i kinda feel like i should say something along the lines of shizzle or maybe mynizzle. but you've said it all. lol I would prolly like snoop dogg if he was a hockey fan.ha that would be PHat:)Go komets!! i'll be there! hopefully big bert takes care of mallette or any other goon for flint tonight:) im kinda sick but i'll do my best yelling at fox tonight!!

Jungle Monkey

Fox is pretty....

kyle hunt

Pretty for a Girl, pretty crappy fighter, pretty crappy skater, pretty crappy shooter, etc.


Let me finish that for ya jungle: Fox is pretty (in now in day terms) gay :) I just dont like him. And it's not a duhart dislike, it's more like a NBA dislike haha. and we all know how everyone feels about that. at least we all agree on something :)

booner (blog ref)

Oh, and jungle.... I like ya but i gotta give ya 2:00 minor for illegal non-use of words. (not finishing you statement) Hope we can get past this tho lol :)


Whatever happened to Chris Gehrke? Flint picked him up from Port Huron but he hasn't played yet. Anyone know the scoop on him?


Odds are Gehrke didn't report, but idk I was wondering about that too


Probably right. Thanks Andrew!

Jungle Monkey

Did I just hear Chase on WOWO say the game is cancelled?


Someone just called me about that...I hope to know soon because we were coming up from Muncie.

Jungle Monkey

I wasn't really paying attention, I swear thats what I heard.


Yup there's a link on the MC website...game is cancelled because of snow.

Jungle Monkey

What a load of crap! Thanks Timmy, I didn't think to look there.

Jungle Monkey

IHL site confirms...


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