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November 09, 2007


Hit Somebody!!!

Hanson on the PP is bad. We need a real #2 line of guys who huslte and move around. Our normal #2 line stands still and moves very slowly. They do the same thing on the PP when they are on the ice. It is time to experiment with new combinations, or better yet, find 2 or 3 new guys who want to hustle and make things happen.

Huk and Chaulk not consistantly on the PK is bad. They might be the best 2 defensive minded forwards in AA hockey and they sometimes don't get on the ice on the PK.

We need a Defenseman who can shoot the puck. A Mario or Kelly Perrault type of player. Hope they find him soon.


you hit it right on the head...and what's up w/ this team? They have bad bus rides to away games cuz we can't win one on the road


I think we need to lay it up top more to Durdin, he has a shot but never shoots. he just keeps passing it back to Dupius. Dupuis needs to start setting him some more. They should be doing that 50/50 and not 20/80. just a opinion.


Add John Daigneau, G traded from Idaho
Add Mike Sgroi, F signed contract


wow. he finally signed somewhere.


Ok a few games into the season, got a few questions. I've watched some b2 games but that only goes so far...what's up with this lack of offense? Almost all of the forwards on this season's team has the ability to score 25 goals plus, why isn't that playing out? Are they not taking quality shots, is no one stepping up, whats the deal? Another question is how does the goal tending situation looking? Reiter and Boucher sounds like it could be pretty solid. Last question-hows Chaulk playing? He hasn't scored any goals and even his points are a little low for his potential. As far as I can see on b2 he doesn't seem to be playing with the same grit either. In all honesty, is he playing up to par? I know alot of Komet fans (including me) find it almost blasphemy to say anything negative about Chaulker, but I'd really like to know how he's doing. To anyone who responds, I thank you in advance. It's good to see some of the 'old time' bloggers still blogging on here. Hit, you still staying out of trouble??? Don't worry, I got your back, anyone who enjoys Pink Floyd as much as me is a friend for ever!


dnl, takes a few games to gel. The whole team has had trouble finding the back of the net. Chaulker will live up to what is expected of him, and I personally think it would take more time than normal for a line-mate of Chaulk's to adjust to his style. Hes a great set-up player and his line-mates need to have thier stick on the ice, ready for his pass to be threaded through! Overall, the Komets have been getting decent scoring chances, no lack there, we just cant capialize on them! Powerplay is really hurting us, no answer from me there. Our goalie tandom should be great, like to see them rotate til one hits his stride, then we can roll with a number 1. I'd say thats what the team is trying to do now! Big game tonight in Illinois, hopefully we run with 2 points, and a pp goal or two! GO KOMETS


I heard from a guy in bloomington that a few guys are going after Woods tonight. So it should get interesting. I guess alot of people are really mad over what he did with Clarke.


I see Granbois scored for Kzoo last night so at least we HAD one guy who can find the net.


...besides Aquino.


he is looking good over there. I wanted to keep him bad but what can you do? he is a all around player. I think him and Kukulka would be good together. Same type of players except granbois is a little more gritty.


I am not ever worried at all about the Komets. This is a good team that will be winning the Turner Cup. They have all the ingredients and word is they could add a couple more pieces to the puzzle later on.

Yea the PP is not producing right now, but they are getting a ton of shots. If the Komets were getting blown out or not even sniffing the net then I would be worried. The pucks will start to go in, just way too much talent on this team.

Most games they are playing in the other teams end, those pucks will start going in.

Don't even tell me Flint is tougher then us, I don't see them matching us with Henley, Legualt, Bertram and Woods.

For whatever reason the Komets usually start off slow with a few exceptions and Sims is not afraid to make moves to improve the team as he has shown in the past. When its all said and done the Komets will be there in the end fighting for the cup.

The Fan

Watched the game on B2 last night, someone was wondering if I watched the away games (Yes). I stand by my statement of lack of physical play along the boards. Last night we were beat by speed along the boards. The D couldn't stand them up. I have see the big shot from the point yet. Not sure who our man is? I am curious to see what kinda shot Warner's got being that he is a Forward/Def. I agree with "Hit Somebody", we need to find a Mario type shot from the blue. Positive note from last night, Boucher was standing on his head. He made a lot of great saves.

We've been passing the puck well and winning face-off's. I would suggest a "Big" body in front of the net. Without the cannon shot coming in from the point. I think if they were able to plug things up in front, the garbage goals would come plentiful.

It's early, we've got some good guys on the team. Sims is two roster moves away from getting things dialed in. GO K's... and get a win on the road.


i think that people are now seeing the valu that mario brought to the team last year. i cant explain why he stopped the real physical stuff the second half of the year but we sure got a lot out of him on the offensive side. the way he and guy could pass the puck bac and forth, i cant say i ever saw it that good in the old I.

Hit Somebody!!!

KM is equating physical hockey with fighting I think. Yes we can win fights. That puts no points on the board though. Physical play in front of the net, behind the net, in the corners, along the boards, etc. is what wins games. The dirty work is the difference between a good team and a great team. Teams that have guys bought into their roles, up and down the roster, is what makes teams great. Not 2 or 3 or 4 guys...all of them.

I like the idea of someone in front of the net often on the powerplay. Sessa? Woods? Henley? Kukulka? Hukalo?....who is the best guy for that role?


Oh Bob Chase...I love play by play of figure skating!


Speaking of Henley, is he in town yet?


No Hit, I agree with you about physical play along the boards or in front of the net. I was just stating I think we have the best gunslingers in toe to toe fight.

Off topic a bit, I think the toughest guy on Flint might be Westgarth. I know Mallette and Jorde get a lot of the pub, but this kid can throw and play the game.


Chaulker broke our streak on powerplay!! Komets are up right now 3-1


Nice little article about Bruce Richardson after fighting a 6'6 dude.



haha forgot to post link


Bert with a big right sent Orr to his knees!


Komets win Komets win, FIRST ROAD WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!


interesting article on richardson as it lists his stints with the ahl and echl but not a mention of the uhl!


chl update

st pierre 2-4 3.37
mcwhinney 1-4 4.16

richardson 3-2-5pts 18pm -1
parrish 3-2-5 0 -4
dab 2-1-3 4 -5
lackner 0-2-2 6 -1
bozoian 0-1-1 0 -2
ortmeyer 0-1-1 4 -2
kiyaga 0-1-1 0 -5
roberta 0-1-1 4 -12

Charlie I

that was the same d-man elmira sent out last year


Richardson probably forgot to mention it.

Jerad Shaw

K.M. I am right behind you. You said it exactly how I would put it. Some people on this board have ZERO patience's. This team has to gel. There is to many solid hockey players for them not to gel in the long run. Everyone expects a championship team on opening night, but that isn't going to happen. Relax. Enjoy hockey. Who are we to talk about guys who give their guts to give us entertainment????? Just a question!


Wow a post with only 1 Henley remark. Yes, he will make our "team" tougher, and he landed in Ft Wayne around 7pm tonight. I am a Henley believer, but come on, the team needs to show some more toughness with or without him. You can't put that all on one mans shoulders!


Yes you can when that man's shoulders are that big!!! Did you notice how the whole team played "bigger" when he was on the ice last year? They didn't get pushed around as much and started to throw a little more hits as well. I think it's a little bit of the "Chicken or the Egg." Did we start to play tougher with Henley on the ice or did the other teams back off our skill guys with Henley on the ice?


We have plenty of guys who are hitting this year. The entire line of Curadeau, Saidachev, and Hukalo fly around and lay the body. Plus Chaulk, Kukulka, Hansen, Bert, Reynolds, Woods, etc... are all hitting out there. We just have to face the fact that all the hitting we saw in the 70's, 80's, and 90's just isnt gonna happen anymore. Its a different breed of player; but I do believe that the K's did a good job of finding good players who hit. And I wonder if the K's brought back the old boards where you could lean on them and it sounded like a mack truck just crashed into them if the fans attitude would change in regards to the amount of hitting...? Just a thought...


On another note, At this point after 4 or 5 home games Port Huron is averaging only 1350 fans per game... I would really like to see that number increase to keep that team around for awhile. I guess the next 6 to 8 weeks should tell the tale. Any thoughts???


Have faith that the power play will get better as the season goes on. Although -
Last year we had Mario and his great shot from the point. (He wasn't in the NHL for nothing.) And, we had Bingham, who is known as a systems guy who really prepares his guys for the other team - I think that would show on the power play.


I think some of you have it right.patience,we havn't even played 10 games and most of these guys have never even played together.They need time to adjust to each others style and to sims style.When Sessa returns and chaulk,aquino,& sessa get rolling and adjusted to each other,I think they will have a great scoring line maybe one of the or the best in the league.Look at the talent on that line.Yeah fighting does't put points on the board,but it changes things out there on the ice.Sometimes it brings motivation and momentum, then winning a good fight will sometimes break theres.


Nice post JR.

As for the boards, I've been to a few arenas and they enhanced the sound of the boards by taping mic's to the top of the glass. One on each end and sometimes two on each side.

Hit Somebody!!!

Yep that is it. If the boards made more noise then I would be sold on this teams physical play.


The Komets should bring chairs and folding tables onto the ice to hit their opponents over the head. Also replace the boards with steel cages. Who needs pucks and sticks anyway?

Hit Somebody!!!

Maybe if the net made more noise when the puck went in it on the Powerplay people wouldn't question the Powerplay unit?


All the noise in the world wouldn't hide the fact that the Komets are dead last on both the PP and PK


Nice One Hit!!! We should get on that...


still too early to worry we have the personnel, they just need to click.

Hit Somebody!!!

Maybe if the Komet's would all have airhorns on the PK, the noise would scare the other team into not scoring PP goals?

Good win last night. Glad to see them get the large road monkey off their backs. I bet they go on a run now and get back to the top of the standings. This team has lots of good young talent with a good mix of veterans. They will be fine. Just need to work out the kinks some. And maybe add noisy boards, noisy nets, and airhorns on the PK. LOL


Hit Somebody!!!

(11-09-07) **Terry Marchant (C) Placed on 7-day IR

Any word if it was a roster move or an actual injury?


C'mon Hit, you dont remember how loud those old boards were??? A guy could stumble into the boards and it sounded like two semi's collided... The new boards are dead sounding. And can you go a day without making a joke out of somebody elses post???

Justin Cohn

It was an injury suffered in practice Friday; no word on how bad yet, but I don't think it's major.

Hit Somebody!!!

I remember the boards.

I just don't buy the logic. The games at home this season have been less than stellar in the physical play. Not saying that they won't be physical in the future. I just don't understand the comments after the last home game in which the Fury out hit us, yes we won, but everyone pointed to Bert's fight for proof that this team is physical. That is all I am saying.

And yes, I was having a little fun with you. No harm. Sorry bout that.


Would you agree that we are seeing more hitting this year than we did last year? And I am with you, I would rather see a fight happen during game action than one of those face off fights.... I still think that the officiating needs to be addressed... IMO..


And I believe that you watch a game with all your senses in a way and how you remember things especially when the memories have a few years on them, things like how loud the boards were or old Leather Lungs bellowing or the closer roof of the old coliseum making 2000 people sound like 10,000 people all add to the mystic and glory days of the old IHL and the hockey we grew up with. Thats alot for these guys to live up to in my opinion... And players have changed...


"Less than steller physcial play"?

Admittedly there have been some lulls I guess but from an overall standpoint every single game at home has ended in a win, had some heated confrontations, scrums, checking, and a few tilts. I guess I don't understand what else these guys can do to please. Hit more? Scrum more?

Not every game is going to be played like its the last game on earth. Not every shift is going to be played with reckless abandon. From a fan's standpoint you don't want to see, hear, or believe that. You would hope every man is going 110MPH every game, every shift. I'm sorry, but that is just not humanly possible nor is it a realistic expectation. Like every season your going to get good games and bad, good efforts and let downs, good physical play and some not so physical. And yes...you will win some and lose some. You can't have it all every game and Thats life man. I hope it would make those appreciate everything in "the good" rather than make knee jerk comments when really.....we haven't seen the bad yet.

Jerad Shaw

Ohhhh Blackhawks home game on tv!!! This could spell doom to my life! Go Colts!

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