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November 18, 2007


Hit Somebody!!!

Another big Komet win. Where did this ref come from? I was confused most of the night on his calls and no calls. Consistancy is definitely not a part of the IHL officiating yet.

Another decent physical showing by the Komets. Hukalo was laying out the hits tonight. I heard the boards rattle almost as loud as Woods on Saturday. Our Goaltending situation is a positive for sure. Best 1-2 punch in the IHL...

Aquino continues to impress. Same with Curadeau and Saidachev. Whoever was blasting Chaulk on a thread this morning or last night must have felt stupid tonight. He looked awesome.

This is a good team. I am not sure we need much added other than Henley.

Is Legault hurt? 2 nights in a row we played short a man.


Great game by the Komets, tied for first place now. Still don't understand why we have played teams three times but we haven't played flint yet. I guess it's just the way it worked out.

I know someone mentioned this about two weeks back but maybe they should look at calling Brain Gratz (indiana Ice Miners head coach) and seeing if we can't get tryout with Justin Depretis and Tom Boudreau these guys are tearing it up at the A level.


Looking forward to the Thanksgiving Game and get well soon Guy...


I think the game was great tonight and I loved it, except the 10-15 mins of the third when both teams were going through the motions, but am I the only one worried about Reiter? I know the saying is it's "better to be lucky than good," but the game could have been 7-8 with how many posts/empty nets missed/ d-men making saves. I know it seems like every game "could have been," but I think Water Boy looked much better last night. I guess if we are going to have a problem on the team, it's nice to have the problem of the No.2 pushing the No.1 goalie...

Great game and I can't wait for next week with both PH and K-Zoo coming to the Ft!


Another great team effort tonight. Got a little sloppy at times but it happens on a three in three stretch. Nice way to gut out a win. Reiter got some nice breaks too.

I think Legault was put on the IR until 11/19. I can't confirm that since I don't have a PhD and a road map to navigate the IHL website.

Jerad Shaw

Hit, Legualt was put on IR Thursday I believe to make room for ( His name is slipping me at the moment) the guy that was brought off IR this week. With Dupuis getting hurt Friday, The K's didn't have time to bring someone in to put them in that spot. That is why they skated a man short. I am so prould of you Hit for being positive this weekend. It only toke a 6 pt weekend to see the glass half full for ya!! :) Sorry just giving a shot to the ribs!!!


Don't say "shot in the ribs" and Guy at the same time please...he is still a little sore! LOL


I saw Henley in the hallway where the zamboni comes out. He looked great, jogging around, laughing. He almost looks good to go now. Can't wait til he's back!


HOLY CRAP! Best dang Komets game I have ever seen. Every did amazing on penalty kill and power play. Everyone layed there checks and everyone stuck up for each other. This is how it should be every night. GO KOMETS!


the only bad thing is we didn't get one power play goal. 7 goals and not one. We always get right after its up. oh well. go komets.


Just think how nice it will be when the PP gets going.... I'm betting thats a scary thought for a few teams in this league...

The Fan

What a great weekend of hockey. I was very pleased with all three games. Kevin Bertram is really impressing me this season. The way he has taken to his roll on the ice. He has been there for the goalies every game (very noticable after the play stops in the area of the goal crease). Way to be there Kevin. Saturday's game was great! Three solid periods of play. Bodies along the boards. Woods with the hit of the year. Questionable some say. Maybe, but did you hear the crowd and feel the electricity (Yeah Baby!!). Justin Depretis update: In 5 games: 12g 5a 17pts. +13. (6,3" -230lbs). Those are insane numbers. Let's try and get him up here for a try out. Hoss mentioned his concern for Reiter. I agree, you could tell that his leg was bothering him last night. Everytime he stood up he had to flex his knee. It was a good move to sign Nick Boucher. Bobby Kukulka was very impressive as was the hustle from Saidachev. GOOD STUFF. GO KOMETS!! Hope Olivier and Guy are better soon.


KOmets looked great this weekend. I hope it continues. Reiter either is really really lucky or really talented. Not sure what to think but he better be playing the lottery with that kind of luck each night. Hope PC comes back.

The Fan

The pipes were our best friend last night. They had 3 for sure goals that went of the post. If P.C comes aboard I hope that it's not Olivier that takes the hit. Terry's the odd man out in my book. Hey, I heard Flint signed Ogie Oglethorpe (Hee Hee).


New Komet Scarf $16

Bag full of goodies from midnight madness at Komet Kuarters $100

Watching a weekend sweep by the 2007-08 Komets...Priceless


It was a pleasure to meet you Burgee Saturday night..Thanks for speaking up and introducing yourself.


same here, glad i finally got to shake your hand.


I hope you wash it right after that.....


Ease up on Reiter people. He's getting the job done and entertaining us at the same time. Isn't that what everyone wanted. I prefer watching a goalie that can actually move to stop a rebound. Boucher is solid too, we have the best 1-2 punch in the IHL at goaltender.


Funny hoss...lol

Goody's Cuz!!!

Brandons a great Player and I am happy he scored a goal!!! GO BRANDON WARNER!!!!

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