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November 17, 2007



The last game we played before the home and home weekend we had three fights in that game. So hopefully we keep the intensity up. Bloomington and Kalamazoo so far this year have been the more physical games.


Good to see that Hukalo helped out Hansen when two K-Wings players tried beating on him.
No repeat of last years Elmira debacle.


It might have been one of the K's better games, but they showed little to no toughness. Hansen should talk about "to be continued" the only time he does something is when he can jump somebody. Sims should have sent out Bert and Woods on the last shift when Kazoo but out their goon. I am sorry but we have to many "soft" players to even think we could be classified as a "tough" hockey club. We have no size up front and I think Chaulk maybe the most over rated hockey player to wear a K's jersey. I am not saying he is not a good player, but they way some talk it is like he is the greatest player in the history of the K's. We let Kazoo do all the rough stuff, heck even Willis took a swing at someone on our bench and nobody did anything. Legault (Sp) has to be in the line-up but the "powers" to be put him on IR for no apparent reason. As for a talent level this club does not come close in comparison to last year's team. Goal tending is our main strength maybe the best 1 2 punch we have had in a long time.


scoreboard !!
scoreboard !!
no need to fight at that moment
and take a chance getting hurt or suspended they handled it perfect


Lets see, from what I am hearing from most of you is that if we win, we didn't fight enough and if we lose we didn't score enough. What's up? We beat Kalamazoo twice. Isn't that enough for most of you? Let them worry about fighting- let us worry about winning. GO KOMETS. I hope we play well tonight. Sunday games haven't been our thing last year. We need a sweep this weekend.


Durdin and Hanson did the right thing by denying Willis and Little during the game. The score was 3-1 and there was no reason to fight. If that was Henly on the ice, and not Hanson, there might have been a different end to the story. Great set of wins for the K's, now lets complete the weekend!

Hit Somebody!!!


I thought that was the most physical game overall I have seen a Komet's team play in 6 or 7 years. Guys were giving up their bodies last night left and right. Guys were hitting in front of the net and around the boards. I totally disagree with the comments that this team wasn't tough. I think they actually stood up to the K-wings pretty well. The other thing is, we dominated that game with solid play from our D, forwards, and goaltending. Bobby Boucher "Waterboy"...he looked great.

Talent wise, it is funny, but I have to disagree with David in that I think that this years team would run last years team off the ice. We have better rookies than we had last season by far. Saidachev, Curradeau, and Woods are the real deal. Our team speed is better and I think this group goes to net 10 times more than any team we have had since Bobby Stewart was last here.

Aquino, Kukulka, Saidachev, Curradeau, Woods, Hukalo...these guys all play one speed...and that is balls to the walls. The first three I named, who have we had in years past faster than those 3? They blow past defenders.

I think last night was the most fun I have had at a Komets game in years and it was the total game I was impressed with.

The ref sucked, but I think Durdin did knee the K-wing player. I saw it initially and thought he got away with it, but they called it.

Go Komets!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

I would most definitely have to say NO!!!!! to PC Drouin. Where would he fit into this team? I wouldn't mess with this team right now. There is one un-named veteran however that hasn't played for a week or 2 that I would let go. He doesn't fit on this team either. Sorry, that is just my opinion. The lines are shaping up nicely. Don't screw around with the young talent we have.


Dump Marchant insert Drouin.

I'm sick and tired of this "lack of toughness" crap. Legault wasn't in the game. Henley returns in a couple of weeks, Bertram has done MORE than his fair share thus far. Woods isn't a fighter, he got the snot kicked out of him by Bootland a couple weeks ago and you people think he's going to go out on the last shift and beat up one of their 6'4" goon kids? C'mon. Let Woods play entertaining hockey and fight when he has to. He's not an enforcer.

Hit Somebody!!!

Say no to both. Who would you sit to have a soft PC in the line-up? Shafronov is doing well in the new role of extra forward as he is inserted into situations where he can succeed and isn't counted on to carry a line. It keeps him fresh, and that helps the team. Marchant and PC both take away from what this team has going right now. That is young tough talent that plays hard and hustles every shift. That is what we need. Not lazy over-paid veterans that score below average.


I can take the whole PC being lazy thing buut Look at HockeyDB.com...uuh I think he was 2nd in scoreing both years he was with the team...he stood up for himself when he had too can play the point on the PP and was a half way decent PK what eles do you want a guy to do...? Because he was in the NHL for a spell he's spouce too score like what 60 goals in this league...

Hit Somebody!!!


I just don't think he fits into the mold of this team is all. Where do you put him? Pair him with who on what line? The pairings we have right now are hot and are playing well together. Reynolds is playing well now. Why is that? UHHHH....maybe because he has two younger players who get up and down the ice and make things happen. The #2 line is now producing. Kukulka, Woods and Reynolds have been hot since being paired together. I just don't see the rush to sign another Veteran player who isn't a juggenaut as a goal scorer...

Hit Somebody!!!



Where did all this PC Drouin stuff come from? If he comes and where he plays aside....you will have a hard time convincing me that his potential acquisition does not improve this hockey team, especially if we would only lose one of our bottom 4 forwards.

Creates his own workspace with his puckhandling skills
Opens up space for others
Automatic in shootouts
Big frame, hard to knck off the puck
Can find the net
Produces in the playoffs

Not known for physical play
Doesn't put up 400 penalty minutes
Doesn't fight

Easy decision for me.

Hit Somebody!!!

So who do you knock off a line for him? He is a good player. But don't you like the guys we have? I do.

Hit Somebody!!!

Henley is coming back. I would imagine that Legault is gone.

If PC comes in, wouldn't that mean Marchant's days are numbered? Does that also mean that Reynolds or Woods would become extra forwards and PC moves into that line?

All is speculation of course. But I do really like the MOJO this team has right now. PC is ok, I just don't know.

Hit Somebody!!!

And it has nothing to do with fighting. Why do you always assume that anyway? I don't long for fighting like most do. I want team toughness. A TEAM is the most important concept in this game. And I think the current group is onto this concept.


I really think Marchent is a great hockey player. I know you guys think he has a lack of effort. But he is also has always played the top line intill he came here. I just think people don't read him right.

What you guys think of Hukalo last night? I think he is very underrated of his talent. I watched him most of the night and he is one of the best play readers out there. Curradeau too. They both can read where the other team is going to do and thats why they get so many break aways and goals. Glad Sessa is back. He should have had 5 goals last night.

Woods and Gehrke tonight would be a good matchup. So Woods wouldn't have to fight someone a foot taller.


David- I like to call what the Komets had last night was mental toughness. They aggitated the heck of out the Wings and you saw how it ended up. No fighting was necessary unless the Wings started something.

Great game by the KOmets last night.

Welcome back Sessa.

Acquino keep up the good work.


Amen to your post Scoops !!!! As far as Davids post about toughness has to be the most ridiculous post of the week or maybe the month. They play the best game and most diciplined game of the season and this guy is bitching. The Mr. Tough Guy approach doesn't work because it doesn't win hockey games. You must think that every time a Komet gets checked that there has to be a bounty on a player who did the check. K-zoo was a step behind all night and out also out hit. If you think that there was any intimidation going on out there, then you're being blinded by your own stupidity. If you have noticed half of the tough guys that were recruited at the start of the season with all the teams are gone. Why Mr David?? It's because they don't know when to fight there battles. It's called STUPID PENALTYS. Now do you get it !!! ........ Why send players out at the end to fight and risk injury when the game is already won ? No need! Smart on Simms part. Dumb on your observation. If you noticed when they left the ice, none of the Komets were hovering in fright. In fact, it was just the opposite.Some were laughing and they ALL had there sticks held high in unity.


Wow Ron, can't till you post something someone else doesn't agree with...


should say "can't wait till..." I guess I was blinded by my own stupidity!

Hit Somebody!!!

I wanna see David and Ron drop the gloves.


Tonight should be a physical game. Port Huron is a tough team and they are doing pretty well so far this season. Should be a high intensity game.

Hit Somebody!!!

I'll take a win tonight.


I don't know who you would get rid of, I really don't. Everyone for the most part is playing at a high level. I'm just glad I of benefit of that kind of a decision, not the one who has to make it. I think there is going to be a tough decision made even when Henley comes back in December. Regardless, its a good problem to have.

As for David's post, he has proven time and time again where he stands and I applaud him for nothing else than being consistant. Nothing is ever good enough, tough enough, or happens fast enough and the decisions made by this franchise (management/coaching) are not intelligent ones.
You can only stand on those sentiments while being negative 100% of the time for so long before your opinion becomes totally irrelevant not warranting a response.


In my opinion by what I think the coaches would release someone if it would heppen would be Legault, Pence and Shirikov as of now. But I doubt they will release Legault for toughness but who knows what they are thinking. But who knows. I am just saying as we stand now who would be on the edge.


can anyone explain where the P.C. rumors have come from? Was he in town or something?

If he does come in Marchant's days are numbered. I do not like that personally, I think Terry was hurt and needed some rest and will be back to playing better when he comes back. That is if he still has a spot on the roster.


If they are benching Legault now, how important will he be once Henley comes? If they play him again before Henley hits the ice, Legault better be flying around and busting heads or be finding the back of the net. I like him enough as a player, but his value is declining on this team.
As for PC...I don't know. It sounds like Shaf is starting to find his game. I honestly don't think the half of dozen games that Marchant has played this season is enough to decide his worth yet. He hasn't gone this long in hockey and put up the points he has for nothing. I think once Marchant is back (and assuming PC is not on the team) Sims should play lines of Sessa-Chaulk-Marchant Kukulka-Reynolds-Acquino Saidachev-Hukalo-Curradeau with Shaf and Woods as extra. Besides, who says the K's will drop a vet? They could go with the 8 vet thing again this year since it worked so well for Kelly Miller....lol


Kelly who?


I'm not going to bite...

Jerad Shaw

DNL... That was sure genious. Last sentence earns you post of the year honors. Love it!!!


I wouldn't call the game all that physical in the hitting department. There was one maybe two SOLID hits the whole game. I got a kick out of the crowd yelling when two guys just collided accidentally with each other.

The game was chippy but not that physical. And aside from a fairly decent second period and a few moments in the third, it was typical IHL/UHL game...forgetable and nothing to get too excited about.

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