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November 20, 2007



WOW! so lets move the sbject of who you think is on the bubble.

I say the tops on the team are Pence, Legault, Warner, Shirokov, Marchant, and maybe even Bertram. My top picks would be Pence and Shirokov. I would love to have all these guys though. I don't think they will release Marchant and Legault. Warner I doubt it but it could happen. He is too popular here and he knows the game well. Bertram I could see because of too many penalty minutes and no points. But Bertram is great on D. sometimes he is not consistant but so are some others. He has saved many goals being on D. For Pence I think he causes way too many breakways and trys playing offense too much and doesn't get back on D. People like Dupuis and Hansen do that but they can recover. For Shirokov I just don't see him out there much. I know he is there but I don't see him do much. I know alot of you will disagree with me on Pence and Shirokov because there +/- are good but so is everyone else. Bertram even has a +4. These are just thoughts as of so far. I am not there to watch each player individual and know what there potential is. Plus I can't watch every player every game. But I am glad we are in a situation like this. Go Komets.


Looks to me like Marchant is the odd man out. I don't think they'll release a defenseman, and maybe my memory is fuzzy but didn't Drouin play some center? If Marchant is hurt worse than what we've heard it may not matter anyways.


I say Hansen or Pence


You actually think they would release Hansen? haha.

FMM- I think they should but him as center with Kukulka and Reynolds for the second line. That would be one good line. I don't think Marchant will be released though. Putting him with Drouin would be a good thing though.


does that give us 7 vets now? and don't forget Dupuis is out for a few weeks correct? so we won't have to release someone so soon.

The Fan

The Komets can not afford to give up a defenceman specificaly Bertram. He's the only D-man who protects the Goalie and clears out the front of the net. Brent will do the same when he comes back. But, we aren't very deep on defence. What happens if another injury occurs on D? Terry Marchant would be my choice. He's not healthy, he has not performed. The potential from P.C exceeds that of Terry. Call it a upgrade. I looked over the team roster wondering who could possibly be the one to be cut (According to their stats). Nearly every one is doing well. If they aren't scoring they have a high +/- which tells me they are doing the job. It will be interesting to see how it shakes out. I will be disappointed if anyone other than Terry is cut.


I think you we have 8 now.

But why do all of you have no faith in marchant. He is a very skilled forward. He lays his checks. He can score and set up passes. We haven't seen him much on powerplay but he does very well there. I think him and Chaulk would be great on powerplay together. I think when you put someone like him with the people he has been put with it just hasn't worked. It worked last year with Syro and Ruid. When you got another skilled scorer and passer and a young talented scorer with him he could. He was playing with Reynolds and Shaf though when he started. Both not the fastest skaters. But either is Marchant. I think you guys just think he is bad because he hasn't had points. I just think he needs to be put in the right line with the right people. Put him and Sessa together and he will score. Trust me.


I agree the D needs to stay.Bertram may not have the points,but he clears the net.Bertram(and Legault)are our enforcers and I think we need that in the (new) IHL.Its been awhile since we had someone who will clear the net that well,unless i'm forgetting someone.Far as who might go.Pence I can see since Henley is coming back. Marchant I agree.Legault and Warner I can't see it,Shirokov I say in the same boat as Machant.


pence is my top choice to go but unless we do a rotation we will have one too many vets down the road. we could trade either marchant or hansen and get a good tweener on d i like both of these guys but if a vet has to go, they would be my choices.


I can se Marchant being the guy but nothing will be done until Guy returns and Henley proves that he is 100% healthy and can play. I am a big fan of Henley and what he brings to the table but he is not even a year removed from his injury and it usually takes a full year until you get back the feeling of being 100%. Until that is proven one way or another it will be a wait and see with the Roster. I think the K's should keep Legault and give the kid a chance to play. He has to be a physical player night in and night out. He has to score the ugly goals. While I have been critical of this club in many ways, thanks for reminding me Scoops, it would appear they have a lot of options on who stays and who goes. It will most definately keep the guys on their toes and have to perform in many ways just not scoring. So I would like to give kudos to Franke and Sims for constructing a roster where they have address all areas of being a well rounded team from the goal line out!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Bye Bye Marchant.

He is the guy that was on cruise control every game he played this year. We have way too many young guys who are hungry to play to keep a veteran who goes half speed and looks lost. Maybe he is hurt and we don't know what might be going on with him, but you can't let young guys who are talented and gritty go.

Hope PC fits into the mold of what this team is doing now. I like the MOJO we have going.


Aquino made the locker room sound like a festival in the last article, that's a sign of a good team.

Why would Bertram be gone?? He's not going anywhere. He's been nothing but impressive in his comeback. The pent. are coming from him sticking up for his teammates or entertaining the fans. He's the Frankes dream thus far, averaging a fight a game.

After that 7 goal outburst, wheres the blogger who said that we wouldn't score more then we did last year???? I WANT AN APOLOGY!!!!

Not really, it's a good year for the K's and exciting hockey is back in the Fort!!!!


You can be as critical as you want. Just don't expect to crush the team during a 3 win weekend and get away with it.

What a situation we have here. So many options. The only person mentioned on the bubble I disagree with is Bertram. The FWFD would go on strike. Not only that, he is leading the bobblehead voting!


Remember the speed that PC brings out there,I think that he will fit in with these young guys who are hungry to play.But I do think the half-speed is easy to see,injured or not he will be left behind.I don't see much effort either,Reiter has more points then him.The hits come once in awhile maybe.


Has anyone stopped to think that if Aquino keeps playing the way he is that he will be gone. If my memory serves me right he was assigned here by New York of the NHL. He has been very impressive so far. As far as the rest i think that Shafranov would be my odd man out.


Marchant has been hurt. It's just been in the last few weeks that it came to a head. With PC coming back (by the way, welcome back!) I'm sure the Komets will take extra time in making sure that Marchant is healthy before inserting him back into the lineup. Once all the vets are healthy, I see that as the time for competition on who stays and goes. I think if it were up to the Frankes, they'd keep all the vets and rotate them out. At least they were big on tht last year. Of course it didn't play out to their liking, but I wouldn't be suprised if they try it again. By the way, I hope I HOPE they don't put Druin back to center. Not that he's bad, but he makes such a better winger than he does a center. Hey why not pair PC with Shaf? Maybe with all the years of Euro hockey those two have played, they'd be more comfortable and maybe put up some good results. Just a thought.

Jerad Shaw

I was away @ college to see enough of PC to know what he can bring to the club, but I am still now sure who you drop. Everyone is so anti Marchant, but that guy gets to the net when healthy and makes that happens. I loved watching him play last year with all the "gunners" we had. He might be a step slow this year and all of that, but he hasn't been afraid to get in front of the net and mix things up. I need more games before I can sit here and say someone should go. Excuse me, Fernando Vargas is fighting on ESPN2/Classic Fights.


ok we pulled some big strings to get shirokov here...we've only had 11 games...he has been hurt and is finally back...we need to give him a chance..i can honestly see pence and to say the truth Shaf or marchant hittin the road....who knows with the franke's we could possibly see woods go bye bye


who are the vets ?
hansen ?
hukalo ?
kukulka ?
sessa ?
durdin ?
reiter ?
maybe someone can break down the whole roster
rookies, tweeners,vets



Am I right guys? I think thats right.


I agree with Kometsfan we did alot to get shirokov here and he has been hurt i would say marchant is out. shaf has been alot better lately. I dont see the frankes getting rid of hansen. if we get rid of legualt that will come back to haunt us


Welcome back Peace!!...That Clay Lewis fight is on hockeyfights.com if anyone cares...who said he was a keeper?


maybe we don't have to get rid of anybody. all i could find was the game day line up 17 skaters and 2 goaltenders. thats 19 plus 7, 10, 14, 21 day disabled list, that takes us to 23, then can you play a game with non roster spots? i couldn't find the IHL rules on the number of players allowed on the team. Plus do the 2 "sent down" by the islanders count?

right now i count 23 including henley.

Mr. Elbows

Marchant is the odd (old) man out. Watching him float in and out of plays has grown old. Oh and your right Lovelost, he finishes his checks alright...like a wet noodle. Say goodnight Terry.

morency fan

looks like on most peoples opinion that Marchant is the one that needs to go he just doesnt seem like hes putting effort into the game anymore.


Dear Fans,

Please get me out of town. Nobody would want me and my tied for the team lead +10. Nevermind how impressive that is considering I do not score. Please get me out of town before you turn me into the next Arthur Kiyaga.
Mr. Pence

Hit Somebody!!!

Pence is better than Kiyaga. He is not going to be a big scorer. He is a rookie, and he grinds out there and plays decent defense and moves the puck up the ice. He is a role player...not a star, and you need role players too.

A veteran will go. It will be Marchant.


I think the K's are protecting themselves by signing PC. Yes, it does give us 8 vets but concider this with some of the vets.
Henley is coming off a serious knee injury. Not sure exactly what to expect.
Marchant seems to go down for stretches in recent seasons. Shafranov has some miles on the the tires and has not played a season this long in ages. Would be good to give him a break here and there.
Not to mention, Aquino I suppose could get recalled at some point during the season.

At certain points in every season the team hits a wall where some players slump or it seems the net gets smaller and smaller. No better way to cure those ills than to have the wealth of talent we have assembled and give some guys some rest. Mix the lineup around a little without sacrficing talent.
The PC signing is great and IMO nobody should be getting axed at this point of the season. If somebody has to sit or go on IR for a roster spot, so be it. Things have a way of shaking out all by themselves.


Bruce Boudreau new Caps head coach.


if they used a rotation, where one vet sits every game, then it would mean you only sit once every seven games and it might make you fresher near the end and could help those nagging injuries get better.


good job gabby!!


i agree with chuckitt. That would be good for people like Shaf and Marchant. My friends said he talked to the Zamboee guy and he said he heard Shaf is being let go.


Zamboee ?
Is that not what Mighty Mouse used to yell?


here i come to save the day........

Goody's Cuz!!!

Already on the Ice scoring goals and working hids Butt off he is an exceptional skater and a great player!!

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