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November 19, 2007



I have not seen all the teams , but who is going to give Henley much of a fight? I have 2 seats for thursday game at a discount.


I have not seen all the teams , but who is going to give Henley much of a fight? I have 2 seats for thursday game at a discount.


Rechlicz from Kalamazoo...otherwise no one.


I'm sure Jeff Ewasko would try to take on Henley...sure Ewasko would fail miserably but he'd give it a shot i'm sure


Gabe Yeung (or however you spell it) of Flint probably would, along with Kris Mallette, but they too would also fail like all the others...


you all will hate me for this but i would like to see henley vs. bertram.

ok, let me hear it now.

i know it wont happen but just what I would like to see


I could care less about Henley until he passes Jeff Worlton on the Komets alltime goal scoring list.


? What's that number -4?


When will we be graced by the presence of Big Snake and Tidball??? the IHL seems like their kind of place


Henley, Henley, Henley. A topic doesn't go by without a Henley reference or two or twenty. Some of you act like Henley is a carnival freak show. Nobody is going to "fear" him but I am sure many will have some respect for him. And with the squad we have this season, he is not going to be relied upon to fight the world. We definately have some guys who can stand up for themselves.

If you are coming to a game to see a Henley fight....do it wisely. I'll put the over/under at 5 dances this season.

morency fan

i am so happy henleys coming back!!


I'll say he goes 10 times.


OH you guys know nothing he will fight every game he is in. and if they scratch him he will fight ICY that bird has been asking it.


He might want to fight every game but finding someone who will dance with him is another.


nobody better say nothing bad about king henley. you buckos better remember that without him the komets wont win nothing this year. they only won games now because other teams knew he was coming back. another year with henley and nobody will care about parsons and fletcher. once he retires they should put him in the hall of fame right away. yeah henley and yeah komets

morency fan

yeah henley knows when he needs to fight.
i say he goes with bootland
unless he already has...haha

Jerad Shaw

I for one can't wait to see Henley back on the ice. I met him at a Wizards game, about a week or two after his injury, and he was excited to put on the Komets sweater this season. It will def. add some excitment to the Jungle.


oops! lookout, the illiterate is back


oops! lookout, the illiterate is back


not illiterate bucko. just tryin to speak sos that most of the blogheads can understand me haha.
a wise man once said "the most often disliked site is the one of onself in the mirror and yet the mirror is the one we get mad at"


Wise man once say, "The guilty flee though no man pursues."


A wise man once will say, "Horse, you're off the blog!"


Yueng, Rechlicz, Ewasko, Mallette, Clark and Segal would probably even fight him.


What about Jorde, you know he's the toughest man in the IHL......


were the fights sunday night any good? and are they posted anywhere?


PC is back. Now what follows that?



Beat me to it, I just saw this. I agree, who goes now???

PH or Bloomington may be trading for cash at this point.


all fights are good bucko. that is what fans come to see.


you can carry as many vets as you want, you just can only dress so many. as far as roster spots, players on the bubble in my opinion are legault, pence and marchant. any other opinions?


They need to keep legault that kid has to be given a better chance. Marhcant is the one who may not make it. Heck Sims traded him last year away from Flint so I can not say he is one of his favorites.


I agree with Pence leaving. He's like the Kiyaga of the team...


With Acquino playing so well, what are the chances he may get called up? Hopefully not, but this is still a possibility.

I think the players who haven't seen a lot of ice time will take notice with this signing.

People will moan and say PC is soft, lazy and what not. The guy can score, he's a legitimate threat to bring on another line. Toughness is not an issue, our guys are sticking up for each other and Bert showed they will pay a price when the run the goalie.

Henley will enforce this as well.

Another great signing, K's have enough firepower to spread over three lines, this is not a one dimensional team.


I'd rather have Pence over Warner but that's just me...


But i doubt they will drop anyone till Guy comes back


Another Euro.

morency fan

speaking of guy...wat happend to him friday i was at the game i just didnt see wat happend either his leg or stomach
am i right?....

Skoal Apple

We just signed PC. Yeah another Komet living legand.


I wouldn't doubt they will release Legault. I don't want him to go but it might happen. Sucks for some of these rookies though.


This is like a reunion tour.


Yes, wat a legand indeed.

Jungle Monkey

Drop Marchant.

Pence leads the team in +/-.

Legault is a rookie who can fight and skate.


I think Drouin will help the Komets a lot. You can basically pencil him in for 75 points.

You keep Legault, if you release him that is a Puhalski era move. The kid just turned 21 last month, has monster size at 6'5'' 242 pounds and scored 16 goals last season so he is more then just a tough guy. Plus before he was on IR Sims was using him on the Powerplay. You don't give up on a rookie with that type of size and upside...you release him and another team picks him up right away. Also there will be times when Henley and Bertram are on IR or suspension and you need a guy to to fill the role.

I don't but I am just sick of the mentality of well we have 2 guys that are tough and thats all we need. Thats just crap. We haven't had a tough forward in god knows how long. You just have to have patience with rookies.

Oh and Henley will own souls in the IHL ;)


I really hope we keep all the players. Which I think we will till Henley starts playing.

GREAT sign with Drouin. More scoring ability. You think he will play first or second line. I think he would be good with Kukulka and Reynolds. Sucks for players like Woods and Legault though. Sounding like they are going to get less ice time with this. I suspect they will keep Shaf for the extra man on special teams. Thats the smart thing to do with him. We def. got the best tema by far in the league we just need to capitalize and the Komets will be unstoppable. GO K's!


Chuckitt, i missed your comment but its you can only dress 7 vets but carry as much as you want right? I also agree with the Legault, Pence, and Marchant thing. I say once Henley starts to play they might release Pence. Just a guess. Plus we won't see Warner leaving for a few reasons. 1 from the fort. 2 he can play defense and offense. 3 he knows where to take the puck.

The opinions are based soley on the writer and the writer only.


How many vets do they have now? how many will that give them with henley back?



bad goalie

Dear Komets,
Why did you cut me when I am from the Fort? Who cares how well I play?
Brian Gratz


pence really disappointed me last weekend. i thought he was slow and soft and was constantly getting beat but hes not a vet and unless we do a rotation thing we might have to get rid of a vet. we could trade hansen or marchant and maybe get a tweener d man i like both of them but if a vet had to go then they are the two id choose to start with.


What are you people talking about?Pence or Marchant need to go period. No Brainer...

Go Komets

No way do the Komets get rid of Hansen... That is just plain stupid!!! Hansen is one of our top 3 defensemen along with Dupuis and Bertram right now. I think the guys on the bubble are Marchant and Shafranov as I don't see the Komets carrying one healthy vet as a scratch when all are healthy. You have to worry about the salary cap as well.

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