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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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November 15, 2007



That was a very god story. That an the Colin Chin one. Good to see some hockey talent in good ole Fort Wayne. But I would have to say the picture told it all.


Hey JC...
If your in a bind for a story here's something to think about. Silver Sticks is being held at McMillian and Kelly Miller is coaching a midget (15 and 16 year olds) team from Toledo. Might make a good story considering you were going to do a story on Gratz. Just thought I'd throw that out there...If you are interested shoot me an email and i'll get you his team's playing times.

Websters Dictionary

Praise God.

Hit Somebody!!!

Found this on NFL.com during my nightly fantasy football study...

The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette reports that Colts TE Dallas Clark will play vs. Kansas City in Week 11. Clark missed Indy's last game at San Diego with problems stemming from a concussion suffered the week before.
(Updated 11/14/2007).

Good work Justin!!!


Legault on 7-day IR retro to 11/12.


I have Thanksgiving tickets for sale or trade.Sec 200 Row 3 Seats 1&2.Great seats!Great story about the Ft.Wayne players!


what does the retro 11/12 mean?


If anyone wants to go to K-zoo tonight get on here quick...I want to go...just don't want to drive by myself.


lovelost....Placed on 7 day IR on 11/15, but the 7 days start 11/12

Justin Cohn

Thanks for the tip Hit, do you have a link or can you email me the text. For kicks. I'm not usually on that site; usually on SI

Hit Somebody!!!

Anyone figure out the line pairings tonight?

I gather one of them is

Kukulka, Reynolds, Woods.
That line has both goals. Woods has played good since getting a regular shift.

Is it Sessa, Chaulk, and Aquino as always?

And I have no clue about the other line. Sounds like Shafronov, Saidachev, and Curadeau?

Where is Hukalo?

7 D-men tonight. Legault is a scratch.

Hit Somebody!!!

I heard Huks name. I think Shaf might be the extra forward and is playing on the powerplay. Might be a good role for him. The lines are shaping up good as they are. I wouldn't change anything until Henley comes back. Woods and Kukulka have put life into Reynolds and the #2 line. We all ready know what the Chaulk line can do, and the #3 line has been awesome.


The only thing wrong with the Chaulk line is Chaulk...Nobody would have thought that he would struggle like he has offensively like he has and he just took a stupid penalty while we were on PP, but our PP is horrible

Hit Somebody!!!

The Powerplay problem is you have guys like Hanson on the #1 line. No knock against him, but he is not a very offensive D-Man. Shirokov might be the point guy in his place. Maybe Henley goes on the Powerplay Unit and can even get in front of the net some. How would you like to have the duty to move him out...WOW!


0-9 is very sad. I have not been to many games this season because I was getting ready for my wedding. So tomorrow I guess I will see for myself what is going on.

Hit Somebody!!!

Great Win by the Komets!!! Tomorrow night ought to be a battle. Sounds like tonight was rough and tumble. Seems like it has been a month since we had a home game.


I was at the game last night, it was a good win. Did anyone else that was there notice how the ref would NOT allow K-Zoo to take their timeout towards the end of the game? I'm not sure why... but he wouldn't. The K-Zoo coach was pretty angry (he had every right to be)




The nice thing is that the K' are winning without the PP working right now, and with the offensive talent they have on this team I cannot imagine that it will continue not to work for much longer... When it does get going this team could be really scary...


Hey guys, remember Clay Lewis?


Check out who he has fought. He fought Tim Morrison again (I wonder if he got killed again), and he also fought Jason Bone. He also fought Chad Wilcox last night. But in 5 games he has no points.


Clay Lewis was a keeper. We had a lot of talent, but I think he could have played in Pence's place with more toughness and phyical play.

Melissa Sarrazin

Why was the KZoo coach angry? Didn't get to listen to the game.

Mr Livewire

Melissa, not only the coach, a Kzoo fan opened the end gate in the Komet zone to get at the ref. Langdon put away the whistle the last 5 min of the game. Both teams should have had a couple guys go to the box. Great game to watch but didn't like Guy going off in the 1st period holding his arm.


Anyone hear anything on Guy? Mr. Livewire, did they remove that fan from the building that opened the door? Normally there is an usher standing there.


Lewis did play a more on ice physical game JungleMonkey, and I really was suprised when they let him go. Inless Sims thought he would get beat up all the time. Komets waived him after he got beat against Morrison in preseason at Kalamazoo.

Mr. Livewire

Ushers where sloooow getting over but they did remove the Kzoo fan with about 50 sec left in the game. By the way, Twister almost blew out a lung tooting his plastic horn after the game. Go Komets

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