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November 17, 2007



Two Words...




Hmh.. I was in 602, row 9, and I could hear the pre-game ceremonies just fine.


Im glad we have tough players. I was getting pretty dissappointed in people tonight for taking crap and not doing anything. They picked on us all night and noone stood up to them. Bertram wouldn't even fight Bootland. Durdin and Hansen wouldn't fight Willis. Come on. What was up with Saidachev taking that hit and then hits him back and skates away. And at the same time Durdin gets hit by Willis and turns around and leaves. Then Durdin gets punched squarly in the face by Willis a few minutes later and skates away and then goes to the ref. Then fights Versteeg-Lytwien (no choice really) and skates off with a smile. I think Hukalo was the only one who stuck up for a teamate tonight and didn't back down. After Hanson got pumpled by two players he went after Rechlicz. Why didn't Willis get a penalty when he speared Woods from behind into the Boucher. Ref stoof there and watched it and then skated away. I say bad reffing tonight. There were times where we disserved penalties and they wouldn't call them and then they would call penalties on us for stupid stuff. Also the same for the Wings. They let them get away with alot. im done. sorry.


P.C.'s coming in. Who's on their way out?


All because PC is on his way back to the Fort, it doesn't mean he's going to be playing for the Komets


Lovelost, did you see how the Wings were off their game and looked like they were just trying to get back at the player and not get on the scoreboard? I thought the Komets did a great job of being physical and not getting dumb calls by just dropping their gloves at every little chirp. I loved it when Durdin squared off with Willis and then just shook his head and waved him off like he was saying, "You're not even worth my time." It pissed them off and got them to try to get paybacks rather than goals.

With that being said, I think Durdin (I think it was him) will get a game off for his knee-to-knee hit on the K-Zoo player in the third. I know this is the new IHL that tough and rough, but that was crossing the line. Also the ref missed two very easy "Too Many Men" calls and they let the game get out of hand a little too much.

PS The best part all night was the check from WOODS!!!! He rocked him hard!


we would have to drop a vet.


Yea I agree Hoss but it just seems like it was happening way to much and people were getting picked on and hurt. What about when Hansen got drilled in the face by the stick and no one did anything. Bert just stood there and skated away. It just seemed ike noone was sticking up for themselves and that exactly why what happended at the end of the game happened. Plus they sent Rechlicz out and there was noone out there to fight him so he went after Hanson because everyone was picking on him. We are really going to be screwed on D tomorow though. No Dupuis and Durdin (if it happens). Bertram did play good tonight and wasn't in the box once. He probably knows he has to step it up because of Dupuis not playing. But glad we got the win.


You're correct,Brandon. It doesn't. And neither does the physical he's taking for the K's doctor this week.


Its a long season we'll see plenty of the Wings to settle scores (which I think is vastly overblown). Finding something to complain about after a 3-1 is ludicris, yet typical.


We did good on powerplay and did a amazing job on penalty kill. Also that second line is really got going with Kukulka, Reynolds, and Woods. The speed and hard hitting with Kukulka and Woods got that line going. there you go scoops.



Settling scores at another time is bush league. Take care of it when it happens not give a quote of "to be continue" by Hansen.


Wait wait, what is this about P.C. coming?


David, if you played a team 43 times in a season, wouldn't you say "to be continued?"


I thought the K's showed a lot of maturity last night. Sure, there were many times that we *could've* fought (as the 12-year olds in the row behind me kept yelling "Let 'em fight!" all night), but I think we may have aggravated them more by NOT fighting them; by just hitting hard (like the aforementioned mega-power hit by Woods!!) and then skating away.

As long as we had the momentum, we didn't need to drop the gloves to energize the team. So by keeping our heads in the game and out of the fights, we were able to hold on to the momentum better, I thought.

What was you guys' opinion about the Kneeing call? I was up in the Extra section, so I couldn't see if it was intentional or not, but I sure liked seeing Durdin kick the snot out of that guy after he'd been taking crap so much all night.


My opinion about the kneeing call? Well I was in section 215 and I watched the whole thing happen and to me it looked as though our guy led with his hip, like he was delivering a hip check, but I never saw our guy try to knee the wings player at all. That is what I am sticking with, but everything did happen really fast!

Goody's Cuz!!!

When were on a powerplay I always yell wheres Dupuis slapshot???

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