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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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December 08, 2007



I agree, we need to make teams not wanting to come to Ft. Wayne. Lets make it the JUNGLE once again!!! It's too quiet here and we need to punish the other teams!!!


Guinn back in the Jungle no way!!! They said he is filling Ralph's spot. Who do you guys think will get the C on the jersey in Bloomington?


Justin better be careful who you call boring you may star getting hate mail. Question for you though? How is Chaulk doing in his "player assistant" role? Is moving guys around from playing to IR etc starting to be a negative? When a team starts to lack chemistry on the ice it is a sign they lack chemistry in the locker room.


Great questions, David. I pointed out several days ago after a "big" signing that when a team is playing well, signing a player to improve the team can possbily upset the chemistry and send the team in the other direction. It would seem that it would be difficult to have everyone pulling together when everyone knows that some will be packing their bags shortly.

Jerad Shaw

I agree to a certain extent ex-sth. I think Coach Sims is kind of going about this situation the wrong way. He is coming out publicly and stating the 23 players 19 spots situation. These guys aren't stupid. They know some of their backs are against the wall, which is causing some of them to play not to make mistakes, instead of playing to make plays. When you play tenitive, you end up coughing the puck up more and playing less aggressive, which is what hurts this team. If they aren't battling in the corners and using their speed, they are down to every team in this league's level. It will be interesting to see how they respond tonight. Will they be up to play a KZOO team, who you know is going to come out going after the K's. They still have a bad taste in their mouth from 2 weeks ago. If the Komets come out flat, don't expect them to come back from 3 down this time.


David you do have a point. Is Chaulk doing is job on the ice and off the ice to be the player/assistant coach and how much is he helping Sims out with this. I think last year Bingham and Richardson both could fix things alot easier then what I have seen this year. They knew what they had and what to do with their players and it seems this year that every game is different lines. Plus I have noticed that threw the game Sims is throwing players all over the place and there really isn't actual lines. Shaf is in every line every night. I know he is the extra but I think its throing every thing off. One minute he is with Cureadau and Saidachev and the next he is with Chaulk and Aquino. Reynolds is ben thrown around. Woods and Legault just get added on the 2 or 3 line evey once in a while. Drouin has played every line and everything except being the goalie. Marchant too. I think we need to keep the third line with Saidachev, Curadeau, and Hukalo. We need to keep Chaulk, Aquino and Sessa/Shaf/Drouin/Marchant/Kukulka as one line. They need to figure out who will work with Chaulk and Aquino and then with the second line work with the other three 4 players and Reynolds to make that line work and then I think we should have a check line used every game with Legault/Woods and someone line Reynolds, Marchant or Kukulka on center for when we need that push. This is just something I have came up with but I think they need to figure it out and they to now. onstead of throwing players everywhere all game, set players together in a game and leave it that way till we figure out whats best.

Hit Somebody!!!

Call it dumb luck or whatever you want...but you had a extremely hot team firing on all cylinders before the PC Droiun Experiment. Then the team has turned to doggy doo. The lines were gaining momentum and guys were hitting, hustling, and outworking the other teams. You throw in a veteran that changes the team chemistry and the team is struggling and it is obvious the physical play is lacking now.

Terry Marchant comes back in the line-up and how is that working out so far? Not well. Sorry guys and gals, he is hurt! And he is hurting the team. We have to sit younger possibly more talented and more physical players for Marchant to play. He is dead-weight right now and Sims must go back to his bread and butter lines.

I know Saidachev got hurt. But when the lines were this...

Chaulk, Aquino, Sessa
Reynolds, Kukulka, Woods
Hukalo, Saidachev, Curadeau
with Legault and Shafronov filling in...

that is when this team was at its best. Adding slower, older, and not as hungry guys, kills this team. They need to get HUNGRY again and put the lines back together utilizing the young guys who want it more.

They better play good tonight at K-Zoo. Packed full of Komet Fans, they need to come out hot.


On a positive from Muskegone, I noticed that some of the Vets actually played some defense tonight. Like Justing said on an earlier blog entry they ran into a hot goalie like it seems the Komets always do. I listened to the Muskegon announcer last game post game show and even on his last show he was annoying. "And the Muskeon Fury win their second straight home game and are a perfect 2-0 against Fort Wayne in this building." If you know the guys voice you would get annoyed by it and he said it several times. ON ANOTHER NOTE: Those going to K-zoo tonight it is Teddy Bear night for the kids in local hospitals in K-zoo. I know it is not FW but this is a very good cause....after K-zoo scores their 1st goal Hundreds of Teddy Bears are tossed on the ice for area childrens hospitals. Yes they are not children from FW but they still could use cheering up in the hospital...have a heart FW fans going to the game...plus it makes our city look really classy to have visiting fans donating stuff to their children. GO FOR IT KOMETS FANS MAKE A DIFFERENCE.


Justin thanks for posting about the sled hockey demo. We had a great turnout w/ 10 disabled athletes despite the shaky weather. Again thanks for the PR.

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